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  1. Can't say I've heard of anyone. But I don't fish bass or use either mold. Curious what your hoping to achieve with this modification?
  2. They are hit and miss with lead. If your lead is clean and shiny on top they don't read well. I'm guessing it's a reflection issue? That and if your over the 716 range then you wouldn't really know and that's when you really need to know. I often cast at 750*f. But if I get to 850*f+ I quickly turn down the heat. Usually that's more of an issue if I'm running on the propane burner. Start at full blast and turn it down once it's all melted. But if you forget it gets too hot real quick.
  3. That's a tricky one there. There really isn't a good way to mount a thermometer to a hot pot. And the hot pot doesn't have a way to adjust it yourself other than unplugging it if it got to hot. I suppose you could take periodic temps with your thermometer just to be sure your not getting to hot. I have a lee 10# bottom pour pot and a lee 20# bottom pour. I also have 3 different sizes of cast iron pots I run on a 60,000 btu turkey fryer style burner. One is 20#, the next 50# and the biggest holds ~196# with several style/size ladels. I also own a Palmer hot po
  4. I keep various sizes Duo-loc snaps on hand. I size them to the size of the blade. They go on easily and seem to work well.
  5. My swingtail saltwater jigs use a sinker eye with the hook either cast in or preferably with a hook attached via split ring. The split ring just makes it easier to swap a bad/damaged hook out. I use SS sinker eyes preferably the long version if they fit. I get them from Barlow's. Those things are not coming out and cannot be unbent once cast. There is one sinker eye for the line tie and another for the hook.
  6. Another vote for drop out. It's great stuff and way better than other graphite sprays.
  7. Obviously your lead wasn't very clean. Looks like the dross I get from dirty scrap lead. Such things as rust coated old plumbers lead pipe. I ingotize mine outside on a turkey fryer in a dutch oven. Flux three times before pouring ingots. As for your hooks this site has them in a 2/0 but I've not bought from them before so cannot add anything about their service. https://chuckanddeb.com/jig_hooks_page.htm
  8. Yeah lots of things pass through here in route from asia. In fact our first case of covid was a crew member on a cargo flight from asia that landed in Anchorage. Anchorage is the world's 5 largest cargo airport because of our proximity to asia. I find in all cases that shipping from the USA is much quicker than from China regardless of where in the USA it ships from and keep in mind I do live in Alaska. If I lived in the lower 48 states shipping from a USA vendor will be even quicker and from china could take longer.
  9. I'm not trying to be rude here but bear with me. To be honest I have to ask why? If shorty's has the hooks why order them all the way from China? I mean I could order my finished jigs from there as well and most likely be cheaper than ordering from you right? I understand that if a mold calls for a hook made in China we may not have much choice. But I try to support american vendors as much as I can. Even if it cost me a bit more for those hooks. Besides the fact that I'm not waiting on my hooks to ship from China if Shorty's has them in stock. So I'm wonderi
  10. Personally I'm not a fan of nail polish. I certainly don't like the smell. I also prefer the look and texture of the cured powder paint over the nail polish. Nail polish can be done cheaper though. I vote for powder paint but I have lots of it and the fluid beds, curing oven etc. already.
  11. Those are most likely from the existing Do-It mold. In fact I own that mold. But they only go up to 3/8oz. The OP is looking for 1oz and larger sizes
  12. I thought about that as well. You would have to be careful to get your pull pin slot even on each side. Does the mallet method make a deep enough slot or is a dremel also needed? I suppose if a person had one of these pencil sinkers of the appropriate size you could also cut off the eyelets and make a silicone mold. Or use lead wire shape the ends and make a silicone mold.
  13. Those look larger in diameter and shorter than a typical lure body. I guess a person could always buy a pack and try them out.
  14. Yes Do-Its lure body mold only goes to 3/8oz. Hilts has one that goes to 1/2oz. I've not seen one ounce lure bodies in that particular style. A custom mold could likely be had in the $150-$175 range to include several sizes above and below one ounce. Or you could use lure bodies of a different style that would be quite similar in function.
  15. This guy used heat shrink tubing. Comes in all manner of colors and sizes these days. There's likely other material out there but I have yet to find a good one when I looked a couple years back.
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