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  1. What kind of jigheads are you looking for, size, hooks etc.? Is it going to be dollar for dollar? I'm interested.

    1. garthsnooks


      Hey bro. Sorry i havent answered. 

      Just got in from church.

      Text or call anytime after 11 am tomorrow (Sunday)  lets talk about it. I have tons of great plastics.

      850.428.3771 call or text tomorrow.

      Thx. Pat 

    2. garthsnooks


      Im looking for jigheads that will jold up in saltwater. Mustad Black Nickel  or some similar brand.


    3. fshng2


      How long and what color are swimbaits?

      Do swimbaits have hooks and weights?

      I have Mustad Saltwater jigs to trade

  2. Want to trade good plastic baits for jigheads (*black nickel) 1/16 1/8 1/4 oz.
  3. 1000 5.3 stik o baits, good colors u can mix colors. $110 tyd I will add pics later this evening.
  4. 30000 5.3 in stik o baits. exact bait Bass Pro sells. great colors $2000 + freight
  5. Don't know about Do-It..but when Jason Barnes owned the company the molds were excellent...and if anything was wrong. they made it right..pronto!! Hopefully Do-It will do the same!!
  6. like the bait...5 companies will have it at (not kidding)!! lot of different things u could do with legs. mayb a bit more sturdy! believe it could be big. .
  7. I have tons (literally)of 10 packs and boxes (1500-1700 per) of these 2 baits IN 14 COLORS EACH 5" fluke & 3.25 in shrimp/crawfish/ split tailed grub. Started a business and had to close it down immediately due to illness in family. Lots to like here..great deals available for fisherman, store owners, etc. will trade for some CC/Do-It molds also Thx GarthSnooks call or text 850-428-3771
  8. **** Have 3 10 cavity 3.5 carrots left (very good condition), all 3 for $120 tyd. paypal. I have 3 molds left,$50 each..TYD, Paypal Thx.
  9. slim, I would strongly suggest you pay it, though I know it's a pain. do they spend it correctly...uh...errr, yeah, sure they do . IRS has shown us what kind of org. they are. Guess we have to "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's"
  10. ****new lower prices...2, 10 cavity 3.5 carrot mold tyd for $80 in great condition...(cost $70 for one mold) all 3 and 4 in carrots sold...have several 3.5 carrot (great fresh or saltwater), 10 cavity molds left. Cost $70 tyd from Do-It..will sell (paypal tyd) 1 for $50 or 2/$90
  11. great question, andy...believe a spincaster told me it wasnt strong enough for my need...but was good for his freshwater baits.
  12. Thanks Andy, got 'em coming from another source, I appreciate it
  13. reminds me of the time our boat came around the side of the van trying to pass us on a small mountain in Virginia ...I thank God nothing was coming up the hill!!!!
  14. thanks guys...I like the look of black nickel hooks. I'll get samples of Mustad and EC's hooks (anyone else??).... I like Owner really well...but can't make volume baits with them, just too expensive.