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  1. Hi Mark, thank you for answering my question on laminates. I did a hand pour as my first attempt but the results were never consistent. What I am trying to replicate is a walleye bait that is a laminate as you described with one color on top and another on the bottom. I have a few left to make copies of but I would like a way of making more than one at a time. Is an injection mold available or do I have to have one made. It is simply a small looking swimbait almost. If injection would one color be ok to cool off before the other color is poured onto it? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.



    1. mark poulson

      mark poulson


      I have never injected two colors at once, so this is just from me with one injector, or hand pouring.

      First of all, I don't know which bait you're trying to match, so I don't know what molds are out there.  Try posting a photo and your question on the Soft Baits Forum.  Those people know almost everything about pouring and molds.  Everything I know about pouring I learned on the forum.

      If you can't find the mold you're looking for, it would be really expensive to have one made, so, if I were you, I'd make a plaster of paris mold with the baits you have left.  It won't ruin the baits, and that way you'll get an exact match.  Do search on the forum for how to make POP molds.  There are a lot of threads on the subject.

      When I do a laminated senko or ika, or any injection mold,  I fill one side just below full with the  first color, clean any plastic out of the sprue opening, once the plastic has begun to firm, so the second color can go in easily, close the mold and shoot the second color at 325+-.  That way, the second color is hot enough to bond to the first, even if the first is cold.  Any hotter and I get too much shrinkage.  

      Remember, there are molds for just tails that can be inserted into other molds to get a tail with a second color, and they bond because the second color plastic is hot enough to melt the contact surface of the tail piece.

      I have only laminated one piece/open pour/top pour swimbait molds, and I follow the same guidelines in terms of temperature.  I used to hurry, so the first color would still be hot enough to get a really good bond, but I found that there is a fine line between hot enough and too hot, where the second color actually blends into the first a little.  I stopped worrying about having the first color hot, and I still get good laminations, as long as the second color starts at 335.  That gives me enough time to do two 6" swimbaits, or ten 5" swimbaits.  The 6" takes three times the plastic, so I only do two.

      And I top off the backs of the baits after the first fill, because the larger baits do shrink.

      I hope this helps.


  2. What exactly do you mean by laminate. Sorry for the dumb question but I have heard different interpretations. Thanks
  3. Thanks very much to all for sharing info and the great ideas.I have two questions. 1) Is there a place where you can buy a kit of all these colors to experiment with. 2) Does anyone have a good glow in the dark recipe that they could post with the amounts.I am trying to get a green glow in the dark effect for the bottom half of a minnow bait I am working on..In the light the bottom half looks like a pale yellow and in the dark it glows green. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me with this problem.
  4. Exactly like that.Whats the recipe?
  5. What do you put into your plastisol to make the rubber glow in the dark? Hopefully there is a product that can be added and mixed with colors to get a lure to glow in the dark.
  6. Thanks very much guys for all the support and great info,it's much appreciated.There is a lot of talented people on this site and the sharing of info is awesome.
  7. Thanks for the help guys,I was thinking more along the lines of the liquid he poured over the two swim baits to create the mold and then poured two different colors of something into that mold after it had hardened into a flexible rubber block and after that cooled he removed the two swimbaits he made.
  8. Not sure if this is what it's called but i watched a video with a guy on it that really seamed to know his stuff first making a mold and then pouring a two colour bait.Is it any good or priced properly.
  9. I have a soft bait that I am running out of and cannot find any place that carries them anymore.It is a very soft bait with a black back and a cream lower half that glows in the dark.Any advice or anyone that knows someone that could make these would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Ken
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