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  1. Are you using a thermometer to bring your plastic to 350ish on the first heat?
  2. Mike, not sure if this is what you are looking for. It’s off their website and it only lists the tip size and butt diameter. It gives the rod rating in light, medium, heavy, fast etc. http://roguerods.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/roguerodscatalog.pdf Also their number is listed and with a quick call I bet they could provide the info you are looking for.
  3. Are you using a fluid bed? If not, it will alleviate those cone heads.
  4. Yeah, you could make one if you have a decent lathe. Maybe a CNC with some training. Otherwise, I would buy one. It’s not worth putting together a turkey baster injector at the risk of what 350 degree heated plastic can do to your body. We are talking 3rd degree burns. The few pics I’ve seen aren’t real pretty. Just my .02
  5. Might want to try preheating your dual injector, also. Not sure if this has been mentioned or of your process. Blending block too.
  6. Do they draw up smoothly without any plastic in them? I have a couple dual injectors from different manufacturers and when cleaned and oiled they both are pretty smooth.
  7. I’ve had good luck with flat end mill bits and ball end mill bits in my drill press with a drill press clamp. The dremel for me wanted to walk, wasn’t easy to control, and just made a mess of things. What worked is laying a Hook on one side and spraying the hook and mold with mold release. This will leave the outline of hook on the mold. Doing the same on the other side. Removing material with the end mills.
  8. That’s an awesome looking swimbait. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Fern it sounds like your process is solid. Possibly insert diameter for sure. The less you stretch the cured plastisol, the better chance it won’t split. That and if you make it more durable as in a different formula plastic. I think you will solve this with a bit of experimentation. I’m digging your product.
  10. Hmmm. I see the separation between colors. I thought you probably needed a more durable plastic because of the large head. I’m not a tube guy but do some laminates and they will separate if you put enough pressure on them. I know some tubes are shot. Some are dipped. What process do you make your tubes?
  11. https://www.pouryourownworms.com/Bounce-Easy-Stretch-Plastic_c122.htm Fern, also I’m pretty sure you are already doing this, but lubricate your head good with worm oil before you push it in the tube. The least you torture the plastic the better off you will be and the more it will withstand the stretch.
  12. For the larger sizes, I think you will have to try a different plastic. MF makes an easy stretch formula. For durability, don’t use any salt and you could try some of do it’s sinking additive. It will add some durability (aka stretch) to the plastic you’re using now but will also change the colors some. If you can deal with that it’s worth a try. Don’t use it and softener together as it will tend to over soften your baits. You may try just adding some softener to what you have. You will have to experiment some. By the way, nice looking tube baits! They’ll catchem.
  13. I remember someone posting this a long time ago. Shows how to go from clay to a master. He makes it look pretty easy but maybe with some trial and error on the design part a guy could make something nice.
  14. I just let them sit is all. Nothing special as far as care. Just enough worm oil or scent, if you want, so they will bag easily when I’m bagging them.
  15. No problem. I like to lay my baits out because I want to remelt my sprues and use up all the plastic I can during that run. Cuts down on how much remelt plastic I have under my bench. I use industrial cookie sheets they sale at the restaurant supply. Very large and they won’t fit in a regular oven. For the small straight worms you can even stack them without any problems. Small baits too, if you want. I have seen others talk about flat spots on larger baits caused by stacking. I guess a weight thing but I don’t shoot many large baits.
  16. Apdriver


    Uv powder, green pumpkin, pinch of blue hi lite, add in some black glitter. Big producer for me. The UV pops in the sun. what I have came from Do It. oh and the pear powder stuff came from spell checker. Pearl powder is good stuff and easy to find.
  17. I think you might be talking about Fluidizing Plate.
  18. Just shot baits if tossed right into bag helter skelter style will set and kink just like you bagged them. Most of us don’t want a kinked, bent baits so we lay them out or some hang by sprue to let cure. I try to give my baits a couple weeks before bagging. Not sure how long everyone else is curing or if there’s a “standard“.
  19. Apdriver


    Pear powder and uv additive, also.
  20. Let us know how it works for you, Bird.
  21. I’m not sure if this will work on your four pot setup or not. After I got a bellyful of changing this media and that media for filters and each paint being different, I went searching for simple vibrator I could use on my fluid bed and found this one. It’s real cheap but does a great job of fluidizing every paint that I have. Once you vibrate and add air, everything just works so much better. Also, I only use one cheap filter and rarely change it. Several layers of newsprint. So all you do is remove the legs off this little unit and tie wrap it to your fluid bed. Has three levels of vibration and kicks pretty hard. Runs off AA batteries, IIRC. I have to put my fluid bed on a hand towel or rag to keep it from vibrating off my bench. I guarantee you this will cut down on your frustrations. https://www.amazon.com/Automatic-Robotic-Cordless-Stirrer-Chocolate/dp/B08579GPLL/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=Pot+stirrer&qid=1589243221&sr=8-10
  22. Usually you can upsize the hook by one size. On that mold for sure because the eye goes in the cavity.
  23. I use the heavier wire forms. They’re .045 however they also come in .035. You can bend these with round nose pliers but at .08 cents a piece not sure it’s worth the time unless you had something custom in mind. 50 of them are 4 bucks and change from Barlows.
  24. Sounds good. Pretty good day for me today. My good day is prolly a poor day for a Pickwick guide. I caught 9 and the biggest was 4.13. You were prolly twice that!!!!
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