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  1. Apdriver

    Umbrella Rig wire

    One factor that any high volume manufacturer, the biggest factor probably, is cost. When you say their rigs hold up, how long can you fish one of their rigs, pull it up from a hang with 85 lb. power pro wrapped around a bass boat cleat using the troller multiple times a day, straighten it until one of the arms break? I’m just wondering how durable theirs is compared to what I make with stainless.
  2. Apdriver

    New guy

    I would look at purchasing a wire bender. I made a bunch of in-line trout spinners on a Jann’s net craft economy bender til my fingers hurt many times. And I mean this little bender is economy. Do a search and maybe price a few and see what your price range will be. Ask questions and go from there. Once you learn how to make loops and r bends, it’s just putting your components on the wire, then.
  3. Apdriver

    hali jig mold?

    How about this? It has 1/8, and 1/4. You might be able to email him and see if he can include the sizes you want. He makes an excellent product but not inexpensive. That said, if you use this a lot and lose a lot you could pay for the mold pretty quick over buying retail. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Saltwater-Fish-Jig-mold-1-8-1-4-3-8-1-2-5-8-3-4-7-8oz-CNC-Aluminum-Ice-Fishing/123523181081?hash=item1cc28e2a19:g:04cAAOSwLpdW~KiL
  4. Apdriver

    Umbrella Rig wire

    I haven’t used piano wire either. Interested in knowing what benefit there is in piano wire over the bright stainless, torsion straightened, corrosion resistant wire available from Barlow’s. Have used and made many harnesses from this wire with excellent results. Following with interest...
  5. Apdriver

    Best Lead Melt Flux?

    I have several 4x8 sheets of this same lead that I have used and processed. It’s very pure and soft but will have to be cleaned and fluxed. The first thing I do is roll it out on my driveway, flatten it as best I can and power wash it with an industrial soap and remove all the old glue and left over sheet rock remains. You must let the lead completely dry before you process it after cleaning with water. After that, I cut into strips and roll those strips up so I can get it into my fluxing pot. I flux it outside in my fluxing pot and use paraffin as flux. Never put dirty lead in your pouring pot. Flux it until it’s clean, the mix should be hot enough to catch the flux on fire. Be careful. No kids observing or close by. Stay upwind. Dip off impurities and continue to flux until you get good clean lead. Yes, it will still have some dross after it’s reheated in your pouring pot but just spoon it off top when you see some buildup. I have good success with it.
  6. Apdriver

    Vibrating Jig Blowing Out

    Bending the blade will probably help.
  7. Apdriver

    Laminate plate

    Nicely made Lam Plate. Two thumbs up on that one.
  8. Apdriver

    What is the best dye to use?

    Mother Nature has a lot to do with how quickly you get your express packages. Most of those express packages are carried via air freight. The last couple weeks we have had major early winter storms that disrupted service all over the US because it disrupted the Hub cities where the freight gets sorted. Memphis, New York, Indianapolis, and Louisville. Certainly not the retailers fault.
  9. Apdriver


    Look at Shawns Hidden weight mold. His eBay store is CNC-Works. Not sure if this will work but here. https://www.ebay.com/usr/cnc-works?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754
  10. Apdriver

    Twin injector?

    First I bought the three ounce twin injector and it was fine.....for awhile. As I progressed in the hobby and bought more and more molds and increased the cavity count on others the small twin just wasn’t big enough. Now I have the six ounce which is twelve ounces of plastic. The six ounce is a better size, IMO. Keep in mind you don’t have to fill it up.
  11. Apdriver

    Pearl powder?

    Looks like a laminate to me. Clear plastic with some glitter on one side, light watermelon and a light brown on the other.
  12. Apdriver

    Preferred jig style for hair jigs ?

    One thing you might consider is the type collar the jig molds have that you are considering tying hair on. Any mold can be modified but if you don’t want to modify your molds the collar is important. For hair, I prefer just the straight ball collar as opposed to a double barb. The style S jig is a nice jig that has a ball collar that makes a nice crawfish pattern. The Arkie also comes in a ball collar. Keep in mind all the weedless jig molds can be poured without the weedguard using a Teflon pin to fill the weedguard slot. The Style H Bucktail Jig is a very good shad imitation but I like the Ultra Minnow jig better because of the hook and detail of this mold. You can swim it and fish it vertical. With the eyes and detail in the mold it dresses up real well and has a small collar that lends itself to a hair tie. Good luck with your choices and put your creations in the gallery.
  13. Apdriver

    Preferred jig style for hair jigs ?

    Welcome to TU. Depends on how you want to fish it. The Arkie is a great jig but maybe not the best for say vertical fishing or fishing for suspended fish. Give us a bit more info. on what you want to do with it.
  14. Apdriver

    Cutting musky sized tube skirts

    One of our members used an arbor press with a hockey puck as the mating surface or bottom stop, if you will. Worked good and he made a YouTube of it. You might be able to search it out. I found it. Here you go.
  15. Apdriver

    Bojon Cd/Dvd Tube Dipping

    I really like that watermelon purple/aqua. Looks good.