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  1. I totally agree Hillbilly! Watching people fish for years of guiding at the lodge it doesn't take long to figure out who will catch the most fish out of a group. Even out of some of the really experienced anglers (mostly for bass) that were in my boat, some of them spent more time getting snagged, casting into weeds instead of around, or changing colors or flakes or getting a tube jig with a slightly different hue. Meanwhile, the other guy was hauling them in with the same color the whole time. Standing while fishing. Casting accuracy. Good polarized glasses. Not drinking booze. Paying
  2. Tell ya what @Vodkaman I will get Bass Pro Shops to give me that job, getting footage or lures and catches for every single one in their collection. It would be a tough job, but I'm willing to do it just to help out the fellow angler. lol
  3. I do the same as AZ. I use a west systems epoxy (mostly cured in about 15 min), so I have some working time to do a few lures at once. Polycarbonate does not like to stick to anything (not exactly sure what your lips are made of), so it is wise to at least scuff up the surface that's going to be glued. I usually go one step further and drill two holes and screw the lip in with the epoxy. Probably not necessary, but on a large lipped musky lure that often smashes into rocks, I'll give the lip all the support I can. I will have them all lined up and test fitted with the screws before applyi
  4. Then I might stand a chance. For every entry, you have to have 100 comments in the forum. Lol. entries are look cool already! I’ll have to come up with something.
  5. @Vodkaman wellll only about three days in and half the entries didn't read the rules lol why is that so hard? haha
  6. Very painfully lol. Welcome here by the way. I've made a few large poppers and have struggled to do this easily. Easiest way I found is to "hog" out the bulk of the material carefully with a drill bit (don't go too deep, also I've only made giant poppers, so this may not be necessary at all), then i have a few ball burrs for my Dremel tool that I shape the cup with. It is slow, but I've only made a few poppers, so it worked. To get the final sanding and shape, I ended up gluing some sand paper to a golf ball, which I glued a drill bit into, so I could turn the ball with my hand held
  7. Makes sense. My tail is quite thick through the shaft. I think I can add a bit to my mould and thin that section out to let it kick. looks good!
  8. I like where your head is at! It seems that the line tie looks a bit high on the bait? Unless this was very nose heavy, it seems like you would be getting alot of lift when reeling it in. But i could be wrong. I made a hybrid (no spinner) paddle tail last year, and I was disappointed with the action in the tail. in hindsight, i should have somehow done more testing on shape to get the action i wanted before making a mold. That being said, I'm not really sure how to test before making a mold and just going for it. The tail i made was large, but there was so much water resistance tha
  9. Welcome here first of all! I would suggest stick with one clear coat for a while. Give it a chance. Typically, you will have die hard fans in each camp - epoxy, UV, and KBS (moisture cured urethane i believe). That isn't a bad thing, it's a great thing. That means that a lot of lure makers have had great success with their product. But I've heard bad things about each one too, they ALL have a learning curve. Don't give up on one before getting over that learning curve and then making a decision. You may see someone dipping KBS and think it's brain dead simple, only to have a 100$
  10. I’ve made a few mega poppers for edict fishing. I’ve had some nice fish explode on it. Stupid Muskies like to explode on the popper, but often end up hitting it away. Lol. Crazy for me to think a catfish would go for one! Those are cool fish. anyway. They were a pretty standard popper shape, 10” long. About 1.25” diameter popper mouth. I’ll have to see what info I have on them. I added enough ballast roughly in the middle to make it sit slightly nose up in the water. With t he hook hanger just under the water when sitting. it made a pretty good pop when I give it a hard quick jer
  11. You got that right for sure. Far fewer "positive reinforcement" moments for muskies compared to most other freshwater fish. I'm lucky enough to spend enough time on the Winnipeg river to come across a few patterns of open water and deep current edge muskies in July/august when most guys are ripping blades in the shallows (which obviously works good too). I've learned a lot from John Bondy there, who also fishes a big river system. One thing that probably helps al these anglers is the insane electronics that is available. I've fished with the livescope system now, and seen muskies on
  12. I blows my mind watching these tournaments how intelligent and knowledgeable those anglers are. They know the difference between all the grasses and weeds and movements of the fish and tiny ledges down 20 feet deep (or maybe they are just bs'ing me, but it worked). What is more amazing often is that in the same day on the same tourney, guys fishing with plastics in 1 foot of slop can slay bass at the same time as a guy fishing a 20 foot ledge with a rattle trap slaying bass. I need to take that fact and apply it more to muskies and all other fish. There is often a 'trend' or rut tha
  13. Old post, but great read! My other hobbies, play volleyball (not quite as good as i used to). I've been hit by a bug, and an appreciation of vintage wood working equipment. Specifically pre-WW2 era. Just a certain quality and "weight" to these amazing old machines. I love the Beaver equipment made in Canada. Hope to have a huge collection someday. Along those lines as well, I've fallen in love with artifact hunting. I have had the opportunity to do so for years, but never cared to much. But these days, I love nothing more than walking the banks of the mighty Winnipeg river and
  14. Why the heck do you think we are on here building baits? lol Long cold winter. Ice fishing, whiskey, making stuff (not all those things go together). Yea, you get used to it. Makes you appreciate those sunsets out on the boat on a nice summer evening that's for sure. I don't take any fishing day for granted. By the time we get back to -10C, it feels like t-shirt weather again. Climbing hydro poles all day at -35C keeps me warm enough, pays the bills too.
  15. Look to the bass lure isle. Most musky lures are upsized versions of these bass lures. There are still quite a few that haven't been commercially upsized and "muskiefied". I've tinkered with a few just for fun. Giant poppers. Large size ned rig? I wonder if a muskie would bite a huge wacky worm? That would be interesting lol. Upsized wake bait. Like a big Mann's one minus would be cool for spring I think.
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