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  1. I really like the Engineered Angler channel on YouTube! Great ideas from him. I also have started using a mid coat for several applications and it really preps the paint for the final smooth epoxy finish! I dilute Minwax polycrylic with water and shoot it thru my airbrush to give a nice smooth mid coat for the final epoxy. I have also used it between painting and stencil layers where I want to tape a stencil or something like that to the bait. I clean out my airbrush immediately after spraying the polycrylic and haven't had any issues with it clogging up or doing any damage. If you let it harden in there I could see it being tough to remove. But airbrush restorer would probably take it off as it seems to dislodge everything (love that stuff).
  2. eastman03


    Pretty good, two of the tails plastic was a but to stiff. So I made a softer one, and it has lots of body roll and vibration. I was able to cast at some muskies with it yesterday for a bit. However, we don't typically use large lures like that till a bit later in the season. Hope to get a hog on it!
  3. Superglue was my first thought too. Liquid superglue. Or you could spray polycrylic. Love that stuff now. Probably wouldn’t penetrate as well as superglue. But you could just dip it in polycrylic too. It is thin enough it would clog the hole.
  4. eastman03

    Heavy hybrid

    Used maple for this one, and added a bunch of lead near the front for a very head heavy sinking action. I corkscrewed a wire out the back and added a 'bulldawg' style soft tail. I wanted a lure that falls straight up and down more than others on the market. Lots of the full soft plastics seem to glide and sink slower. And also, I wanted to try something! It works well!
  5. eastman03


    I'll post some pics in the hard baits section today, you bet!
  6. I'm with Mark on this one. I found some ammonia free window cleaner (it wasn't windex brand), and/or soapy water back flushes for between colors. And Airbrush restorer for a deep clean once in a while or if the performance drops. Lots of questions on airbrushes not spraying right on the other FB forums, but most of them are not doing the deep clean. Airbrush restorer works wonders for cleaning out the tight spaces. I haven't experimented with sonic cleaners, but I don't paint enough to warrant one of those. Restorer isn't really cheap either (or easy to find for me), but just soak the components and pour the solution back into the bottle. I've been using a 4 oz bottle now for quite a while lol.
  7. eastman03


    Fathers day weekend, better than Christmas. It is the muskie opener in Ontario! Good weekend, landed a couple muskies and caught a few on home made lures!!
  8. eastman03


    First couple casts with a new hybrid lure! No better feeling than catching with a home made lure!
  9. eastman03

    lure size

    As far as the width, I'm not sure it is a huge factor in the trolling game. We have taken a lot of footage in the last three years of our trolling lures with Spydro cameras, and see tons of followers or followers then biters and they all are behind or to the side of the lure and often nuzzle up to the lure basically letting it hit them in the face, it's crazy.
  10. eastman03

    lure size

    Most of the muskie trolling baits we use on LOTW in the fall range from 10-14". As far as depth, when the water temps are 40+ degrees, we get most of our bites from 10-20 feet. Cranks like 10-14" grandmas/jakes are popular. Trolled at 3-5mph. Once the water temp gets in the low 40's and into the 30's some of the real big girls can be caught deeper. We tend to move a bit slower as well 2-3.5mph. Lures like a legend plow are popular. Trolling in 20-30 feet off a deeper breakline. Lures hitting bottom in 20-25. But this is a small window before lakes start to ice up, so as much as I love these lures (and love making lures like them), they don't see a ton a use, but have caught some of my biggest fish. Anyway, just my little bit of experience as a musky fisherman on a shield lake. As far as construction, I would stay away from hardwoods like maple. I cant seem to find it, but I remember reading an article about how a lure kicks in the water, and the cedar lures outperformed, and out fished almost every hardwood lure. Tough to really tell though honestly. Send one over! I'll give it a good test lol.
  11. I'm glad this was brought back to the top! I had an aha moment reading the Archimede's post from Dave. Not that I've really put it to practice, it finally made sense! (sorta). Could I get that calculator too? Thanks for all the work. Trevor t_froese@hotmail.com
  12. What is that tail made of? Looks great btw!
  13. Amazing work! Love seeing all the entries, congrats to the winners!
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