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  1. Has anybody tried making a vibrating jig (chatter bait) from a Poison Swingtail (Do-It PST-6-A #3517) Jig. If so how did it work out and was there any trick to getting it to work properly. Thanks, Ron
  2. After going back to try and figure out what was going on it may have been as high as 900 degrees. I was thinking I should e at around 750-790 which on my 20# Lee Production pot is #5-#5.5
  3. Recentlly found out I have been pouring to hot. The alloys have been separating in my Lee Pot. Do most of you guys pour around 750 degrees? Thanks.
  4. You might try a 604 but drop down 1 size.
  5. Anybody using rattle can paint for base coat on plastic hardbaits? Want to do 20 at a time. I mostly want to do white base coat. Thanks for your wisdom.
  6. Skimpy, thank you for your videos. You do a great job and they are very informative.
  7. Interesting information. Thank you Mr. Barlow for all the information you guys include on your website especially the mold specific stuff. That's why you get so much of my business.
  8. I am thinking the same thing. Maybe we can share our results.
  9. Does anybody have a hook equivalent chart. I know Barlow's lists some different hooks for each mold and they are a great resource, but I was hoping for a cross reference chart. Thank you.
  10. Anybody out there pouring the newest larger size Herring Head Jig Molds? The 3/4-1 1/2 oz. If so what size Willowleaf blades are you putting on it?
  11. I have seen them for 5 oz. Painted and skirt with deer hair for $5.25. Add $1.50 for 8 oz.
  12. The is wire diameter size. Larger wire diameter and the mold won't close. Smaller diameter and the lead may seep down the hook. If wire diameter is close you may be ok. That is one of the nice things about Barlow's is they list a comparison wire diameter on most hooks to help you search. Thanks for that John.
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