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  1. I'm a sucker for just a plane screw eye to screw eye hinging. I love the sound it makes, real quite clacking sound.
  2. This is the final swimbait, turned out pretty good and look...catches fish. Need to get a better hook up front, i'm losing too many fish on the front hook.
  3. Fuzzy-Wuzzy

    Fuzzy Craw Jigs

    These Jigs have been working GREAT in Colorado. The Largemouth bass have bee eating them up.

    © Fuzzy-Wuzzy Fishing Lures

  4. I put 4.16oz because the scale kept going from 5 pounds to 4.15oz so i'm just saying 4.16
  5. © Fuzzy-Wuzzy Fishing Lures

  6. © Fuzzy-Wuzzy Fishing Lures

  7. © Fuzzy-Wuzzy Fishing Lures

  8. Fuzzy-Wuzzy

    Fuzzy Buggy001

    Yes its rabbit. I believe its a 1/32. I only use it with 2 or 4 pound test with my 8 foot ultra light rod. Great for trout and even the walleye like it when bottom bouncing it.
  9. Fuzzy-Wuzzy

    Thats A Hug B^%$h

    hey bassnbrad, she was actually only 6 pounds. Still great bass. My personal best is a 7.1, I'm still not to the double digits yet.
  10. Nice smallmouth. Still looking to hook one up.
  11. Fuzzy-Wuzzy

    smallmouth And boot

    NICE F#%king boot!!!! Fish isn't too bad either. Serious man, nice smallmouth. I still have yet to catch one. Just moved to Colorado and I hear the smallmouth are all over this state. Nice catch!!!
  12. Finally got a decent Largemouth in Colorado. I've got so much faith in my local lake now. I caught her in about 2 feet of water on my homemade Fuzzy-Craw. about 1:30pm lure color was my Olive/Dark Brown Fuzzy-Craw.

    © Fuzzy-Wuzzy Fishing Lures

  13. Fuzzy-Wuzzy

    Fuzzy Trout Rainbow

    Thanks big bass man.
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