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  1. Mordy

    D2t Applying

    Alll good advice above. I warm the epoxy bottles in warm water before I start 10-15minutes, draw up epoxy with one of my two syringes (no needles) (one has a band of red tape on it Hardener) I depress the epoxy out of the syringe back into the bottle and re draw with out any large bubbles. Put equal portions into a mixing container, mix well, coat as above, then check it under a bright light to make sure there are no missed spots, give it a blast with the heat gun (Dont cook it!!!) remove from grippers and then connect to spinner. I hold my crank baits with an elastic band with wire loop on one end and a just a wire loop on the bib end. I usually have the wire connected to the bib end before I epoxy. Last time I was fiddling with the bib wire and the whole freshly epoxyed bait few across the garage sliding on the filthy floor Just left it there and carried on, came back to it, gave it a wipe and recoated, then back on the spinner. Turned ou the best !!! Have fun, work inside the limitations of the epoxy, if you are working too long on one batch it will start to clag up. The fresher the better and more fluid. When all baits are on the spinner I pour a small sample of the mix to the side so I can check its curing process. Pour some acetone into a jar draw some up the syringes and give them a clean then clean my brush with acetone then hot soapy water. I then pull up my seat and have a long well deserved cold beer and watch the spinner go round. Tony
  2. Have a look at he has only got two arms
  3. Have a look at this vid he uses a hoop thingo with netting. I was using a series of clamps on the netting the other day and the bait I painted with a good quality paint worked out well, whilst the one I painted with thinned hobby paint was a wreck!!!. Whith the good quality paint it only took two passes with the airbrush and the thinned took multiple to get the desied density. Tony p.s playing arond with netting stretched over cheap canvas stretchers. Going to try them hinged and seperate. Just gotta grow a third arm
  4. Mordy

    Paint Options

    "" I also use a bit of 'Tamiya' hobby paint, thinned (20-30%) with methylated spirit - their clears are pretty good too, clean the brush with the same. pete' Pete I assume you are talking acrylic paints? Just did a search and therre is a Tamiya paint seller 5 minutes away
  5. Mordy

    Gold Leaf

    Thanks for that, will try. Lots of "product" flying around the site Etrex ??? (a GPS systen down here ) and D2T sounds like a defoliant used in the vietnam war or something used for spraying Blackberries All good, I have been sealing with a rod binding epoxy working well so far. Thanks again
  6. Mordy

    Gold Leaf

    I have just started playing around with foil, silver leaf and the foil paper in cigarette packets that I put in water for about 15 seconds and rub the paper off the back, dry and use the foil. (all experimental at this stage ) Just wondering after the foiling / leaf or rub on do you guys use an epoxy to seal it then paint acrylic on top of that? Does the acrylic stick to the epoxy? Thanks Tony
  7. Mordy

    Mixing Colors

    Have a search for color wheels or color mixing. The basic logic is that if you mix any two primary colors (red yellow or Blue) together you will get one of the secondary colors (orange green violet) Mix any secondary (say violet) with a primary (eg: red and you will get a tertiary color =red violet Found this good article the other day on airbrushing, color and techniques, what fish like and....... Another way to give you some ideas is draw a grid on a board (like a checker board ) put a sample of each color you have down the right hand side and a sample of each color along the top (leaving the top right hand square empty. Now where a horizontal grid meets a vertical grid it should be those to colors mixed. You will end up with a whole row of every color mixed with one color (see link below) Makes a good reference just look up a color and move to the two outer edges and there you have it. After a while you won't even need the chart ))) good luck with it Tony
  8. Mordy

    Cannot Find A Rotisserie Fast Enough

    Thanks, amazing what you can come up with (in the Man Cave) From memory I started to use it for epoxy flies ( with out the Pullies) worked fine, then I used it for rod building The blue foam bit is hollow and the rod butt fits into it
  9. Mordy

    Cannot Find A Rotisserie Fast Enough

    I had the same problem, so I ran a bolt from the bbq motor onto a fishing line spool. I then got some 1 cm elastic joined it to form a "Fan Belt" and ran it onto a cotton spool works a treat spins rods. I think the new rotation is 5.5 per minute Tony