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  1. Welcome here and welcome to lure building! its an awesome hobby. Learn to search for answers on this forum, I just use google and add tackleunderground to the search. If you have a question, I can almost guarantee it's been discussed here. Youtube is your best friend also. Marling baits. Solarfalls baits. Check out Engineered Angler! Great channel with lots of tips and tricks for the lure builder. His channel is amazing. As for paints, there are a lot of cheap paints you can use, but as a beginner these paints (like dollar store stuff) are not great and can give you problems like clogging and stuff. if you are airbrushing, invest in some createx or testors aztek paints that are ready to airbrush. Get a proper thinner as well and practice practice practice. You really don't need much to get started, just keep making stuff and testing out and honing your skills. Post any more questions if you have them, conversation is kinda slow now, but it picks up in winter usually (that's when I do all my lure building).
  2. .5 needle with my badger patriot combined with an airbrush flow improved to delay tip dry really helped me clean less and paint more.
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    Love making lures from wood! I feel like the home lure builders like myself slow down a bit in summer. More fishing less building and posting. It’s my winter past time. I totally agree with you Mark shaping and carving is fun and relaxing I’m working on a copy of my favourite soft bait. A Hybrid bulldawg type lure. I may have to Try the pvc, I really enjoy working with wood. But it is less predictable.
  4. I'll third that! My local glass shop let me come take a look and gave me all sorts of pieces of polycarbonate. In return I made them a larger lure for display with their company name on it, just for fun. They were so pumped, I have basically an unlimited source for lip material now! Another spot I have got some from is a plastic's distributor. They had a bunch of cut offs that they let me buy for cheap.
  5. Like the others said, measure carefully, equal parts by volume. Mix for a couple minutes. I also let it sit for 10 minutes, it really seems to help prevent fish eyes and other problems. Make sure your room and the epoxy are at least at 70 degrees, you can even warm the bottle up a bit in the sink with warm water beforehand. Cold weather and cold epoxy were a source or major problems for me. Put the lure on a bbq rotisserie and let it spin overnight. I use a 1" foam brush. I make large lures for muskies, the foam brush works well. Disposable.
  6. Set the resin part in hot water for 10 minutes to unchrystalize it if it looks lumpy or unclear.
  7. You could probably go on the mother site, (http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Lure-Lips/Lexan-Lips-Rounded-Style.html) and order a few different ones to see what would work best for yourself? Just an idea. Looks like they sell lexan lips up to 1/8". I'll have to double check at home what thickness I used. I'll let you know. For my 6" lures, I think its around 1/8". Another good option which I do now is track down a local glass/window shop, or plastics manufacturer (this may not work for you obviously depending where you live). I found a shop in my community that does windows, they often deal with lexan for multiple different applications. The guys let me have a bunch of different thickness little scraps that were completely unusable for them. But, I could easily get a bunch of lips out of each piece. They are now my official lexan supplier, (it helps that a few of them fish, so I repay the favor once in a while).
  8. I've never done it, but I've read about guys that will stack a few blades of a metal cutting hack saw together to get the same thickness of the lip. Then you can cut it all in one shot with the top and bottom being parallel. Like others mentioned, probably all best when the blank is not shaped yet. Making a lip cutting miter box also sounds like a good plan to keep it consistent.
  9. Thanks! I'll be testing and tuning them as soon as the ice melts and I can get out on the boat. The prototype one I made last year worked great, with a nice wobble. Hopefully these all do the same!
  10. I usually just start with some fluorescent yellow, and slowly add drops of fluorescent green till I get the color that I'm looking for. I don't have a formula for it exactly. I'm curious to see if some else does as well.
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    Imposter and rainbow2.jpg

    Very nice as usual, so clean! I'm always inspired by your work
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    I added a seven pics of some smaller cranks I finished up. If anyone is interested, I did a little bit of a tutorial in the Hard baits Tutorial section in the forum.
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