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  1. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    Ok that is very very helpful. The main mold ring looks to be about 1 3/4" high and the bottom piece goes 1/4" reducing the depth to 1 1/2" the spacer allows for the mold to be 1" and then the top lid compresses it all. Thanks a ton dlaery!
  2. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    Thanks, that is really helpful!
  3. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    And this is the DIY video that gave me the inspiration/madness.
  4. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    Here is my "artist's concept" drawing lol
  5. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    So I am clear: the interior of the can is 1" so the mold rubber is compressed by that 1/4" disc part of the lid?
  6. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    This is true.
  7. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    This is the frame to make (vulcanize) the mold, not the part that spins the mold and you pour the lead in. We may be talking about two different things
  8. Question for the centrifugal casting crowd...

    The pictures I have seen of mold cans, the lid has kind of a "lip" or disc that presses down on the mold inside the can providing the pressure on the mold rubber.
  9. I am building my own centrifugal casting setup. 12" molds. My question is on the mold ring/can: for a 12"x1" how much does the "lip" on the lid of the can go into the cavity? It looks like about 1/4" to me. I have a local machine shop that can make me a can for a fraction of what I would pay for "the real thing". The parts being cast are spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, so a 1" mold should do the trick. My plan is to put mold in place and then the lid using large CClamps to add the pressure. I look forward to the replies and thank you in advance. Oh ....I am going DIY due to limited funds and let's face it, if we weren't DIY types we wouldn't be here.
  10. Do It BZK-2-3812

    and it is sold
  11. Do It BZK-2-3812

    For sale is a Do It buzzkeel buzzbait mold (1/2 and 3/8 oz cavities) It is in near perfect shape. I made a mod to one area to allow for a longer top arm but the is NO way affects the original intent of the mold. Payment is through Paypal, $36 and that includes Priority Mail Shipping (with tracking of course). I will ship within 24 hours.
  12. Whopper Plopper KO

    So the Heddon Torpedo back hook eye is just a screw in? Interesting.....
  13. Spin casting machine (really cool)

    Okay, I just found this new company out of England and wanted to share. Pretty nifty looking machine. Spinbox
  14. Q: wire keeper VS molded

    Thanks guys, I am used to the barb that is part of the mold but was curious if there was a big advantage for the wires that are molded in. I think it will be a matter of fishing more and deciding based on what I see. Fishing more always seems to be a good plan.
  15. Q: wire keeper VS molded

    What do you prefer? A wire keeper to keep soft plastics in place or the molded triangular piece (or ring collar)? said I'd never pour lead.... look how that turned out....