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  1. I would love to have a source of foil that is thin and shiny. I have tried a few different brands of hardware store HVAC tape, and it all works, but I think I may be going in the wrong direction. I bought the more 'expensive' brands at the store, and yea they are thicker, which is probably good for most uses except mine lol. I have also found some brands kinda get tarnished and lose their shininess when I handle them. Perhaps a cheaper foil would be thinner on average. One foil that has been recommended on this forum, and I can not find myself is 3m venture tape. Man that stuff looks amazing. Different sizes, thicknesses, and strong, but still soft and pliable. I can't find it anywhere to try it out here in Canada (for a reasonable price I should add). https://www.3mcanada.ca/3M/en_CA/company-ca/all-3m-products/~/3M-Venture-Tape-Aluminum-Foil-Tape-1520CW/?N=5002385+3293084283&rt=rud Candy foil is a neat suggestion as well RPM. I'll keep my eyes open for some of that stuff too.
  2. Yup darice metallic mesh. https://www.amazon.ca/Darice-2913-103-Metallic-Mesh-Silver/dp/B01MTLK35Z Just an example, I'm sure you can find it in most craft stores or online. Check our Jekyll Productions on youtube, she has a lot of videos about painting lures. And she has a few where she talks about how to use this mesh to get a really good result.
  3. Wow! I would kill for a box of any of those lures, what a treasure. Honestly I'm not exactly sure what I would do in your shoes. You could probably sell them slowly a few at a time, but that would be painfully slow. I'm sure if the right person or company saw this, they might purchase the majority of these to re sell? I wish I could be more helpful, tough to ID any more of the lures with the pics. What an amazing and cool history of the manta ,and it is sitting in those boxes from that home. River run made some of the best lures. That big one is AMAZING on the shelf! Wow. Here is a Manta that I helped re-finish for a friend of a friend. He wanted it just like when it was new, because that was the lure and pattern that caught his personal best Muskie (53" I believe). It started off looking almost like your first pic!
  4. Yea the application of the waterslide paper really opens the door to all kinds of things! Interesting idea with the silicone layer. So the eye sitting on the silicone has enough surface tension on its own I guess to make a little bubble, just like on the screw. Do you ever have issues with extra epoxy kinda forming a strange shaped eye, because it cant kinda fall off like if it were on the screw? Anyway, for the few eyes I'm making for myself at the moment, this will do just fine! Thanks again, just adds another level of customization.
  5. This really works well! Thanks again. The eyes pop like crazy once you get epoxy on them. Here are a few from my first batch. I need to sharpen up the cheap leather punch I got for this as it kinda was tearing it off. I think I need a harder backing material to punch the eyes out cleanly. More experimenting will happen yet.
  6. Do you mean the 39 hours show from Uncut Angling? That series in so intense! Those are all my buddies that I guided with years ago. I'm very spoiled to have all the fishing resources around here that I do. Thanks for all the help.
  7. Welcome here, lots of great resources. I've used a lathe for a few of the lures I make. Most of them are not symmetrical/cylindrical so I don't use it all the time. It is a great tool to have. Make sure to wear eye protection!
  8. Yea I'd take all the help I can get. I don't own photoshop, and I wasn't sure I wanted to buy it, so I used an open source program called GIMP. It is similar, it allows me to play with layers and most of the same things as photoshop. That was probably the most difficult thing in this process lol. I've never used any program quite like this. I also see how much of the background comes through despite the eyes printing red. I'll have to play around with it, it is a fun challenge! I just received a leather punch set that I ordered, so I will be able to start punching out some eyes and getting them finished. I'm also kinda waiting for it to get cold enough to fire up my wood boiler so I can heat the shop. We are starting to get winter here in Manitoba, so that means less fishing and more lure making.
  9. eastman03

    Screw Eyes

    I hate to always be the wet blanket when it comes to screw wire vs thru wire, but in my opinion, if you are making a premium lure for muskies or pike, it should always be thru wire. Screw eyes are plenty strong when new, but after fishing with a lure for a year or two, almost no amount of finish will be able to withstand rocks and fish. If there is any moisture ingress or if the threads 'crack' loose from the glue that's holding the screw, it can pull out. Sorry, it just bugs me seeing musky lures that go for 100+$ dollars, and they have screw in hardware. This is the result. A lost lure and possibly a dead fish. This was from a big pike that crushed the lure boat side. Set the hook and out came the large screw eye. Hopefully the fish chucked the lure. This is from a 'well made' well known lure manufacturer (I won't name names or anything). This is the second time that it has happened to me, so I can only imagine with all the people fishing, how many times this may happen. This would not happen with thru wire. I'm tough on equipment, I fish a lot, and if there is a weakness, musky fishermen tend to find it. I'm headed out this weekend, freezing temps, and lakes icing up to go bash some other lures around on the Canadian shield hoping for another hog.
  10. Cool effect. I believe I've had this happen before to a similar effect. I seem to have this happen with a few of my paints that I did not shake well enough. So similar problem as to over thinning, basically not enough pigment. It happened to my orange paint, a pearl white and a black as well. Was super watery and dried splotchy like that (I was going for a nice smooth finish). When I tried to actually stir the paint with a stir stick, turns out I had a bunch of the pigment clumped up and stuck to the jar. Especially orange, I have had lots of trouble with oranges lol.
  11. @fishordie79 so it's been a while, but I have almost all the right parts to make my own eyes! Learned a bit about photoshop, and waterslide paper during the whole process! Waiting for a leather punch kit to punch the eyes out. Now only my own creativity can hold me back! Thanks for the tutorial!
  12. eastman03

    lure size

    I like cedar for it's buoyancy, and natural water/rot resistant properties. I'm not exactly sure what kind of cedar they grow in California but i'm sure it will do. However, for carving fine details, it can be frustrating. The grain that is there is much harder than the wood between the grain if that makes any sense. So I can make for a difficult process to carve details. I prefer bass wood if I want to add any fine details, that stuff carves like a block of butter, it is amazing.
  13. eastman03

    lure size

    I use western red cedar mostly. I will use white cedar if I can get it as well. I have a friend that operates a sawmill, and he saves me cutoffs of western red cedar that have no knots and relatively straight grain. If I need really consistent straight clear pieces, I will go and actually buy a 2x8 of clear straight grain cedar from Windsor plywood. I don't like doing that because it gets pretty pricey per foot.
  14. It sorta depends on how complex you want to get. I usually only make a dozen baits at a time, so I often just do the vice grips method to make the loop at one end. But you can make yourself jigs to get repeatable bends. Kinda like this: It helps to get yourself a good pair of round nose pliers that are strong enough to bed thicker wire, I use anywhere from .051 to .092" wire. Knipex makes excellent tools.
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