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  1. On 10/10/2019 at 5:22 PM, Troutfishing303 said:

    I'm glad you figured out the problem!  Does anyone else think it's weird how the hot plastisol doesn't ooze out of the vent holes?  Is the plastic cooling before it gets a chance to ooze out?

    There’s a fine line between vents too small and vents too large. If they are too large, you will get plastic that flows out of them causing little nipples on your baits. Too small and the baits won’t fill. Mold also needs enough of them. So if you are opening up some vents to solve a problem, go slow. Remove a little material and try the mold. Wash, rinse, repeat until it shoots well without the flash....or nipples, if you will.

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  2. Soft plastic stores very well with nothing on it. To help bag your baits where they slide easily, just use worm oil. Over the years, I have tried scents and scented oil and have found no oil at all works best for long term storage.  Add scent for short term use within 3-4 months. My .02.

  3. 1 hour ago, Big A said:

    I run thousands of items yearly through both a Lyman and a RCBS bottom pour pot and have never had either clog up on me. LED is melted in a cast iron pot, fluxed 3 times and poured into 1 lb ingot molds. It is fluxed again when remelted in the pouring pot and every time ingots are added. I have used Marvelux, paraffin, crayons, and beeswax to flux and love to keep a layer of aromatic red cedar on top of the melt to prevent oxidation. It smells superb!

    How does Red Cedar on top prevent oxidation? Any idea? Maybe this is what I need to do too. My melt will still oxidize after fluxing and cleaning but I don’t use a “topper”.

  4. Here’s a pic that shows the bend you need to make. It’s just a double spinner rig. Just leave off the spinners and loop ends:-)

    I put the pic in the gallery as the image is too large. Under spinnerbaits.

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  5. Not off the shelf, but they’re pretty easy to make just with a pair of round nose pliers and some stainless leader. Bend a piece double. Then where you bent it, grab the bent end and bend it a bit more than 90 degrees. There’s your “part”. Tricky part is getting it on the hook without distorting it. 

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  6. I can’t be much help except to say I have some experience with peg boarding molds. I thought it would be a pretty good method of storage too. So I put up the pegboard, bought the 12 inch long pegs for it thinking I could put a bunch of molds on one hook. I did that only to find out more than about two to a hook will eventually sag and pull that pegboard out of shape because of the excessive weight. Then they will slide down and fall off the pegs.

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  7. I can’t help with the mold issue but have been successful by posting a pic in the gallery and then hyper linking it to your post from the gallery. The forum is much more megapixel restrictive as opposed to gallery.

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