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  1. Apdriver

    Starter Kit

    Powder dyes work great and give some vivid colors. X2 liquid colorant is very good. CNC molds make great baits. Oh, the dual injector is the bomb and the triple injector is better than that. Reading your posts, if you want to save money, run away from this hobby as fast as you can. Buy your baits by the bag at Bass Pro. Most of us aren’t saving any money by doing this. I promise.
  2. Apdriver

    Do I need softener when making soft plastics?

    Same as Mark. Get a bottle to have on hand if you need some. It will last a long time because you don’t need much. Also, it doesn’t go bad.
  3. Apdriver

    Heavy tube jig mold

    I don’t fish tubes but that’s using your noggin. Nice work fellas.
  4. Apdriver

    Tip Top adhesive

    Thanks Glenn.
  5. Apdriver

    How to tie jig like this

    It’s a great video and Even tied a few of these from Smalljaw’s tutelage. Thanks for sharing your techniques. It’s a very fine resource.
  6. I have a quick question about tip top adhesive. I ordered some new tip tops from Mudhole that one of their techs recommended. Asked the guy if Devcon 2 ton would be ok to put them on. He said guys usually use that tip top hot glue because if you needed to get that tip top off that had been epoxied you would have to cut the rod. I’m hesitant to use the tip top glue as I have had lots of failures with it. It just doesn’t hold well. I thought if you heated the 2 ton it would let loose like the glue. What’s you frequent rod builders experience and opinions on this?
  7. Apdriver

    Soft plastic paint

    I can tell it’s a very nice looking bait.
  8. Apdriver

    Clear Coat

    I don’t think there’s a topcoat out there that won’t be affected by dragging on rock all day.
  9. Apdriver

    Looking for this component

    It’s just an r bend with a leader sleeve. Most any wire former will form an r bend. Right size the leader sleeve and voila.
  10. Apdriver

    Any tips on pouring screw lock jig heads

    Might want to look at the Shad Head Rig Jig. Same type profile as the pic you posted and would only have to modify it to accept the screw lock. It has an eye socket but not as much fish detail as your pic. Also accepts the Eagle Claw platinum hooks as opposed to the Mustad. http://store.do-itmolds.com/Shad-Head-Rig-JigbrSz-18-316-14-516-38-716brHk-32886brCollar-Wire-Holder_p_1096.html Another option would be the poison tail jig. It’s a weedless Jig that is designed for an EWG hook but could be modified and poured without the weedguard. It has more fish detail. http://store.do-itmolds.com/Poison-Tail-JigbrSz-18-14-38brHk-91768brCollar-Disc-amp-Holder_p_982.html
  11. Apdriver

    Florist’s Wire

    Artistic wire has many colors and gauges. They were bought by beadolon but here’s a link. Have ordered several times from them and no problems at all. https://www.beadalon.com/artistic_wire/artistic_wire_colors.asp
  12. Apdriver

    Rubber skirt material

    Yeah, the round rubber I have is scored. I would show a pic of it but the size is so limited now I can’t upload an example for you to see.
  13. Apdriver

    Opening Hook Eyes for Chatter Blades

    Pour, open eye, cover eye with high temp tape, powder coat, remove tape, bake. That’s how I do it anyway. If you break one, just dip the head in your pot to recover the lead. Throw the rest away. Unfortunately, after Mustad moved their manufacturing to China is when I started seeing broken hooks. Before that, I rarely broke any. Must be a different tempering process.......maybe.
  14. Apdriver

    Opening Hook Eyes for Chatter Blades

    I think you could probably but you would have to modify the mold and you may get some flash. That could be fixed with some rtv, though.
  15. Apdriver

    Opening Hook Eyes for Chatter Blades

    As the tolerance is relatively tight in the molds around the hook, pretty sure you’ll have to open eye after you pour the jig. Otherwise, hook won’t fit in mold.