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  1. Neon or Florescent Orange Glitter

    MF has some fluorescent glitters. Haven't used them though.
  2. IMG-20170304-225557-772.jpg

    Thanks. I take the bar off my dual injector that connects the two injectors. Then just alternate pushing each one down till the molds full.
  3. Chatter bait jig selection

    I like the arky head myself and I make them on the poison swing head. The blade thumps the head good on the arky to the point it's wearing down the lead.
  4. 702 craw

    Bass tackle has a couple craws with a different body but the same claws.
  5. Glitter

    For bass baits .015 and .040 I like .025 and use the .040 to accent.
  6. Glitter

    I like spike it glitter. They have a .025 size that nobody else has.
  7. No dip n dye needed here

    My brush hog mold has one cavity on each side of the spru. Single cavities work good. I've done it on 4 cavity molds but ya have to use a old piece of spru to block some cavities.
  8. No dip n dye needed here

    No heat. I start with a cold mold. It goes pretty easy.
  9. No dip n dye needed here

    One more thing you usually have to make the outside color quite a bit darker than normal because it's just a skin coat and the inside color will come through
  10. No dip n dye needed here

    Don't know the exact temps but I like the color I'm pouring a little thicker so it doesn't just run into the cavities. I do this with a two cavity. It has one cavity on each side of the spru.
  11. No dip n dye needed here

    You are correct Mark
  12. No dip n dye needed here

    It's a injection mold. I pour the green pumpkin into the spru hole and inject the chartreuse.
  13. Herring Head Underspin Problem

    I have the same problems with the 1/4oz. I don't use soft lead I actually use bird shot. It's a 95% lead to 5% aninimity
  14. Underspins.. Anyone Use Em?

    Fshnh2 I mostly use the 1/4 oz. with a size 3 willow. I run a Do-It 3.75" essential series swimbait on it or a 3.8" keitech variation on there. I mostly fish it along weed lines and lay downs.