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  1. Duane's Custom Baits

    NED rig

    Been a while MonteSS, looks like that thank needs a hair cut. LOL
  2. I use the grease that you use for fishing reels, works great for me.
  3. I have over 40 different Lure Craft molds and they work great, and they are great people to work with, been dealing with them for a little over 13 yrs
  4. When pouring plastic, I heat up 2 full cups 99% of the time, I do have 2 pots that will hold 2 quarts and have used them a few times, they are for big orders of swim baits, I heat them to 350 degrees then back it down a little, and stir more, then start pouring SLOWLY as not to spill any, have had SEVER 3rd degree burns on legs and both feet, spent 1 week in the hospital, had to had skin grafts done, that was the first/and last time I hope I ever spill any plastic, been HAND pour lures now for almost 13yrs, and only 1 problem in the first 10 yrs.
  5. I don't remember my formula, but I did use LC Pumpkin seed, A touch of White and a smidgen of brown, it was just a hair lighter than Yamamoto's, but the customer was happy with it and his 4 yr old son kicked his but using it. That's the colors LC told me to use, I had to make up my own, but I'm buying the color next time. LOL
  6. Don't remember if I have posted this already or not. Mossy Pumpkin Everything came from Lure Craft. 2 Cups Plastic 15 Drops Green Pumpkin 5 Drops Natural Worm 3 Drops Brown 1 1/2 TSP .062 Gold 3/8 TSP .035 Green 1/2 TSP Black This has been one of my most popualr colors, my color is beating zooms color 4 out of 5 tournaments this yr alone.
  7. I only did it once, when I was in a bind and used salt for a water softern system, I normally use the fine baking salt from Lure Craft.
  8. I have used the salt from lurecraft for 10 yrs with NO complants from any of my customers, it's a fine baking salt.
  9. Hello smallmouthaholic, both of those look like they will work great I normally stir it up with a broken broom handle that has a nice flat edge to it, I use it in my 5 gal and 1 gal, I'm going to have to look into getting me one of each.
  10. It is great, I use it alot. And yes you do need to stir it up good, I buy it in the 5 gallon bucket and then brake it down myself into 5 1 gallons, stir it everytime I use it just like I do all there plastics.
  11. I use a little of the blue hi-lite in my Smokin Pepper (aka Salt & Pepper) it's a killer. I use 1/2 of a 1/8 tsp to 2 cups of plastic and 4 drops (LC) black mixed well comes out killer looking
  12. Hello Slims, I don't know whick of Lure Crafts Plastic your using now, but I've been using theirs for 10 yrs now, with no problems, I use 3 diffrent types of there plastic for diffrent things I make. I use their Salt Water plastic to make my Swim Baits and tubes, the blened plastic for my Swimmin Salty Bass Sticks (aka Swim Senkos) and the for the softer stuff I use the one that says it's used mainly on the east coast.
  13. look up lurecraft, they have a small pouring pan they sell.
  14. LureCraft also sells them, I just don't remember the price, I only use the 4 oz bottles
  15. That's why I made my post in Don'ts for newbies yesterday, I just need to upload the photos of my burns.
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