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  1. Any bears molds left?

  2. I have 3 of these. Selling for $50 ea or all 3 for $130 to your door.
  3. XFactorTackle

    Jacobs baits craws

    I'm selling a 3" and a 1.75" Jacobs Baits crawdad mold. Excellent baits that catch plenty of fish. 3" $75 tyd (US only, international extra) 1.75" $90 tyd (US only, international extra) or both for $150 tyd
  4. Why do so many people feel the need to copy RI on that bait? As mentioned above, there are similar baits that work well. Create your own, do some R&D, in the long run you'll be happy you did. Jeff btw, the owner of RI is on this forum which makes it pretty easy for him to track down guys that are copying his baits.
  5. Not to take away from Zorn in anyway, you might be interested in a new design coming from High Rock Molds. I just talked with Kyle at High Rock Molds, here is the info he gave me: It will be a "small scale" production machine, cost will be $17k - $20k and molds will be $1000 - $1500 ea. Cool down time per mold will be approx 30 seconds. Mold costs are reduced because they don't have water ports in them, instead the plates that hold the mold will be cooled (there's a technical name for them, I don't remember it). Kyle could explain it better then I can but I think you get the idea. This system will take up 6 feet x 6 or 8 ft and be on casters so you can roll it around. This will be air fed rather then a pump and will be designed to use a 5 gallon bucket of plastic at a time. For more info, check out his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/High-Rock-Molds-LLC/1592179457679983
  6. Probably just busy, leave a message and I'm sure one of them will get back to you.
  7. I thought I was jammin with 5 gallons a day =) (on occasion at that, not everyday). Always good to hear from the big guys, keeps us small fry humble. Thanks Josh!
  8. Awesome looking system, nice job. What motor are you using on those stirrers? How many rpm?
  9. XFactorTackle

    please delete

    please delete
  10. I think your right edgecrusher! I talked to Chris at Ultra Molds today, he said they have a smaller system in the works, along with several other new molds and gadgets. Jeff
  11. I'm surprised more people haven't bought this system, looks pretty innovative to me. Jeff
  12. 1 - CCM / Do It 4" Carrot Tail mold $40 tyd http://store.do-itmolds.com/4in-Carrot-Tail--4-20-Cavities_p_258.html 1 - CCM / Do It 3" Croaker $40 tyd http://store.do-itmolds.com/Caney-Creek-Croaker--3_p_66.html 1 - CCM / Do It Tiny Toad Sticker $45 tyd http://store.do-itmolds.com/Tiny-Toad-Sticker_p_133.html FREE SHIPPING inside the USA! These molds are all like new with very light use. PayPal accepted
  13. It might be helpful for guys looking into a tube spliter if you could post pictures of your setup here. Sounds like a good idea to me. Jeff
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