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  1. Thank u to all who replied I contacted bear and just bought some and they were shipped over night. Great service and talking to someone. Lol thanks again
  2. Hey guys I know they can be bought at bears and I have some ordered but was wondering where they might sell rods like that? Also was wondering if bear would sell just the block and brass insert. I've tried calling him with no luck thanks for any help
  3. Hi guys so I just purchased a st system from a guy on tu. so I am having a few issues and would like your guys help. First I seemed to be getting air when I pull the injector. So I was told to increase my temp on the block. What do u have the block set at? Then one of my Other issues is I am getting plastic out of one pot but not the other ..... Please help I know that the guy that I bought this from said that I might want to get a new gasket kit for it but that can't be totally the problem HELP !
  4. Hey guys. U really just want to say a big thank u to everyone who has chimed in on my topic. It's been very informative. As of right now the talks have passed through management and now have to go to corporate. And this whole ordeal is to display new and upcoming products in their store. And to see what kind of consumer reaction they will get with my product. So more or less a trial for now. I will not reveal the chain store at this time just because. Again thank u all again you all make very very good points regarding production and costs etc..... All to take into consideration. LMB
  5. I've tried them and quite frankly they suck...... Your better off buying the real deal from lure craft.
  6. So lets just say about 500 pkgs a day.
  7. Hey guys I know I am small scale but have been approached by a major chain to have product in their store. My question is I know u need the molds to produce volume but in your opinion what is the best system to achieve this ? Any support would be greatly appreciated. Steve LMB
  8. Thanks for all your posts and help guys. Mark I am terrible when it comes to pop I've tried so many times And it's just not my thing. Unless u wanna make me some. Lol
  9. Is there a mold that is close to the jackall cross tail shad out there that anyone is aware of ? If so please let me know thanks. Steve LMB
  10. I have been using alumisol for a lil while now. And it's pretty good yes u do need to add additives because they only have one style of plastisol it naturally sinks slowly with nothing added. And I have been using bears color and lurecraft as well with no ill side effects from doing so.
  11. Honest guys this is no set up thread it's an honest question . Both systems looks great and each one has their pros and cons. Bears is great cause it looks like it's very clean but unlike like the high rock using the twinjector u can take it apart and use 2 separate injectors. I originally said that I have my own stirring setup. No using a bears. And currently don't have a twinjector so I would need to buy one. I my case for what I would need to purchase from either company is about the same dollar amount. Around the 600. I don't need bears complete system at 1200. Which is still a fair price. Because I already have the pots and my own stir . Of course each one is designed for different levels of pourers. Thanks
  12. See I already have 2 presto pots and stirring system. So I don't need the complete package from either company. The one thing I would need is the twinjector so both would be around the 600 dollar mark
  13. Hey guys I saw the video from frank with the high rock double barel and I've seen bears just curious what are the pros and cons to both systems. Looking to get one but I wanna hear from the guys on here and get some input. Thanks Steve LMB
  14. It does take a little bit longer to heat up but well worth it .... I have been doing 2 cups plus with making anywhere from 50-100+ baits with absolutely no color change. I am so glad I bought the presto pot and have rigged my own stirring system. That is also a must ......just my own opinion
  15. Ya I've done. The same. I've even gone as far as calling the company to see if they do drums or other types of plastic. But it's the only kind they got. Nice product to use. It's a sinking plastic with no salt added
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