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  1. Dr. BassLove

    Carving Knife Recommendation

    Okay so I'm back with a few more questions. I picked up the Murphy knife, 3-piece Eze Lap diamond sharpeners and a leather strop. Unfortunately, I purchased the knife from another retailer and when I received the knife it was really dull. I had been practicing with an Xacto knife before and it is much sharper than the new knife. So I figure it's time to use my sharpening kit or just strop it? Either way, are there some instructions or a good video anyone could recommend? Thanks.
  2. Dr. BassLove

    Anyone Seal With Superglue?

    Thanks for the tips guys. LIttleRiver; So you superglue half of the lure first and then do the other half? I was afraid that it had to all be done at once or it wouldn't blend or something. Thanks!
  3. Dr. BassLove

    Swimbait Builders....

    JR Hopkins, Your swimbait is jaw dropping! Looking through your gallery is an absolute pleasure. I am just starting out, but if, by the end of my life I can make something half as spectacular I will be happy. It must be insane to make something so intricate so small.
  4. Dr. BassLove

    Home Made Screw Eye Bit

    Hi Mark, I can't exactly picture what you are describing for the z-bent finish nail. I can imagine the finish nail bent into a z, but not sure how the ends are bent 90 degs apart. Any chance you could snap a quick picture? Thanks.
  5. Dr. BassLove

    Anyone Seal With Superglue?

    Hey guys, I am working on my first lure and am in the process of sealing it. I figured super glue sounded like the easiest method to start off with. Having read the prior posts about spreading the superglue with your fingers, I am still a bit unsure as to the specifics. So do you apply some superglue to the lure or onto your fingers and then spread? Is there something to look for to know its soaking properly? Thanks guys.
  6. Dr. BassLove

    Sealing And Finishing Detailed Balsa Crankbaits

    This is a dumb question, but what is DA you guys are talking about?
  7. Dr. BassLove


    Haha, Mark. I think you meant density! Anyway, thanks for the help. I will try to call some of my local lumber yards first and see if they can help me. Ray; I checked out that link and noticed that they were offering a sample. I was thinking of ordering, but it doesn't give any info on the measurements. Anybody try this before and have an idea of how much they send? I am mostly worried about the thickness. I don't think it would be very useful to get a 1/2 inch board. Mart; Man, that looks good for your first one! I hope my first one is half that good.
  8. Dr. BassLove


    Hi guys, I was really interested in trying out this PVC stuff. I searched for Azek on Lowes.com and found quite a few items. I'm not quite sure which one you guys are referring to. Is this the item? Thanks!
  9. Dr. BassLove

    Carving Knife Recommendation

    Haha, you guys crack me up. This community is awesome.
  10. Dr. BassLove

    Carving Knife Recommendation

    Hey Gene, thanks so much for responding. In fact, it was one of your posts that I read recommending the Murphy knife! Smoky Mountain looks like a great seller. I think I'm just going to buy a strop. Would this work? As for the sharpener what do you think of this? I just had one more question. I noticed that Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers also sells wood. This made me think of an important thing. I don't have any wood. Where is the typical place to get wood? I know that balsa and basswood are often recommended as easy to start with. I was planning on carving a rat wakebait. What wood might you advise I use for that? Thanks again for lending you expertise.
  11. Dr. BassLove

    Carving Knife Recommendation

    So, like so many of these threads, I am brand new to lure making and wood carving in general. I have done a lot of researching on this site and I am in awe at the amazing work I've seen demonstrated here. Having read many threads about talent and wood carving, it is clear that experience is the number one factor in becoming proficient. I seriously drool when I see the incredible works here and often get overwhelmed by the prospects of never reaching that level (especially since I am starting fairly late in life [i'm almost 30]). But, I really want to try and so I am planning on starting by getting a few tools to just get me started so I can just get a foot on the ladder. I've read lots of those "What tools would you recommend I start with?" threads and they are very helpful at giving me an idea of how different different people approach it. It would seem like a majority of the lure makers here have power tools and prior woodworking experience. I have neither so I would like to start really simple: a hand carving knife and some sand paper. However, simple things are never that simple when you dive into the specifics and I hope someone can clarify a few things for me that I haven't been about to glean with the search function. 1. R. Murphy hand carving knife vs Flexcut. I have read that these are both excellent beginners' knives, but can't figure out the other differences. I've read on this site and others, some people who say one is the best over the other. I'm sure they're both great, but which one would be easier to use? Less maintenance? Stays sharper, longer? I found them on eBay, the Murphy for about $18 and the Flexcut for $21. I'd really appreciate any recs. 2. Strop: Is there anything special that I should be looking for in a strop? There's a wide range in prices and I'm unsure if a cheaper one ($10) would be a waste of money vs a more expensive one ($50). I'm recently unemployed and want to use this time to chase a dream, but saving $40 dollars is pretty significant. Also, would this polish be any good? It looks like the DOVO white/yellow tube, but isn't labeled as such. 3. Sharpener: I read that a sharpener is only to be used if the blade is damaged. Does that happen often? Should I get a sharpener? If so, any advice on which one? There are so many different kinds and no real specifics that I can find on the differences. Thanks so much guys. I seriously can't wait to start and look forward to the day when I can show my work and share my ideas as a member of the community!
  12. Dr. BassLove

    Salt Content

    Thanks for the response SHK. So you'd recommend going with Bear's plastic instead of MF? Oh wait... tried look up Bear's plastic, but didn't see anything. Then I re-read that. Do you mean Bear's salt and MF Super Soft? Is there a big difference between Bear's salt and MF's? I would just like to save on shipping costs if I can.
  13. Dr. BassLove

    Salt Content

    I want to start pouring plastics and I figure Senkos are a safe place to start. Like the OP, I am trying to figure out what I need to start in regards to salt content and such. I have decided on MF plastisol, but am having a really hard time deciding on which one. Yes, I'd love to get a bunch of different types and experiment, but I don't have the funds for that. I tried using the search function and have read hundreds of threads, but haven't found a satisfactory answer. My question: Which type of MF plastic would you guys recommend for stick baits? The three types I am looking at are: Medium + softener, Super Soft, and Soft Sinking. I've seen these mentioned together numerous times, but I never read direct comparisons. I think I want a really soft plastic for maximum action over durability. Seems like the most go-to route is Medium+Softener, but I am wondering if people recommend that because the medium is versatile for other lures as well, or if that happens to be the closest consistency to a Yamasenko? Super Soft with salt sounds like what I am looking for, but how does it compare with the Soft Sinking? Is the Super Soft softer (I'm guessing it is)? I know the Sinking is good for less salt and more translucency, but I'm mostly concerned about the right fall rate and action. If I get the Sinking, will I need some softener as well? Please, if anyone has experience and has some advice I would be more than happy to listen. I've been holding off from pulling the trigger for the last 2 months because I can't decide!!! LOL. Thanks!
  14. Dr. BassLove

    Shad Head Pour Workaround

    Hi Kman, Your Halloween looks pretty good. Would you mind sharing the recipe? Thanks!
  15. Dr. BassLove

    Lureworks Plastisol

    Hi I'm new to pouring and I was considering trying out the Pourasol Medium/Soft. I am looking to pour some 3" Big Hammer swimbait. Do you think that the medium/soft will be similar to a real Big Hammer? If not, any idea what might be a good alternative? Thanks. Cliff- Can you comment on the bubbles?