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  1. Thanks it's actually the first time I've tried it lol.
  2. New color and another blugill
  3. bassassassin85

    20140117 124525

    Edgewood baits colors not my own but they turned out really well.
  4. bassassassin85

    20140116 160837

    Just a shad and a bluegill
  5. bassassassin85

    20140110 120854

    Thanks for the compliments.
  6. bassassassin85

    20140109 153256

    Lemon lime shallow bomber model a screwtail
  7. bassassassin85

    20140110 120854

    Forgot the gill plate will become the girlfriends key chain lol.
  8. bassassassin85

    IMG 0684

    vision 95 twilight chartreuse saw a guy on antoher forum looking for this color so made it a challenge to reproduce it as close as i could
  9. bassassassin85


    rayburn anyone can do it ive only been airbrushing for a couple months its more patience than anything
  10. bassassassin85


    Thanks these are my favorite so far
  11. bassassassin85


    My new bluegill pattern.
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