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  1. Shortt21


    Has anyone ever tried food coloring??
  2. Is the glitter you can get at hobby lobby any good?
  3. Shortt21

    Powder Paint

    Can i add my own glitter to powder paint??
  4. Nevermind. I figured it out. Just had a brain fart
  5. Just got my 3 inch chub grub. Was wonderin what is the spline? I am new to pouring so that might be a dumb question. Also how does it form the skirt? Just want to do it right
  6. Thx guys. I ordered one from caney creek today
  7. Does anyone know where i can purchase a spider grub mold?
  8. Shortt21

    Drill Press

    Am thinking bout buying a drill press and wanted to see which one you guys thought were good. Yall always have great knowledge and answers do thanks in advance
  9. Shortt21


    What color do you guys think I'd best color for popper style lure?
  10. Just a question i had. About how many hours a week do you spend workin on lures?
  11. How do you go about making your own mold out of silicone?
  12. What are the pros and cons of using a sparr urathane for top coat?
  13. Shortt21

    Pvc Bait

    Thx for the advice. I really appreciate it
  14. Shortt21

    Pvc Bait

    Ok thx will go lowes and get some this weekend and give it a try
  15. Shortt21

    Pvc Bait

    Im wanting to try to make lure out of pvc. Where do i get the pvc?
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