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  1. I’ve been playing with vinyl stretch chrome, same used on cars. It can produce some fantastic results, but it can also be finicky getting it to lay down and stick.
  2. What temp are you pouring at? I will try lightening up on the clamp near the hinge. 335-345°
  3. This is the exact mold I was having the problems with. Same issues too, denting and incomplete tails. I took to the custombaits forum and was told this. ”Try moving the clamp closest to the hinge more toward the center of the bait/mold so its not directly over the tail portion and don't bear down as hard on the clamp. Try using a small soft paintbrush dipped in worm oil to coat the tail cavities on both sides of the mold. If you have a small, fine flat file, try opening the vent runner up just a hair using the very edge of the file....you may have a slight tail after opening up the vent b
  4. I let my rippers “cure” for several days before placing them into 4x7” zip seal bags. Been shooting most with do it essential plastic and have had minimal bent tails.
  5. Had same problem, Lighten up on the clamp you’ve got located by the tail section. This helped with my incomplete tails.
  6. Ok, I test ran my pid today with my presto. Started good till about the 3 min mark. Then my power cable coming into the pid controll box started smoking! I quickly killed the power and unplugged. I felt the box to see if anything seemed warm and there was no problem there. Opened it up checked out wiring and nothing else was scorched or melted. I’ll mention that I’ve tested this unit with a light plugged into it several times without incident. Any ideas as to what was going on why I melted my power cable??
  7. So Your simply replacing the ssr with this contactor if I’m understanding correctly. After that would all other components stay the same? The source I’m trying to base mine off of is here if I swapped out the ssr for a contactor would this setup work? Reason I like this guys setup is eliminates an extra plug in to power the controller itself. This is all new to me, so if I’m overthinking this that’s why I’m here, for the help.
  8. I have to apologize I’m not sure on what a contactor is in this application. If you don’t mind be asking what your setup consist of for your pid. And possibly links to any components. Like I’ve mentioned before you can look this topic up and go a multitude of different directions trying to achieve the same end result.
  9. The more and more I dig into this topic, the more and more variables their seems to be. I do plan on using a ssr, but that will be addressed down the road. Bryanmc, do you happen to have any images of your setup. Trying to draw a visual, but their is room for interpretation. More specifically the wiring to the pot.
  10. One question I have is, how do you run the power through the control then to the pot? You got your power into the control, then do you just plug the normal presto control into the output of the pid? If that’s the case what do you set the presto t-stat at? Max setting?
  11. I’ve done a search, but it’s like a needle in a hey stack. Has anyone done a turtorial on how to use a pid for temp control on a presto?? A link or summary is greatly appreciated.
  12. Maybe someone has mentioned it, or maybe not. But when I initially heat my plastic to temp and I'm stirring it I create and trap a lot of tiny bubbles in my plastic. When this occurs my first shots are loaded with bubbles. After that my subsiquent reheats have less and less bubbles in it due to less stiring. Maybe try this to see if it helps with your "pitting" issues. Less air in, less out.
  13. Maybe this will be help me to get an answer. Any idea on what those molds with the built in injector are made of?(I know it's plastic) But what resins?
  14. Anyone know what the clear material is they use for hand pour molds? Like the ones from m&d. I think it's polyester resin, but not sure. I wanna fiddle around with some and try to make an injection mold from it.
  15. Looking for some glow myself, care to explain who Jeff and what MF is?
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