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  1. Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    OK guys, just tried ladle pouring. Even when I did a completely crappy job it did WAY better than bottom spout on my pot. Thanks for the tip! Can't wait for my Drop Out to come in, too!
  2. Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    Frankford Arsenal mold spray help at all? This mold makes me crazy too
  3. Vulcanizing Q's (my DIY journey)

    Yeah, had it in the can. baked it at 335 for over an hour...
  4. Vulcanizing Q's (my DIY journey)

    So I tried to vulcanize a mold without the pres. I mad my own cad using a 12" flange joint and aluminum discs to apply pressure. First attempt I bolted down my lid against the discs to apply pressure and I did get it to vulcanize, it is much harder and you can't mar it with a blade or screwdriver like you could when it was unvulcanized. never "flowed" or appears to have liquefied like I am told it should. It did form around my masters but I am not sure how well, I have yet to try and cast with it. Is this a heat problem or lack of pressure?
  5. Affixing wire to a modified bait

    The epoxy will indeed be inside the body so this should work well. Really appreciate the reply!
  6. Affixing wire to a modified bait

    May also consider JB Weld High Heat putty, but it may be hard to get it in a small hole (1/16th") and such...
  7. Affixing wire to a modified bait

    OK, I am modifying some heads to accept a wire form and then will be making a spin mold from them. I will drill into the lead head and put the wire in it. I could epoxy the wire into place, but I worry the heat during vulcanization will soften it. Would a solder paste work? I figure I could hit it quickly with a torch or even a heat gun. As always, I welcome advice and suggestions!
  8. Painting dots

    Here is the paint from Michael's. Grabbed some on my break lol
  9. Painting dots

    Before or after heat curing?
  10. How much powder paint per 100 spinnerbaits?

    Thanks for the help, guys! I wasn't mad, I know this was gonna be a hard one to answer. So no worries there!
  11. Wanting to convert to an underspin. Help needed!

    Apdriver can you show us the bits you used? I am wanting to drill some holes for eyes in a master so I can make some molds. a nice flat bottom would be great. I have a Dremel and Dremel drill press.
  12. How much powder paint per 100 spinnerbaits?

    Using TJ's spray gun, how much powder paint are you guys using to do , let's say 100 3/8 oz spinnerbaits? Sorry if it has been covered but couldn't find it
  13. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    If that is a "hijack" then keep it up. That is great info!
  14. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    Guys I really appreciate the feedback! Looks like I have another build to do!
  15. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    Thanks a ton, Canuck! Still deciding on electric vs propane on melting.