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  1. Canada spinnerbait help

    LPO also has some 7” skirtmaterial you may want to take a look at. http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Silicone-Material/Magnum-7-Silicone-Material.html
  2. Wanting to convert to an underspin. Help needed!

    I have modified several molds to make underspins. More than one way to do things, of course. I modified this mold to receive a L2798 hook and a drop shot swivel to attach the underspin blade.
  3. Powder Coating w/ Fiber Weedguard

    I’ve found pulling the Teflon before I bake or heatset the powder best. I can remove the paint off my pin easier. For me, if I bake the paint on my pin it’s much harder to remove.
  4. Smooth-on Glow worm powder

    So how’s the catching on this glow stuff. For bass. Never tried it.
  5. Powder Paint Guns Vs. Fluidized Beds

    You may have moisture contamination in your powder too causing it to clump.
  6. Hook comparison chart

    Toady, Barlow’s have put together some of what you ask for. On their site, click on the mold and they list what other hooks will fit besides what do it recommends.
  7. teflon pins

    McMaster Carr.
  8. Who's making a good injector now?

    Oh yeah. 6 oz. will probably do it.
  9. spinnerbait blades

    Matt and Jon own the place, I think. Nice guys that have earned my loyalty by their participation here and competitive pricing. Great customer service, IMO.
  10. spinnerbait blades

    Might be worth a call to Barlow’s to figure out what you have. Worths QC is top notch. I’ve recieved nothing short of quality blades from them.
  11. Adding glitter to powder paint

    I have tried adding glitter to powder paint while using a fluid bed with a vibrator and it doesn’t work well. I think most guys that have success with glitter in powder don’t use it in a fluid bed. Because the glitter is heavier than powder, it will sink when the powder is fluidized.
  12. spinnerbait molds

    I try to place the hook mid ship so the lead will cover all of the eye. You are only talking a 16th or two so it really shouldn’t matter. I just don’t want the eye protruding into the finish. You can use other hooks than what the mold calls for.
  13. Best 7inch Ribbon Worm MOld

    I would call do it, the manufacturer, with your concerns. They should be able to help you.
  14. What is the best material to make mold out of?

    Do it has a couple of similar craws, though not exact. Theirs have legs but they pull off easy. The slim daddy might be the closest, body wise. The icraw has a little fatter body than the salt craw but has those realistic claws. Bass tackle has a 731 and 733 that looks similar, also.
  15. Best Hand injector size ?

    It’s hard to beat the Basstackle injectors. Built like a tank with a locking nozzle. They have a 3oz. and a 6oz. Go ahead and get the 6oz because as you collect more molds, you’ll need it. The 3oz will get small pretty quick.