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  1. FishingOntario

    Lead jig molds, silicone skirts, bucktails, hooks, etc.

    Is there any interest in some lead jig making supplies? I no longer make my own tackle and would like to get rid of this stuff. Have tons of stuff here... PM me if you are interested. Tight lines!
  2. FishingOntario

    Huge Jig-Making Supplies lot

    Entertaining offers, low balls will be ignored. Not looking to break it up, want to sell as a lot. Lots of silicone skirts, hooks, bucktails, rattles, etc. Everything you need to start pouring jigs. Thanks for looking
  3. FishingOntario

    Tons of molds for sale

    Hey guys, got quite a few molds for sale that would be perfect for someone just getting into the mix of things (14) Caney Creek Molds 4 Inch swimtoad "bigfoot" $50.00 ea (5) Bears Baits 4.25 Kodiak Craws $33.50 ea (6) Bears Baits 3.50 Roso Craw $35.00 ea (3) Bears Baits 3.5" Kodiak Craw (2 Cavity) $50.00 ea (1) Bears Baits 5 " Stik Bait (5 Cavity) $62.00 I also have (2) presto pots if anyone is interested. All prices listed are shipped to Canada & USA Anyone who is interested in purchasing molds must pay at least $100.00 CDN in total so I don't have to be spending all of my money sending parcels from Canada. If you are interested in a group of molds, make me an offer I cannot refuse! Tight Lines! FishingOntario
  4. FishingOntario

    Deal of a lifetime

    BT's Twinjectors 6oz Bears 6.75 slik willy Bears 5.00 slik willy BT's 3 inch twin tail grub 2 cavity Del Marts Fattie (ika mold) 4 Cavity (3 of em) A regular value of over $530.00 Looking to sell these together for $475.00 Someone is getting a great deal here... PRICE IS SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR If you want to contact me by email: otherwise pm me Open to offers
  5. FishingOntario

    Lot of molds/injectors for sale

    Downsizing on my collection, heres what's up for sale. Bass tackles 6oz twinjectors $180.00 USD Del-Marts Ika 4 Cavity $60.00 USD (3 of them) Bass Tackles 3.750 Jig Skirt $40.00 USD (3 of them) Bass Tackles Twin tail grub $50.00 Bears 3 inch K grub $40.00 Bears 3 inch stingray grub mold 4 cavity $50.00 Wanting to sell this as a lot for $600.00 before I break everything up.... Thanks
  6. FishingOntario

    Lee Production Pot

    Looking to buy a Lee Production Pot IV, or any with a down spout... let me know, FO