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  1. Apdriver

    Lonestar baits PDF

    I have a couple of recipe books. Not sure if it was gleaned from lone star or not. I am familiar with their recipe book so one of them may be from there. Be glad to pass them along. PM me your email and I’ll be happy to send them both.
  2. Apdriver


    Barlow’s. Torsion straightened in 1 lb. rolls. https://www.barlowstackle.com/AFW-HI-SEAS-Stainless-Steel-Coil-Wire-1Lb-Coil--P3184.aspx
  3. Apdriver

    Issues with a Do- it 3" K-Chub Mold

    I bet opening the gate just a bit would help you. Easily done with a dremel and tapered stone. Denting happens when the runner is closed off from the cavity as the mold cools. I wrestled with a doit mold for a long time trying this and that but this was the final solution.
  4. Apdriver

    Bloodline swimbaits

    AI https://anglingai.com/224b-4-4-blood-line-swim-bait-mold/
  5. Apdriver

    Ripper swim baits

    I have made a lot of that style bait. I don’t bag them in bait bags to prevent the thin tails from taking a “set”. For storage I use the cheap ziploc hard plastic containers and stack my baits in those. Works for me and my fishing but prolly not good for retail. https://www.target.com/p/ziploc-174-small-rectangle-containers-5ct/-/A-16397503?ref=tgt_adv_XS000000&AFID=google&fndsrc=tmnv&DFA=1&CPNG=PLA_0060H00000moYMAQA2-SCJ-2019-Ziploc-1H+Search-Flight&adgroup=PLA_Ziploc&LID=700000001393753pgs&network=g&device=t&location=9025745&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItsaGn_y04AIVCBxpCh2HnAR0EAQYEyABEgKhfvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  6. Apdriver

    Don'ts for Newbies

    These work great and won’t explode. I like working with Pyrex or anchor better as they have handles and are easier to work with. This would be a good workaround for explosive Pyrex. That said, I’ve never had a Pyrex cup explode but my shop is heated. https://www.amazon.com/iSi-Set-Flexible-Measuring-Cups/dp/B001CDBBY8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1549822980&sr=8-4&keywords=silicone+measuring+cups
  7. Apdriver

    Diy mold frames

    Very nice box you can use over and over again. Really like it.
  8. Apdriver

    Tying Bucktail Jigs

    We are very lucky to have one of our members that has shared his techniques on YouTube. Smalljaw ties various jigs and provides really nice instructional techniques and I’ll provide a link. The search function on YouTube will bring up most of his videos. You might be removing too much material or not adding enough back as you see in his video.
  9. Apdriver

    Hand Painted Eyes

    Airplane, my friend. Takes an FAA license.
  10. Apdriver

    Hand Painted Eyes

    I don’t know if it is better or not but was my experience using regular paint on top of powder the colors would wash out when you baked the eyes. With the powder water you can heat set the first color for ten minutes, paint the powder color for the eyes and then set the whole bait. The colors will stay true and not wash out. I’ll try to put a pic or two in the gallery. Not able to upload and attach to this thread. Tried several times. Added a couple pics in the gallery under jigs of two examples that have powder water eyes. I hate we have to jump through hoops to help someone out on this forum.
  11. Apdriver

    Hand Painted Eyes

    It depends on which jig and how much I want to dress the bait up. For instance, I use the Shad head rig jig for my umbrella rigs and I hand paint those eyes on those jigs. When I make these jigs, I do large runs of 50-75 jigs in several different sizes. I use a product from Columbia Coatings called water powder and mix my powder in it for my colorant. Dot the eyes on with an appropriate sized drill bit and bake.
  12. Apdriver

    Jig colors

    Last pic I was able to post, I had to compress the image. Not much of a techy but I imagine there’s several ways to do it. I used an app and there’s several out there that you can use.
  13. Apdriver

    Closed Twisted Loop Tool

    I think you made a nice choice. It’s a good tool and for what you are getting a pretty good price, IMO.