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  1. I started with a Ladle pour pot and always thought it would be nice to have a bottom pour. Bought one lightly used and I really abused it by never cleaning it and it’s been 3+ years without cleaning. They can take some abuse and lack of maintenance. Mine is proof positive.
  2. I would say shoot slow. Not a lot of appendages you need to fill fast on a Senko and shooting fast will sometimes cause some void type issues. As J.Burch said, 310-320 on the temps.as too hot will cause dents. Need enough good hot plastic to fill the mold as anything questionable in terms of volume will cause issues. Be sure and top the mold off as it cools. Some molds with small runners may require this. Let us know how it goes and good luck.
  3. Several things can cause it. Let’s make sure we understand hollow spots. Is it a dent or like a large air bubble?
  4. Over time, I guess all the Lee bottom pours can get a bit problematic. This morning I had trouble with the spout and decided to take it apart and clean it. First time doing this and ran into an issue trying to figure out just how to clean the seat area for the plunger. Just wondered what others have done to clean this area. In addition to this, I would like to hear some of your cleaning techniques and tools for the other parts of your Lee Pots. TIA.
  5. Super and I hope you find some split rings that work for you. You may very well have received stainless as stainless is actually less durable just resistant to rust. It’s softer than spring steel.
  6. bigblue2, you lost me. We are discussing bladed jigs and split rings. Are you referring to solid rings?
  7. NWbass, the best way I have found to keep powder paint off the eye of a hook is to wrap Teflon plumbers tape around the eye, heat the jig and powder paint it. I use a fluid bed mostly. Then remove the Teflon tape BEFORE you heat set the powder paint. It’s a bit tedious because the Teflon is so thin but with a bit of practice you figure out a technique. I like to keep the powder off my bladed jig eyes as Well. I don’t like cleaning the powder off but prefer to keep it off.
  8. To me it looks like your technique is good but the split rings may not be the best quality. I would call worth and see either what they recommended as they make all manner of split rings and supply many tackle mfgs. with split rings. Good American made split rings using good spring steel, stainless, and other finishes. You won’t be disappointed. Here’s a link. https://lurecomponents.worthco.com/products/split-rings
  9. I would like to see that setup, Chris. I run a vibrator on mine and it saves me from fussing with this membrane or that.
  10. I was going to suggest using a torch if you were using a heat gun. Smalljaw is the resident SME (subject matter expert) on the powder spraying. I tried it and could never get good results so I just do the tap method and went to an airbrush. Hope you get it worked out....
  11. How are you heating your bait?
  12. Apdriver

    Tokyo rig

    So how’s it fish, for those members that have tried it? When the A Rig first came along, I thought a bass would never bite that. Boy was I wrong!
  13. Catch Rate. Fishermen or Fish. Depends on what’s biting.
  14. It’s pretty easy to do multiple shots. Heat your plastic in a microwave, use a hot plate on 400 degrees to set your Pyrex full of plastic on to keep it up to temp while you are working. I like to preheat my injector with a propane torch but you can use the hot plate, also. Shoot your molds until you need more plastic and reach over and fill your injector again as needed. When you demold, evacuate your injector into the Pyrex like you normally do and just set the injector down in your heated plastic. It will keep your injector hot while you demold. Keep working until you’re out of plastic and need to reheat your sprues or make more fresh plastic. I do the same thing with my presto pots but when I want to work in smaller quantities the hot plate works well. Mine is actually a fondue pot I bought for 3 bucks at the second hand shop. If you need to see it done one of our members has made a set of YouTube videos that shows him doing multiple shots with a twin injector. Probably with a single too but with a quick review of some of his videos saw him workin a twin with multiple injections and eighteen molds. You can do the same with a single injector. Search franksrooty2 on YouTube for his excellent instructional videos.
  15. It seems something is inhibiting the flow of your pump. I wonder if you’re water valve might be the culprit? I bought the cheapest little plastic valve they had in the aquarium section at the pet store. I got a couple valves in the package for less than a couple bucks. Worth a try maybe. I only run one fluid bed so I use both outputs ran through a T splitter for the fluid bed. It shouldn’t make a difference but running both outputs into one bed should give you more air.
  16. Hey, that spring is the cats meow for jigs. I added a couple to my rotisserie dryer and increased my production potential about twofold or more. Great idea.
  17. We don’t have a 45 degree salt recipe. What we usually pour is a salt to taste and a standard Senko recipe. To sink. Senko Recipe 1 cup plastic, 4 tablespoons worm salt, 2 tablespoons softener Salt to taste 1 cup plastic, 1 tablespoon worm salt, 1/2 tablespoon softener
  18. You guys have me beat by a long shot. Poured and powder coated 75 1/8oz. Jigs, powder coated, eyed, and topcoated 25 swimheads, and poured about 25 underspin in 1/4 and 3/8 today and didn’t make a penny. At least I didn’t write a check to Johnny Morris. I’m thankful for that and owe a big debt of gratitude to you guys that share years of knowledge here at TU. Thank you.
  19. I looked at my old blue handled Arkie and it just goes to 1/2 oz.
  20. I use a sparky also for my bladed jigs. It does come in a 9/16, I believe. I think you used to be able to get the Arky in a 3/4 too. I have a couple older Arky molds and will look later this morning.
  21. One trick to tighten the orings is to remove the oring and take Teflon tape and make a round or two in the oring groove, break it off and replace the oring. After awhile plastic will get behind the plunger. Apart from just making your injector feel sticky, it doesn’t hurt a thing even if changing colors. Just part of the process.
  22. I’d fish ‘em. Nice baits.
  23. Yeah, it’s a Viton high temp o ring. Might be able to get them local but not everyone will have them. Just pull one out of your injector to match.
  24. I've mixed the crap out of it with an electric drill and still get some tackiness and gummed up injector tubes. what are you getting in your tubes? Show us your gummed up? I’ve always had to clean my injectors like most of my other equipment. They aren’t maintenance free.
  25. Another topcoat that you may try is KBS crystal clear. It’s also not as hard as D2T. It is a Moisture cure urethane (MCU) and some Care has to be taken to keep is useable over time but it’s more user friendly than some other popular MCU’s. I use the “ tap the can” method of handling with great success.
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