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  1. Stick Bait Mold Help

    BBK, The molds I have are bears molds. I measured the 5" bait again and, as Monte stated its actually 4 7/8". And the 3/8" difference is fairly significant to my friends. I guess Del's is the way to go. Thank you all for your help. Sean
  2. Stick Bait Mold Help

    Hello everybody. I am new to this forum, and have only been injecting baits for a few months now. My 1st molds were a 4" and a 5" stick bait mold. While they produce very nice baits, I have friends that I make baits for who want something closer to a yammie's size. The 4" injection mold is too thin, and has what appears to be a hook slot . The 5" is 1/4" shorter than the yammie (which are actually 5 1/4" as I have just noticed). Does anybody know which company's injection molds would actually be closest in size to GYCB 4" and 5", in both length and width? Thank you, Sean