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  1. Do It BZK-2-3812

    and it is sold
  2. Do It BZK-2-3812

    For sale is a Do It buzzkeel buzzbait mold (1/2 and 3/8 oz cavities) It is in near perfect shape. I made a mod to one area to allow for a longer top arm but the is NO way affects the original intent of the mold. Payment is through Paypal, $36 and that includes Priority Mail Shipping (with tracking of course). I will ship within 24 hours.
  3. Whopper Plopper KO

    So the Heddon Torpedo back hook eye is just a screw in? Interesting.....
  4. Spin casting machine (really cool)

    Okay, I just found this new company out of England and wanted to share. Pretty nifty looking machine. Spinbox
  5. Q: wire keeper VS molded

    Thanks guys, I am used to the barb that is part of the mold but was curious if there was a big advantage for the wires that are molded in. I think it will be a matter of fishing more and deciding based on what I see. Fishing more always seems to be a good plan.
  6. Q: wire keeper VS molded

    What do you prefer? A wire keeper to keep soft plastics in place or the molded triangular piece (or ring collar)? said I'd never pour lead.... look how that turned out....
  7. Powder Painting Jig Heads w Swivels solution?

    Can't post the pix right now but... IT WORKED!!! I got some 1mm ID silicone tubing. It is a little small so 1.5 or 2 mm would be best. I pushed it onto the swivel. Heat w heat gun. swish in paint. turn tubing while it cools to keep the swivel free. Yay.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has tried it. Because it seems all we do is try new stuff.....
  9. Inline Spinnerbait???

    When I finally get rolling in earnest, it may be. Who knows what I will end up with lol. Yeah, the internet is awesome, my friend and I were just talking about if we would have survived the 80s intact if we had the internet back then lol
  10. Holes and dimples in keel heads...HELP!

    Being new to pouring lead I wasn't sure if I could use a little painter's tape. That could help a ton. And it is the area that hook and wire meet that seems to cause the problems. Thanks for the ideas, will try them tomorrow!
  11. Inline Spinnerbait???

    Yeah, I use Colorados on mine too
  12. Holes and dimples in keel heads...HELP!

    I am getting a hole or dimple in the keel head buzz baits I am pouring. I make sure to preheat the mold but still getting that little spot where the hook and wire meet. Is it due to the mold being still too cool or maybe my lead isn't hot enough?
  13. New Spinnerbait Builder

    Have you tried using powder paints? I know a lot of people use an air etcher or mini sandblaster to airbrush w powder.
  14. Inline Spinnerbait???

    I actually had a provisional patent on the same design a few years ago lol! The only difference is I bent the upper arm back more parallel to the lower
  15. Powder Painting Jig Heads w Swivels solution? knowing the high heat silicone is readily available, this should work. Now ya know why I asked for a discussion! Thanks a ton TU Peeps!