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  1. Best finish coat to use over CS vinyl paint

    Any topcoat will scratch, marr, or otherwise show use when pulled over rock during a days fishing. Not a topcoat or paint out there that will stay pristine under those conditions. That said, you may be able to find something that will works better than vinyl. Most of the good jig producers around use powder paint to paint their jigs...no topcoat required. Once you bake it, it’s hard as a witches heart. Very cost effective as you can paint many, many jigs with a pound of powder. Some guys even use it to paint their spinnerbaits. A little more difficult as the wire gets in the way but using a brush tap method you can get some great results. If you add eyes, you’ll want to topcoat with a clear to keep the eyes on. Several good Moisture Cure Urethanes (MCU’s) out there for this. Also the clear two part epoxies like the Devcon 2 Ton. You’ll have to find what works for you. Personally, I prefer the MCU’s for the working time. KBS Diamond Clear is a really nice MCU. Also for spinnerbaits that you are going to topcoat, you can get some nice results using an airbrush with Createx water based paints then top coated with MCU or epoxy. I’ll try to post a photo or two to show an example.
  2. Fluid Bed??

    Chris, could you post a pic of your build?
  3. Looking for molds like these.

    Yeah, it sorta watered my eyes a bit. Converted to USD, their kit which includes the two molds, 328USD for one cavity. Plus shipping, of course.
  4. looking for this design

    Are you spoonminnow or senkosam? I’m all confused!
  5. test tube tubes

    Nice looking tube, Travis.
  6. Fluid Bed??

    Zip tie a little vibrator on it and forgetaboutit!:-)
  7. Fluid Bed??

    They are pretty easy to make, KsCatman. Cadman has some plans he’ll prolly share.
  8. Airplane jigs

    Wholly Moley, been flying the winged stuff most of my life it seems but never heard of an airplane jig. Got any pics?
  9. Fastach on a chatterbait?

    Didn’t take much to scratch the blade. Could probably take a piece of masking tape and put it on just that one side and protect it from scratching. Just a thought.
  10. homemade twistlock centering pin

    Very nice Tutorial DinkMaster. Even though not yours, appreciate you saving it and sharing.
  11. Difference in Chatterbait Blade Vibration

    ^^^^^LOL^^^^^. Sometimes fish won't chase. Sometimes they want vibration. Sometimes they want silent soft plastics. That's why it's called fishing. I think mostly, it's what you have confidence in because you will fish it hard. Wanna know how to catch bass? Make long casts and keep your bait in the water!!! :-)
  12. Homemade blade bait blowing out.

    Yes, We have seen a lot of guys use Spinnerbait molds, various jig molds, poison tail swing jig, you name it guys have used them to make these vibrating jigs. One factor that's been thrown around is using a jig that the blade slaps the jig on the side of the head as it vibrates. A friend of mine, no longer with us who propelled me into this hobby, used the arkie jig mold and did we ever catch some bass with those jigs. Experiment some and come up with one you like and have success with. Thanks for the compliment on the baits, by the way:-)
  13. Homemade blade bait blowing out.

    The other thing you can do is bend the tip of the blade, like this. Bending the blade will stop the hunting but will allow you to crawl the bait very slow over rock and cover which is how I've caught me best fish on these vibrating jigs.
  14. wire forming tools

    + 1 on the Hagens. It's a great piece and worth every penny you'll pay for it.
  15. Mold for heavy cover swim jig head

    If you are dead set on having what you want, and along that same line of thought with the rtv, a guy could order a blank mold from do it ( they have them available for purchase) and drill a large cavity on both sides. Then use your rtv and jig to make the impression. Probably get more than one cavity out of it. Of course, you would have to drill a sprue also. Very doable on a drill press.