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  1. great looking lure what type / make of paint do you use
  2. Crankie221

    chartruse blue back

    Very nice bait the eye is fantastic
  3. Crankie221


    Great work what is the action like?
  4. Hi ben cheers for the comment. I must have misunderstood as I was trying to help the original posters question. ( I usually cut out the slots for my crankbait lips with a bandsaw, but it leaves gaps on each side of the lip. Does anyone have a solution to cutting out lips without making these gaps? ) cheers crankie
  5. So sorry bud.....but i really needed a laugh. Just been a tough 2 weeks. Brent no need to apologise a bit of banter always cheers us up . It’s great to have a laugh share our new ideas ? Learn and hopefully help others to Cheers Crankie
  6. Hi jonh if you look at the pic I put up you will see that by doing it this way it will be impossible for the lip to come out if it did move very unlikely you could epoxy it again never had a prob with lips l love them
  7. Hi Griffond I painted a trout parr using foam for dabbing and homemade templates. I then used the brush to create splatter techniques I used auto air paint maybe this is cheating but I still used the brush cheers crankie
  8. Ben I wonder if a converted Guillotine Paper Cutter would work ?
  9. Thanks the one on the right is real paua shell the photo does not do the shell justice
  10. will have to get out and give these a test run in the next couple of weeks. Hope the pike like them ?
  11. I mark the lip on lure with pencil then use dremel I also drill a hole in the lip and slip over wire so when filled with epoxy and fitted it will never fail
  12. How do I put a photo on this page I can show how I make lip slot and drill lip so it will never come out
  13. Oh dear Dieter you nearly had the last word on this topic. DO'H its me again
  14. Hi ben not to sure about 1/32 but what I do with thicker lexan is I use a paper template with double sided tape for the size required .Then cut rough with jigsaw and sand
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