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  1. I use the Owner 5101 Ted.
  2. I'm not. Lite wire Owner.
  3. I want to do that as well I hope there is an answer to help to stop the flashing. I use the Lite wire owners on this mold so I have more hook choices. How did you modifie for the weed guards?
  4. I find even when I use the Owner hooks with that mold I have to pour slow or it will flash. Maybe try to pour veryyy slow. Good luck.
  5. If you mean cured as in baked I'm not sure. How ever if you mean base color reheat and add two more colors that's fine.
  6. What Makes these so much better than your basic Lee pots? Thanks.
  7. Thanks again guy's. Ted , what type of bit would you use on the mold?
  8. Hey Ted I'm using a Hvy gami. hook, I'm thinking not enough Bismuth is getting by the hook. I have a lot of customers that love this hook so I need to solve this issue. I loose to much time picking out the bad ones and re pouring them. I'll let you know if I solve it Ted.
  9. Thanks guy's I've done all of the above except turning up the heat. I pour Bismuth tin mix and not lead. The thing is some of the cavities come out fine every time and some do not. I will try pouring at a higher temp though. Thanks again.
  10. I have a couple Do it mold Pro Pour Ballhead molds that don't pour well at the keepers. Does anyone work molds ? I would like to have these tweaked so they pour a consistent jig. Thanks
  11. Non Lead jigs
  12. Lure part online will have all you will need. Good luck.
  13. Mustad 32786 3/0 qty 104 Mustad 32786 4/0 qty 200 Mustad 32786 5/0 qty 192 Mustad 32796 4/0 qty 110 Gamakatsu 5941 3/0 qty 130 Gamakatsu 5491 4/0 qty 27 Gamakatsu 5491 5/0 qty 65 $165.00 BO shipped
  14. Same here Ted . I only use them when I have to.