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  1. As somebody that doesn't post but that does follow, I would like to have a section that does that. I have learned a great deal over the years for just a hobby. Way back to the Tackle Making web site.
  2. might try a dowel and a little filler. used that to fill hinge holes etc.
  3. mzee

    Crankbait packaging

    try search for clamshell packaging. or this https://www.placon.com/products/stock-plastic-clamshell/blisterbox-p5754-l6-00-w3-13-d2-50/ found tons of listings and sizes
  4. I think this came from tacklemaking.com, which no longer seems to work.


  5. try a sign shop. They cut vinyl and masking. could probably cut a stencil for you.
  6. Try archimedes in search. or try this http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/22200-archimedes-dunk-test/?hl=archimedes
  7. might look at www.paintwithpearl.com uner articles and faq
  8. I think that is Solarfall. Not sure. He has posted here before.
  9. mzee

    Crankbait Action

    another possibility is to drill two small holes in the bills farther out. fold some wire , push through the holes , bend the tails over and epoxy to the bottom of the bill. You have a new anchor point to try. just a thought.
  10. apreciate the color descriptions given with picture
  11. might look here http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/do-it-molds/
  12. not sure but if you have a pdf and "acrobat pro" you might be able to export it as image and then a jpeg. look under file export image jpeg not sure if that helps any or even works
  13. mcmaster.com look for G 10 or garolite in the search 1/32"
  14. mzee

    Minnow Chaser

    1/2" thick, uses brass spinner bodies in front two holes for weight and a glass bead in rear hole
  15. mzee

    Minnow Chaser

    This is pic from text. Not a detailed book, but an introductory.
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