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  1. Can u send pics?

  2. garthsnooks

    3 inch beetle spin grub

    Nothing..the 3 in beetle just works on the bait . Lots of baits will do it, split tail beetle works better Still looking. Thx
  3. garthsnooks

    3 inch beetle spin grub

    Thx. I buy from that factory. Looking for someone who shoots 3 in beetle spin. H and H and others buy it from someone Thx
  4. garthsnooks

    3 inch beetle spin grub

  5. garthsnooks

    3 inch beetle spin grub

  6. garthsnooks

    3 inch beetle spin grub

    Does anyone know of a company that manufacturers a good 3 inch beetle spin grub in volume? Thx
  7. garthsnooks

    Awesome Baits

    I looked at these baits (Gainesville) b4 u did. What will u take for all the lures, blanks?? Not interested in barcodes Thanks
  8. How do u edit a classified ad?

  9. 5.3 in stik o baits Same bait BP sells
  10. What kind of jigheads are you looking for, size, hooks etc.? Is it going to be dollar for dollar? I'm interested.

    1. garthsnooks


      Hey bro. Sorry i havent answered. 

      Just got in from church.

      Text or call anytime after 11 am tomorrow (Sunday)  lets talk about it. I have tons of great plastics.

      850.428.3771 call or text tomorrow.

      Thx. Pat 

    2. garthsnooks


      Im looking for jigheads that will jold up in saltwater. Mustad Black Nickel  or some similar brand.


    3. fshng2


      How long and what color are swimbaits?

      Do swimbaits have hooks and weights?

      I have Mustad Saltwater jigs to trade

  11. Want to trade good plastic baits for jigheads (*black nickel) 1/16 1/8 1/4 oz.
  12. garthsnooks

    stik o baits

    1000 5.3 stik o baits, good colors u can mix colors. $110 tyd I will add pics later this evening.
  13. garthsnooks

    30000 stik o baits

    30000 5.3 in stik o baits. exact bait Bass Pro sells. great colors $2000 + freight
  14. garthsnooks

    New? Caney Creek/do-It Mold?

    Don't know about Do-It..but when Jason Barnes owned the company the molds were excellent...and if anything was wrong. they made it right..pronto!! Hopefully Do-It will do the same!!
  15. garthsnooks

    New Top Water Bait, What Do You Guys Think?

    like the bait...5 companies will have it at (not kidding)!! lot of different things u could do with legs. mayb a bit more sturdy! believe it could be big. .