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  1. just use "zoom" in the search they have about 10 patents and 5 are expired.
  2. You can do a patent search at uspto.gov
  3. Thanks everyone! MerryChristmas!
  4. What do you guys use to clean your molds when they start getting an oily build up?
  5. Can u send pics?


  6. Biggest issue is making sure all colors are the same temp!
  7. Very nice! Which mold is the fluke? I have one, but don’t remember where I got it!
  8. Ferree

    Packaging help

    I believe so, even though I have not had them do that.
  9. Ferree

    Packaging help

    clearbags.com https://www.clearbags.com/spec/fishing-industry-packaging
  10. Elru, are you filling the sprue after you inject to keep the plastic moving as it cools and pulls into the mold? keep it full until it stops sucking it in.
  11. Increase your temp 10-20 degrees. Also make sure you are using metal to stir your plastic.
  12. I would say Purple, black and violet hi-lite.
  13. What are you using to stir? I would suggest something stainless steel. If you are using something wood it could be adding bubbles. Just my opinion.
  14. Lurecraft has a 7 1/4" sink-o 4 cavity
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