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  1. Salt will make them opaque. Use any of that?
  2. Just buy medium, which is a good all around plastic, and add softener.
  3. Apdriver

    Mold help

    I can’t help with the mold issue but have been successful by posting a pic in the gallery and then hyper linking it to your post from the gallery. The forum is much more megapixel restrictive as opposed to gallery.
  4. You may be able to twist a Q tip on the ceramic and if it pulls at the cotton fibers it’s probably grooved. You can check the eyes on a fishing pole using the same technique.
  5. I believe it probably is a BassTackle mold. Their description say six cavity side inject if you click their hyper link. Plus the alignment pins look like their product.
  6. Teds right on the money. Push and turn the handle at the same time to make tight loops on your Hagen’s.
  7. I use a propane torch to heat injector and molds if I need to. Griddle to keep things going for multiple shots to keep the plastic and injector hot.
  8. That does suck. Never thought about it being hand pour as most folks have moved away from it to hand injection.
  9. Also, it is a nice jig. 2 and 1/2 tabs is a full skirt for me. Your colors are nice and the hand tying is attention to detail. I like it.
  10. Welcome to TU clefeb2. I think the answer to your question is yes. A lot of guys swear by the CS Sealcoat and dip their jigs in it and hand to dry.
  11. That’s an idea, for sure. That said, Basseducer you are the only person I have heard of that has had issues since I’ve been here. You have much more experience than I and prolly most here after pouring and using lead for 40+ years. Can you share with us and give us guidance on lead usage based on what you know now? What you may have learned? I think most guys and gals, me included, only know what we have read here in that the perils of lead usage and ingestion are hand to mouth but In my mind, I have always questioned that.
  12. Yeah, he was just off with something that day. He should make it right.
  13. Nice bass. I went to Toledo Mid March and it was a little early. I’m a bank beater though and I’m sure someone caught them then out deeper.
  14. Well, shoot. It’s pretty dang simple. The standard is 5/8 inch and one or the other is off. If the BTS injection port is too big, communicate that with Bob and send it back. If your injector is off, well call Sarah and do the same. That prob is hard to fix and you shouldn’t have to.
  15. Dang. What injector are you using?
  16. Sorry to hear anyone has lead problems like that. Take care of yourself, for sure.
  17. Can you post a pick, Greg?
  18. If they aren’t fusing, you’re pouring too cold. Maybe try working with one mold at a time instead of four. Make sure your second color is hot because it’s the one that bonds the two halves together. It’s a balance, but try hotter.
  19. Do it’s Essential Series will have a textured finish. The CNC molds will be smoother finished baits but the molds are more expensive because it takes longer to make them and uses an expensive mill to create. That said, once the Essential baits hit the water, I doubt the fish can tell. On another subject altogether, there is a way to smooth out the finish of the essential molds. Can probably find it using the search function.
  20. I wouldn’t care to rank them as the quality is there if you like the design. Basstackle, Baitjunkys, Bobs, AI, Enforcer. They all make a quality product. I think it’s the design that’s special and you won’t like all of their products. Pick and choose what you think is the best designs and buy with confidence.
  21. That is a nice color and I can see where a Senko in it would be a nice play.
  22. Looking On line at that color, I see Green Pumpkin Blue and also Green Pumkin Blue Flash. The blue flash one is a laminate. Which one are you trying to replicate? Welcome to TU, by the way.
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