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  1. Tracy G

    A Talented Guy Shared His Technique

    They changed the privacy settings on the page to closed group, so you won't be able to see it unless you are a member there. It's a good group of people and pretty well maintained. I think they are accepting requests, they just try to keep the telemarketers and such out.
  2. Tracy G

    How I Make Rounded Crankbait Lips

    Love It!!!
  3. Tracy G

    Prop baits

    Very nice! I wouldn't have thought they were hand painted.
  4. Tracy G

    Shelts Unpainted Bodies

    This (and my lack of painting ability) is why I like the building aspect of this hobby.
  5. Tracy G

    Nail Polish Remover

    I use the 100% acetone fingernail polish remover. Even use it to thin my epoxy with no problems.
  6. Tracy G

    Crankbait Hook Hangers Wire And Belly Weight

    I always use twisted ss wire for my bass size cranks. I use a 3\16" pine dowel for to anchor the rear hook hanger in. It holds the twisted wire better than the balsa ( just a little reinforcement). I anchor the belly hook hanger in the ballast weight. Hope this helps. Feel free to pm me if you need to.
  7. Tracy G

    Question About Bill Width Or Size

    Try building one with cedar. The main thing to remember is to give the grain a little extra attention while rough sanding. If you don't, the grains of the wood will make small protruding lines. You can probably cut the amount of ballast by at least 1/2 (just a starting point). I think you would be pleased with the results.
  8. Tracy G

    Do You Remember The First "lure" You Ever Made?

    As a kid I made bobbers out of styrafoam found on the side of the road, or sections of cane that I would harvest off the creek bank and dry in the sun. Then I started getting into my mom's sewing box for thread, and chasing our game rooster to pluck some tail feathers for flies (I wonder why he hated me so much). I took a break while in the Army. First crank was made a few years ago out of a spruce 2x4, sealed and painted with my wifes fingernail polish. It worked well enough to catch an 8 lb bowfin, but is sitting on a shelf in my living room now.
  9. Tracy G

    In daddy's workshop

    You have a good reason to be proud! I see it catching fish. Great job!!
  10. Tracy G

    Using Acrylic For Lips

    I'm not sure what the size is, cause I have used the part with the size written on it, but it's roughly 1/8". I got it from a Lowe's store.
  11. Tracy G

    Using Acrylic For Lips

    Acrylic will crack really easy. Use polycarbate (a common name brand is Lexan). I trace the out line of a lip on the polycarbate sheet then use sharp tin snips to cut just outside the lines, then I use a sanding drum on my dremel to sand it down to inside the lines.
  12. Hey Rob, maybe you can throw in some twisted steel hook hangers as well. Just shooting you an idea. Best of luck to you on your expansions.
  13. Tracy G

    Oops...missed A Spot

    Put another thin epoxy coat on it is the only thing that you can do. This happens to me all to often.
  14. Tracy G

    Omg I Just Have To Vent

    I do this when one part of my epoxy starts looking "milky". Another optiion, if the container is water tight, is to run a pan of hot water to set the bottle in for a few minutes.
  15. Tracy G

    New Here!

    Please tell me that this post is a joke.