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  1. I can’t be much help except to say I have some experience with peg boarding molds. I thought it would be a pretty good method of storage too. So I put up the pegboard, bought the 12 inch long pegs for it thinking I could put a bunch of molds on one hook. I did that only to find out more than about two to a hook will eventually sag and pull that pegboard out of shape because of the excessive weight. Then they will slide down and fall off the pegs.

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  2. I can’t help with the mold issue but have been successful by posting a pic in the gallery and then hyper linking it to your post from the gallery. The forum is much more megapixel restrictive as opposed to gallery.

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  3. That’s an idea, for sure. That said, Basseducer you are the only person I have heard of that has had issues since I’ve been here. You have much more experience than I and prolly most here after pouring and using lead for 40+ years. Can you share with us and give us guidance on lead usage based on what you know now? What you may have learned? I think most guys and gals, me included, only know what we have read here in that the perils of lead usage and ingestion are hand to mouth but In my mind, I have always questioned that.

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