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  1. Jig Man sorry I do not have any photos, but I can reccommend youtube there are several videos showing what I'm speaking of. I mostly pour open pour swimbaits, and rarely shoot unless I'm using a double injector with a blending block. If the weather was better I would most likely be pouring this weekend, but it's cold, snowy here now, not much tackle making going on right now, best of luck I'm sure you will come up with a system that works.
  2. Jig Man if they are injection molds use a blending block, and keep your molds warm with a electric griddle, if they are open pour molds just keep the molds on the hot plate or griddle when pouring your plastics, this will help with the bonding of the colors. I normally pour alot of 2& 3 color laminate swimbaits this way. It takes a little while to get the feel for it but once you do it's easy. Best of luck
  3. Juice this has come up a few times, check out Lincoya here on TU He posted a video of routing bills using templates, very fast and effective way of cutting your bill / bibs.
  4. Business opportunity with retail account connections, information and Balsa / Wood Lure design & building company For Sale! Business established in Feb 2012, Online presence since Nov 2011 with online store, we can discuss details via phone or meet in person. Last 4 years have been spent mostly in Balsa / Wood lure ( crankbait ) development and building processes. Years of History with retail, web site, online store, domain & building material connections and obtained propriotary information to get you started. Certainly best to call so everyone is on the same page about this business opportun
  5. Very cool, and nicely done on finding a winter testing / tuning pond. LOL All kidding aside, your lures look good in and out of the water, Great JOB! Thanks for sharing your video. My only problem would be Id have to get a room or take up residence as I'm a testing junkie, and with access like that it could become habit forming. It's probably a good thing we dont live close together because I'm not sure how your buddy would react to both of us showing with with hundreds of lures for a test session. Rich
  6. Dave, your welcome and Thank you again for your scientific approach & knowledge on this and many subjects we are truly blessed to have this forum and each other to bounce ideas, thoughts and share our experiences. I appreciate and want to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas. Rich
  7. Great explanation, Thanks Dave I appreciate it.
  8. Mark yes they did, surprisingly they caught really large trophy bass. Last time I talked to the doc he said he caught at leat 10 over 6lbs with one close to 10lbs Thanks again. Rich
  9. RPM


    One of the many Trophy Bass caught on these experimental lures. This was a request and experiment I will revist this next coming season. Thanks
  10. RPM


    Thanks Mark, it was just an experiment and kinda novelty but learned alot building and testing these.
  11. Mark pictures are posted in gallery, let me know your thoughts, please overlook the paint finish and the Deep diver is one I grabbed in the dark, i think the finished plug is still in my boat? They are pictured next to a poes for size reference.
  12. Dave heres something for you to ponder. Back this summer I had an opportunity to fish a trophy private lake owned by a local Doctor, avid fisherman who loves Handcrafted crankbaits and trophy bass. He asked me to build him a few special Big Bass Baits, so we decided on huge crankbaits. I built 4 total 2 square bills and 2 deep divers, Huge baits, I mean 4.25" L X 2" Wide bodies not counting the lips, one of the sqaure bills weighed just over 2 oz, and the other weighed right at 3 oz, the Deep divers both weighed over 3oz with one close to 4oz, sorry I dont have my notes in fron of me. The Squa
  13. RPM


    Very neat, always happy to hear someone thinking outside the box, and using what you have. Thanks for sharing.
  14. RPM


    That's very good to hear, I just liked the way it looked, but my wife gives me grief, she does not like it when I use stencils. Lol I've always liked this color / pattern and have a few more to finish over the holidays that I might add a twist to? ( small glitter, scales, etc. ) Thanks again
  15. Your welcome, and that's exciting and sounds like your onto the right track. It's pretty hard to describe the satisfaction level of achieving goals you set for yourself in lure building but this far into it, I'm starting to understand what some of the old timers were trying to tell us, now I even enjoy it more because I understand my lures and can alter them to do what I need / want them to. It's been mentioned many times here so elegantly, it really is a labor of love. Keep after it, keep us posted and ask anytime I'll certainly try to help if I can. Merry Christmas Rich
  16. Big Epp, I just posted a picture of a plug I'm proud of, not the color, finish but how it runs / perfoms. It's in the gallary, nothing fancy it's really all about the balance, building a straight consistant lure, finding the right lip / bib / bill whatever we call them today, and how it runs in the water. What makes this bait so special is how it runs. It will run with any speed reel, I've ran it on 8:1.1 to 5.1:1 reels, and have learned how it runs at almost any speed. I'm working on a super deep model very similar and hope to have it up and running come late spring when we fish alot of Ledge
  17. RPM


    Big Epp, here is a Medium Deep Diver I have been working on, this lure has all the characteristics I want in a crankbait and has proven very effective for our type of cranking. I hope this helps and best of luck.
  18. Big Epp, Thank you for the compliment, I much apprecite it. The best advice I can give is to find a design and work with it, I'm maybe differnt than others but I found I really liked Bomber Fat free shad BD plugs, I like the way they behave so I set out to mimic or perfect my lure to behave similar with some tweaks here and there. I wanted my plugs to run at a flatter or horizontal plane, not so nose down like alot of lures today. After I built hundreds and fine tuned them I decided that to me what makes a great medium deep to deep diver is it must have these traits. 1 it must cast good even i
  19. Big EPP, Looks good, Thanks for sharing, like I said I have a buddy that does awesome foil work and he swears by the candy foil.
  20. RPM

    Skipping jig

    rustedhook You want a Arky style head for a Skipping Jig, something with a broad flatter style head is what I've found best. Been using an Arky style head for many years and they work great.
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