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  1. I'm looking to have several hundred arky heads poured for me in a varity of sizes with a owner deep throat hook. I don't have time to pour them myself, looking for unppainted with the hole left open for the weed guards. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a fair price??
  2. Terry Anderson from Indiana-AFS custom baits......He post on here at times...
  3. I bought a bunch of them from, Lure parts site.....so im guessing their glued,,,,,,Not really sure, i just know they are not coming out yanking on them, lol.
  4. I have a ton of unpainted jig heads with weedguards in them that i want out, lol....Ive tried pulling them out with pliers, but not much luck.....Any other suggestions? Ive decided its kind of a pain to powder coat them with the weedguards in.....
  5. Im sorry i guessed i should of explained myself better, lol....Its flat rubber that doesnt have any slices in it....I think its still good, but has to be pretty old.... ITs kind of a pain to cut, but yes u can cut it in the length you want which is nice.......Jigman thanks for the tips, thats very helpful being a newbie.....You guys are great on here.......Thanks
  6. Yea thats what i did, seems to be coming a part fairly well.....Thanks
  7. I have a bunch of old flat rubber pieces....Whats the best way to cut the rubber into strips for tying??? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replys, much appreciated.......I just sold and traded all my rod building stuff for molds, pots, hooks, skirts, ect....I fish two hundred plus days a year and am a die hard jig fisherman and go through a ton of jigs....Ive been buying jig heads and making and tying my own skirts....I just wanted to try my hand in pouring and thought it would be a great way to get through winter here, lol...Im not on a tight budget, so buying lead is not a problem.....Im guessing if i was selling a bunch of jigs the wheel weights might be worth the trouble.....But im only making these for myself and fishing buddies....
  9. Thanks for the reply....ive just kind of been playing with numbers and trying to break down per half ounce jig how much i would be having in one......i knew my math was right....i guess there r several variables.....
  10. Im new to pouring jigs and was wondering if i bought say, 1 pound of lead can i expect to get 32 half ounce jigs???? lol.......I have access to wheel weights, so i guess im just trying to figure out if it would be worth my time to go that direction....and would i really be saving all that much money.......Hope my question makes sense...
  11. Man you guys are good, i very much appreciate your help. Being a newbie i cant thank you enough. Great info
  12. Im kind of confused....Does the trokar jig hook fit in a do it mold without modifying the mold??? I think i have read two different opinions on this.....And if you have to modify how hard is this for a amatuer???? and once you modify the mold will it still except other hooks?? sorry for all the questions, im just trying to learn here....Thank you
  13. Cant decide what pot to buy or ladle.....I will be pouring mostly jigs in the range of 3/8 up to 11/4 footballs. Plan on staying pretty busy this winter pouring jigs for me and my bass buddys. I guess im looking in to the bottom pours.....Im new to this so all in your inputs are very helpfull...Thanks
  14. Thanks guys.......you are of great help......I know which way im leaning after reading your replies...lol....
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