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  1. Hmm. It’s a neat idea and I think your enclosure will work nice. One thing I think about is you need to replace the air you are exhausting with fresh air to create some flow and you can do that with some well placed ventilation holes or by creating a little space in your plexi. As you get into the soft plastics, another thing that comes to mind is the ability to do laminates and possibly two of your little fry daddies placed side by side so keep that in mind with whatever you are building. Two feet high isn’t enough room to work a couple pots and a twin injector. Probably not enough for a six inch single and a pot. And yes, you will want to go there more than likely as you progress in the hobby. I believe with an enclosed space your plan will work. Personally, I would vent to the outside as the plastisol can become quite strong especially if you burn some. Make your box a little larger and go with the 440cfm. That said, the 220 is moving almost 4cfm a second which should be fine in an enclosure. I’m no HVAC expert, though. JMO.
  2. Do it Corp. has that lure body mold but I think only up to 3/8 oz.
  3. One of our members recently posted this. Contact Jeff @ Top Shelf Tackle, He has just finalized everything and is the new distributor of Calhoun's plastic.
  4. I may try them next time I need some. Thanks for the link.
  5. MF sells a floating additive. Never used the stuff but some have said it is light and fluffy and is dangerous to inhale. Will suspend easily in air when disturbed. The system three you linked looks interesting. May even be the same type product. The shipping is expensive from your link but Amazon has it with prime shipping.
  6. Apdriver


    It has very good action and at one time was “The” craw to have as a hand pourer. The mold was very expensive and if one came up on the used market was gone the same hour. Now the price has came down some even on a new one and the craw has fallen out of favor some, I believe. Still an effective bait, though. If you want to try some PM me your info and I’ll send you a few. Better than buying the mold sight unseen. He used to sell a tip mold for it too. Not sure about now, though.
  7. I don’t sell. Just a hobby for me. And I don’t bag much anymore. I use those cheap plastic containers with tops that then go into my bass boat lockers. Maybe when I retire, I may get into some small time arrangement with a few mom and pop places just to have something to do and drink coffee, get out of the house, etc. if you want to produce a lot of baits, cavity count is what you have to work on.
  8. Nice tubes. The squid is killer!
  9. Why sure you can^^^^^I don’t have a lot of experience. There’s guys here that forgot more about tacklecrafting than I’ll ever know. I do know this though. Bagging baits is a chore. Probably the least enjoyable task in soft plastics. Keeping this in mind, anything you can do to shortcut this task is time well spent.
  10. Apdriver


    The most realistic. The Icraw that do it has is pretty dang realistic. Personally, I don’t think it will out fish the 702. JMO though. Bobs Tackle Shack (BTS) has the 702.
  11. That’s what I was thinking too. Plastic issue. Never use water for curing but can fish a bait all day and never have it waterlog.
  12. If you will slide a thin piece of hard plastic under your baits that you have laid out to cure you can bag them by sliding the baits and thin plastic the baits are now laying on in the mouth of your bag without disturbing the baits much. You will need to lubricate your thin plastic, what ever you use, so it will slide easily under your baits. I use worm oil. I think most guys do. I also use a spatchula and have several with different widths. In the home goods department at Wally World you can find thin plastic cutting surface you can trim to fit your bags. I have thought about using these but my spatchula has a handle.
  13. Your baits will continue to soak up your scent til you lose them to the bass.
  14. +1 on what toadfrog said. Really the only difference is I lay my baits out on a cookie sheet and remelt all my runners so I have the least amount of waste. Your baits look good though. You will always have a few that aren’t perfect. Maybe a bubble or a void one may dent a little. The large volume producers have the same things happening. Pick up a bag of Zoom and inspect it closely.
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