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  1. Just wondering if anyone has tried it. Because it seems all we do is try new stuff.....
  2. When I finally get rolling in earnest, it may be. Who knows what I will end up with lol. Yeah, the internet is awesome, my friend and I were just talking about if we would have survived the 80s intact if we had the internet back then lol
  3. Being new to pouring lead I wasn't sure if I could use a little painter's tape. That could help a ton. And it is the area that hook and wire meet that seems to cause the problems. Thanks for the ideas, will try them tomorrow!
  4. Yeah, I use Colorados on mine too
  5. I am getting a hole or dimple in the keel head buzz baits I am pouring. I make sure to preheat the mold but still getting that little spot where the hook and wire meet. Is it due to the mold being still too cool or maybe my lead isn't hot enough?
  6. Have you tried using powder paints? I know a lot of people use an air etcher or mini sandblaster to airbrush w powder.
  7. I actually had a provisional patent on the same design a few years ago lol! The only difference is I bent the upper arm back more parallel to the lower
  8. knowing the high heat silicone is readily available, this should work. Now ya know why I asked for a discussion! Thanks a ton TU Peeps!
  9. Even better...I didn't realize there was silicone tubing already made!
  10. Sorry, I wasn't clear. The straw is just the mold and wouldn't be used since, you are correct, it would melt.\
  11. OK, on the way into work this morning I thought I would pour some horsehead jigs tonight. Now I know people use foil etc for the swivel so you can heat and paint the jighead and keep the swivel turning freely, but I thought "there has to be a better way" and that way would be a tube form over the swivel. Now heat shrink would work but then you have to cut it off etc and other soft materials would melt with the heat. Hard tubes wouldn't work either. So here is my possible solution: pour some RTV silicone in a straw and let it cure. Cut it in lengths that will cover your swivel. Poke a hole through it lengthwise with a heavy needle. You can now slide it onto the swivel, heat up the bait, paint and then pinch the silicone to remove it. The main worry would be it will remove a bunch from the jig head itself too. The silicone can definitely handle the heat. Please discuss!
  12. I put one on page 4
  13. Feel free to share!
  14. We've all been there...
  15. I tie bucktail trebles for my lures. I have been using Eagle Claw 375 #4's for them. I really like them but I tend to "over dress" the treble some times and was worried the added hair may hinder hook ups with that style treble. Is this correct? I am looking at the Mustad M35647BR which has a more round bend to it. So am I okay sticking w the 374/375 EC or should I look for a more round hook? What do you guys prefer? Thanks in advance!