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  1. MaxRV

    Clear Coat Problems

    Good Advice. Im going to have to relocate the clear coating process to the garage. Thanks Ben!
  2. MaxRV

    Clear Coat Problems

    Awesome. Thank you! Max
  3. MaxRV

    Clear Coat Problems

    Jeff, at first I was a bit unsure about auto coat, however after using twos coats, the baits come out with a very nice finish. The finish is more what you are looking for....clear and thinner than epoxy. I am pretty happy with it, however I think I am still partial to the thicker coating of the epoxy. It seems to work a bit better with stickon 3d eyes, and I think I looks better with painted eyes (for my taste). You should give it a try for yourself. As for the fumes, I am only doing 2 a 5 baits at a time, and I use a brush instead do the airbrush, so the fumes are minimal, and do not bother anyone in the house. Keep in mind it only takes about 1/2 teaspoon of the clear coat to do 5 baits. Good luck, Max
  4. MaxRV


    The eye is awesome. Where can I learn to paint glass eyes? What materials are involved and where do you get them? Awesome!
  5. MaxRV


    Work of art!
  6. MaxRV

    Natural Gill

    I really like this. I think it would be a great South Florida bait.
  7. MaxRV

    Hybrid Gill/Seed

    This one even made the real bluegill drop his jaw! Nice!
  8. MaxRV


    Ditto my last comment!
  9. MaxRV


    Awesome. Too pretty to fish. I would have to put that one on the wall.
  10. MaxRV

    A few others from that big order..

    Wow, those two on the bottom look just like a baby Potomac Snakehead. I think that would be a great pattern on the potomac River. MaxRV Woodbridge, VA
  11. MaxRV

    Rookie Green Test bait

    First try at mixing and blending colors. I was working for a baby bass thing, but wanted a bit of glow or chartreuse to increase visibility in stained water.
  12. MaxRV

    Rookie Sexy Golden Shad

    First try at a Golden Shad. I have only been airbrushing baits since January, and this is bait# 20 or so. One of my personal favorites so far.
  13. MaxRV

    Rookie Fire Tiger Topwater

    First try at a fire tiger. I have only been airbrushing baits since January, and this is bait# 20 or so.
  14. MaxRV

    Rookie Bluegill

    First try at a bluegill. I have only been airbrushing baits since January, and this is bait# 25 or so. Probably my best to date.
  15. MaxRV

    [Closed] - Review My Progress

    I appreciate it. I really don't have an artistic bone in my body.....can't even draw a good stick figure, but after years of lookin at'em, I think it makes it a bit easier to paint them. I admit though that I was luck to find this site before beginning. Everything I have learned to this point has come from members of this site. So, thanks for your help! Max