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  1. Thanks small jaw! Order in by mail ?
  2. Yes I know about lure making but I can seem to find anything in regards of skirt material unless I'm not looking in the right spot . And spinnerbait molds
  3. Hi guys looking to get set for jigs and spinnerbait making ... Looking for canadian suppliers ... I know there's quite a few in the US but with the way the canadian dollars is it would cost me a fortune .... I'm looking to see if I can find a place that can supply wire as well as skirting material... Any info would be appreciated thanks
  4. Hey guys ive been looking for a swimbait mold similar in shape to the keitech ... With no luck am I looking in the wrong place?
  5. I'm not sure how to add pictures lol They're on my phone haha
  6. Hey guys so I haven't posted in a while so to get all up to date I've been working in some different stuff that I will not disclose but with school we had to do a big industrial project We'll the project was basically something u had to build from scratch so I went big ! I decided to a soft plastic injection machine . So after a lot of work on it. It worked and I ran a few baits through it .. Not to overdoing it I only ran a few before presenting it ... We'll I should have tested it more .... When I did my testing I only stored my plastic a few times ... So when presentation time came around I was really in a rush and didn't really have time to stir on warm up ..... We'll bad idea .... Turns out while I was away for a few minutes the stuff warmed up way too quick on the outside and basically burnt ... Didn't catch fire but I had about 4 oz of plastic that basically bubbled up and filled my 26oz tank .... Oops !!! We'll good thing I had brought the baits I had done before hand to show cuz I really couldn't pour nothing out my tanks We'll live and learn I guess so I will have to integrate a hysterisis or something to prevent this from happening again or just be around to stir ! So ya don't do what I did
  7. martbaz


    Hey guys just wondering about the different properties of alumisol? Found a Canadian supplier .. But I do have some lurecraft colors will the alumisol accept the colors or will it react ? I'm guessing it will but I could be wrong ... I know I will have to put additives in the alumisol to get the right flex and durability of the baits and if anyone has any experience with this stuff help would be greatly appreciated
  8. martbaz

    Using Salt

    im guessin no pro at bulk batches but u would need something more than just a stirrer to keep the salt from accumulating at the bottom... more of a tumbler type thing that would scratch the bottom of the presto and lift it up to the top and back and forth ....like a side mounted stirrer but the thing that could be an issue is if your ''tumbler'' would come out of the plastisol then it would probably get caked up and so on ....
  9. i have used lurecraft before and shipping wasnt 50$ as initialy stated on the bill was about 30$ with some plastisol and all
  10. martbaz


    But I have used the search option and haven't found what I was looking for unless I wasn't looking for the right thing ... Any input is appreciated guys !
  11. martbaz


    Alright so the one thing I haven't tried is resin as I have no clue where to start with .... I know you need a mold and whatnot ...that part I can deal with . But my question would be ..where to get resin . Can I possibly get it locally? I know it's 2part right and some add micro bubbles ..but is it expensive to make baits this way? I can get my hand on rtv ..but I was wondering if it would be possible to do resin baits in P.O.P. molds with a release agent sprayed on the inside ... Reason why is I have a few baits I do carve but it takes a heck of a long time getting all the details in and I want to do this quicker ... It would help me produce unique looking baits quicker ... Another would be is there a resin that would be like semi translucent where I could possibly get some light through the bait like a husky jerk in the ghost colors ...like the ghost perch if I remember correctly ....
  12. martbaz


    i am using pvc and i do use and epoxy as a base to get it nice and really smooth ....all i sand it down to before is about 200grit before applying the epxoy ...i have although found in previous tries that i didnt sand down much only about 140 then painted while it was still a tad rough and epoxy clear over and came out real nice in the end unless there was extremely too rough ...
  13. Alright so here it is I am from Canada an was wondering on painting my soft plastics ... Now what I was thinking was oil based paints like the arts and crafts stuff has anyone tried it? Since lurecraft won't ship their paints international . Or are there other paint suppliers that will ship international ? I'm thinking its crossing the border that would be the problem.. But reason being for my thoughts on the oil based paint is that mainly we use scents as additive that are based in oil so why couldn't I spray some oil paint on the surface ? But my question would be would it bond or bleed ? I am thinking on trying it either unless someone gives me a bad experience story haha I'm thinking reheating the baits should work too but the paint would probably be speared out in the plastisols color ... Any input here guys would be really appreciated
  14. Really awesome build might just do one myself !
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