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  1. Nice catch. Thanks for sharing the re-coloring Technique.
  2. This looks pretty close to me. http://www.basstackle.com/551_Creature_p/551-kj-1.htm
  3. Could you have overheated it or just changed colors over multiple reheats?
  4. Glad you got it worked out.
  5. The gate doesn’t look too restrictive. It’s almost as big as the worm judging from the pics. Not like some where the gate necks down to less than 50% of the worm diameter.
  6. ^^^^^^I’M so jealous^^^^^^:-)
  7. I can’t be much help except to say I have some experience with peg boarding molds. I thought it would be a pretty good method of storage too. So I put up the pegboard, bought the 12 inch long pegs for it thinking I could put a bunch of molds on one hook. I did that only to find out more than about two to a hook will eventually sag and pull that pegboard out of shape because of the excessive weight. Then they will slide down and fall off the pegs.
  8. Salt will make them opaque. Use any of that?
  9. Just buy medium, which is a good all around plastic, and add softener.
  10. Apdriver

    Mold help

    I can’t help with the mold issue but have been successful by posting a pic in the gallery and then hyper linking it to your post from the gallery. The forum is much more megapixel restrictive as opposed to gallery.
  11. You may be able to twist a Q tip on the ceramic and if it pulls at the cotton fibers it’s probably grooved. You can check the eyes on a fishing pole using the same technique.
  12. I believe it probably is a BassTackle mold. Their description say six cavity side inject if you click their hyper link. Plus the alignment pins look like their product.
  13. Teds right on the money. Push and turn the handle at the same time to make tight loops on your Hagen’s.
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