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  1. MrCribbss

    Balsawood And Screw Eyes

    thanks but it doesnt work, ive send a message to TU about a week ago about my problem but i still have not received a reply yet. i think im going to delete my account and start a new one
  2. MrCribbss

    Pros And Cons Of Split Rings

    you maybe loose more fish when you dont use splitrings. they get leverage easier to get off the hook because there is less space for the hook to move against (or compared to?) the lure. i dont know how to say it differenly, i hope its clear. english is not my mother language. in my opinion lures with hook rash catch just as good as lures without.
  3. MrCribbss

    Balsawood And Screw Eyes

    is balsa wood strong enough for screw eyes? im not a big fan of screw eyes or twisting my own wire screw eyes. i think its ok for some lures like hardwood swimbaits, but im not sure about balsa wood. i just like trough wire lures more. i want to make a swimbait out of balsa, what would be the best way to do that? should i cut the blank in half and put the wire and weights inside or should i make a groove in the belly of the lure? ive done some lures with a groove in the belly, im pleased with the results but unfortunately i still cant upload any pictures in the gallery. thanks in advance, Chris
  4. MrCribbss

    Bass Skin

    it made me think of this: lures with frogskin. kind of sick i think.
  5. MrCribbss

    Uploading Pics

    i dont get it either, do you think that if i delete my account i can start a new one with the same name?
  6. MrCribbss

    Rattlecan Paint

    thanks everybody, i tried spraying over the top and it worked pretty good. i hope i can upload some pics soon, im still figuring out how to upload to the gallery, i can select pics but i cant upload them. i cant press on the upload button.
  7. MrCribbss

    Uploading Pics

    well thanks for trying anyway, im not able to click on upload so nothing happens after i selected a picture. ill figure it out another time.
  8. MrCribbss

    Uploading Pics

    yes, im trying to upload a new pic to the gallery.
  9. MrCribbss


    fossil fishing...
  10. MrCribbss

    Uploading Pics

    thanks but i have no idea.. attach file doesnt appear after selecting.
  11. MrCribbss

    Uploading Pics

    i was about to uplaod my first picture but i cant click anything but browse. when ive selected a picture i still cant click anything and nothing happens. i have no idea whats wrong, anyone else has this problem too?
  12. MrCribbss

    Rattlecan Paint

    'thanks, ill definetly try that on the second one i paint.
  13. MrCribbss

    Rattlecan Paint

    its not that the thickness of the line is visible, its more that its a very straight line from the foil to the paint..
  14. MrCribbss

    Rattlecan Paint

    i started painting my first lure with rattlecan paint. the lure is also foiled, so i put some tape on the sides so that the paint wouldnt cover the foil completely. but because of the tape there is a thick line from the foil to the paint. i tried painting without the tape on but then the paint just covers all of the foil. how can i make this foil > paint transition a bit smoother? i hope u guys have some ideas, thanks in advance Chris
  15. MrCribbss

    gliding bitch foiled rainbow trout

    they always look great.. but gliding bitch? lol