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  1. Tube Dipping - Video

    That looks pretty sweet! Are the handles wood or metal? I'm gonna make one of these.
  2. Plastisol hardness for mini jigs?

    So i'm in the process of ordering some Medium Bait Junky Plastisol but they don't offer Bait Junky additives like softener, hardener and heat stabilizer. They only sell PolySol? Are these compatible to mix or should I order them from someone else?
  3. Plastisol hardness for mini jigs?

    Copy that. Is there a measurement ratio to follow somewhere? How much for say, 4 ounces of plastic?
  4. Plastisol hardness for mini jigs?

    Sounds good. When I sent a message to Bait Junky in facebook, they just replied and t old me to get the hard version for this. I was thinking Medium would be better as well. When do I add the heat stabilizer? When It's mixed up and then heated for the first time?
  5. Hey all, Super newbie to making plastics here. I'm looking to make some crappie tubes in the 1 1/2" - 2" length by using dipping rods. It sounds like Baitjunky Calhouns or MF is the way to go. Which hardness should I get though? Also do I need to add heat stabilizer to either of those? Thanks
  6. Tube Dipping - Video

    You happen to have a picture of one built? Sounds like a great idea.
  7. Tube Dipping - Video

    Great video. Thanks for posting this.
  8. Cannot Find A Rotisserie Fast Enough

    I was finally able to find me a 3 RPM rotisserie in another town near me. Put it all together tonight and this what I came up with. I should be able to turn up to 24 lures at once if I really needed to but I probably wont be doing more than 5 or 10 at any given time.
  9. Cannot Find A Rotisserie Fast Enough

    Can you send me a link to the one you are talking about?
  10. Cannot Find A Rotisserie Fast Enough

    Just looked online at Ace Hardware and they sell two different ones. Grillmark (1 RPM) $18.99 : Weber ( 1RPM) $79.99 Both are too slow
  11. Cannot Find A Rotisserie Fast Enough

    They are in stock at lowes and home depot, thats where I bought the last 3 of them, however they are all the 1 and 2 RPM models only.
  12. Cannot Find A Rotisserie Fast Enough

    Thats where I bought the 3 I had so far. 2RPMs for the one at homedepot and 1RPM for the one at Lowes. They are all too slow.
  13. Cannot Find A Rotisserie Fast Enough

    Went to 2 walmarts yesterday and they didn't have any. I guess it's a seasonal item? The one I see on their website says sold out online and not available in stores: Horrible reviews on it though... Any other ideas? Doh!
  14. Newbie lure builder here! I have bought 3 different BBQ rotisserie sets and have returned them all. The first one I bought was 2 RPMs and the second I bought was 1 RPM. Where can I find one faster? I'm going to be turning plugs with Bob Smith 30 min epoxy and would like something in the 4 - 6 RPM range so I can build me a turner. From my research, this seems to be about the right speed I need. I saw some smaller motors on ebay but they don't have the torque like the rotisseries have and I was hoping to turn 10 to 15 baits at once. Can anyone help me find a faster rotisserie? Thanks!