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    Swampman, I haven't had much problem from this mold. When I first start pouring, I will get a few incomplete pours and this is always seen in the skirt holder portion. Always in a hurry, it's because the first few pours are with a cold mold. As the mold heats up, or when I grab my torch and put it to the mold, things get better quick. I hate it, because now I have a hook and a wire form pretty much wasted. Just make sure the lead is hot and the mold too.

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    This paint is Createx Wicked Pearl. Gold is the color. First a black base coat was put on. Then the scale netting and then the gold. Createx makes an opaque black and also a black base in their auto air line of colors. The mold that was used to produce the spinnerbait is Do Its Ultra Spinner mold. It's really a nice mold with the detail and eyes that allows you to dress your bait up. 

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