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    Great !!! Thank you,Andy !!! pikeone
  2. pikeone

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    Hi all . I'm going to make a mold using a soft plastic shad lure as master. The shad lure has two very soft pectoral fins . I'm afraid due to the soft fins I can't make a good mold. How can I do to make rigid the pectoral fins,so to make a good mold? Every suggestions will be appreciate. pikeone
  3. I use a transparency marker ( there are different colors ) or colors that are used to paint on the glass (even here there are different colors ) pikeone
  4. Hi everyone !!!! I'm Raffaele (Raphael or Raff,how you wish) of Roma,Italy. I'm sure that following your tips and your tutorials, I will become a great lure builder !!! pikone
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