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  1. SlowFish, I'll jump in and add that I to have been wanting to do some foil this winter and talking to another plug builder buddy of mine he suggested I try Candy foil, it's very thin and I beleive others have foiled lures with it, the thing I'm intrigued with it was the color selections. I have been told it's not as cheap as some aluminum foils but the lures I have seen that were done with it turned out stunning. We fish quite a few tournaments on the Ohio River ( Dirty Water ) and there is a color called Sun Granny and done with this candy foil the ones I've seen are spectacular. I'll be doing some research and sourcing, if I come up with a viable supplier I'll pass it along and would appreciate it if you would as well. Best of luck, Happy Holidays. Rich
  2. RPM


    Mark, not sure who Bob is, but thank bh you for the kind words I appreciate it Rich
  3. JD_mudbug very cool baits from the 80's Thanks for sharing, thsoe baits look printed to me? or are they actually paint? azsouth I have a question, you mentioned color being very important to you and small variances having a big impact? Have you ever thought about taking say (6-10) LC 1.5's and painting them all similar except for small subtle differnces enough to make them really differnt on each end of the lot, then fishing them in the same conditions to see just how much it truly makes? Maybe I'm thinking to much into it but I've seen a few times we have had say a craw pattern orange belly and red top 50/50 lure with craw pattern in black, then a red belly orange or red top with black craw pattern make a difference on how the fish bite? but never really tried a large group of lures all painted similar but enough to make them stand apart? Just a thought and I may be thinking to much into it, like I said the local crankbait guru here seems to think it's more about contrast / light reflection that draws bites in tough conditions. P.S I'm not talking about when the bite is really good and the Bass are eating, just thinking about this time of year when it gets tougher. Great input guys. Thank you
  4. I Agree, and appreciate everyone joing in. I really wish I was a better crankbait fisherman, I'm a Jig guy, all my tournament buddies know me as such, but I'm also known around here as the Balsa plug builder, it's a good thing I've got friends who are great crankbait fisherman and lord knows I've been outfished by them many times. I started my Plug Journey back in 2011 when I was beat handily by a guy fishing a crankbait, since then I've had a passion for understanding and building better crankbaits, I thought if I built them it would help me become a better crankbait fisherman and it has but I've learned to be very proficient with a crankbait you have to be dedicated, I have not but still have the passion and desire to become the best crankbait fisherman I can. I do fish alot of tournaments ( about 18 this year ) and at just about all of them you come to know the crankbait guys, it's really funny to me that some of these crankbait guru's have a system and some do not, they kinda fly by the seat of thier pants like the rest of us. I can assure everyone that this site has helped me become a better plug builder, and I'm very thankful for that. Now I just need to apply the cranking theroy's and myself to become as proficient as I can. It's tough for me to fish offshore out in the middle of the lake with nothing in sight, just open water. because I'm such a shallow water, target oriented guy who just loves to flip & pitch heavy cover, laydows, etc. LOL
  5. JD_mudbug, Thanks for the insight and I agree with all these statements posted. I hope more will engage as this is why I posted the question here. Thanks again I seem to go in cycles especially for myself but when it comes to other fisherman I guess it's so hard to guage the why's? In our talks last weekend at the lake another angler that is known as a local crankbait guy, said he thinks the subtle colors or faded patterns work best for him, which is another topic in itself. LOL He's been known to keep his favorite plugs hanging in his truck from the rear view mirror. But what I've seen mostly around here this year is guys are leaning more toward the subtle patterns, then keeping some of the exotic's just in case. The local plug guy said he thinks it comes down to contrasting colors, then action, then the right plug? I asked about his lure choices and it surprised me he likes to fish alot of lures that I call secondary brands. IE Lure Jensen, Poe's, Older Storm plugs, and even throws a few older Bagley's when the bite gets tough and still fishes the older mann's deep divers. Not alot of guys fishing the same plugs as this guy. While talking about colors, he said about the same thing as you, he thinks anglers get to caught up on pretty lures, which led us into talking about old beat up, fished hard lures? Which is anther topic as well but he had some plugs that looked like crap but said they still produce fish and he had no thoughts of replacing them. He said he had a few plugs in his boat that have produced thousands of bass and he still uses them about every weekend, he did say, he favors the older plugs because he thought they were simply better baits. I knew posting these questions might get alot of differnt answers but hey, thats why we all participate here in hopes of helping each other. Thanks again.
  6. azsouth, I can appreciate your comment but I have been painting and building custom handcrafted balsa crankbaits since 2012, believe me I've put my time in, but was asked at our final tournament why we ( custom builders / painters) use some of the colors, patterns which lead me to my question here. I do have proven baits, but this year it seems the guys using them were looking for something different, I'm normally not that guy as I like to build what I believe in. Not everyone thinks this way and it made me think about some of the tournament guys who use factory plugs. Here in the mid west, the SK baits are represented very well and guys do win with them, but in talking to these same guys they do believe in tweaking or altering the baits or having them custom painted. Since I build my own I've got away from painting other brands, but I'm always interested in the why guys are willing to pay big money for repaints, is it because they think the custom paint makes that much difference? If so they must think the colors / patterns are far better than the original. Thanks for your input.
  7. Sorry but sounds good I look forward to your reply.
  8. All, I've been tossing around an idea for some time but have yet to put pen to paper, for all the Custom Lure builders and Painters on here I have a few questions?. Is there a lure company you prefer thier colors / patterns over the others. At our last club tournament talking to a few competitors the question was brought up why or which color / pattern combinations I like to paint my baits? and it never really dawned on me why I chose one over the other. So a guy asked why is there so many sexy shad or versions of, colored baits here in our area and why do some guys prefer a certain craw color pattern over the next? I could not answer the question and said I will give it some thought. In doing so I've been energized to come up with an explanation other than it's personal choice. I prefer the simple ShAd pattern because it's easy to duplicate and it catches fish, the sexy shad color / pattern I seem to put my own spin on but it as well catches fish, and the craws Colors / Patterns seem to be all over the board? I personally like the Pre Rapala Luhr Jensen Craw colors / patterns, as far as Shad patterns go I like the Rapala. So I ask these simple questions, do you guys / gals here have a Lure company that you favor for thier pattern renditions or do you choose to paint your version for another reason. I have a buddy, Tournament guy that likes a certain Craw pattern he has been fishing for almost 20 years, it's like nothing else in production and he swears by it, based on my experience he likes it for the color / contrast and not really the pattern? but he can only say he likes it because its differnt and cathces lots of fish. I personally think theres better options but he has confidence in it and likes the fact no one else uses it? We also have a mutual fishing buddy who loves glitter on his crankbaits, he almost will not fish a plug without glitter or flake? he grew up fishing older lures the likes of the Big O and said since he was little the Plugs with Glitter / Flake catch more bass? Anyway I'm not trying to understand each case, just trying to see if there is something else besides personal prefernce in why we choose to build / paint our lures in certain ways. Is it more about the color combinations we choose, the patterns we use or simply a matter of what my close friend said, you must first catch the fisherman before you can catch the fish? Sorry to be long winded, but looking forward to everyones reply. Thanks Rich P.S Personal reflection, some of the prettiest baits I've ever seen did not catch anymore bass than some of the culls or ugly baits, I still have a few favorites but it's probably based on production more so than pretty? I tend to be more technical or thoughful and use what I think is the most realistic, but still get outfished by something exotic from time to time. Thanks for reading and the replies
  9. Thanks guys, he has been in contact with a few others that have fished this lake and they said anything Chartruese when the water dirty's up, which it might as they are predicting rain for the next few days, and a craw color thats a muted Orange / Brown, Bone belly ? said KVD fished a similar color pattern a few years ago on a Missouri lake? I'll have to look and see if it's a factory color or maybe something he had custom painted, or prototype. But thank you for the help.
  10. Whats your favorite colors / patterns for Sqaure Bills fishing around Rip Rap and lay down timber? I have a buddy wanting some differnt colored plugs for an up coming fishing trip and the locals have been catching them along rip rap banks and the banks fishing larger laydowns. Looking to hear others favorite colors as I've seemed to lean toward shad colored / pattern plugs this year and not really sure how I would paint them, He is ok with whatever I come up with but hoping maybe a few others might have a suggestion or two. Thanks in advance
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    Sorry Curt, will do. Just thought some of the builders might like seeing them.
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