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  1. Crane swivels, #5, 1,000 , New unopened pack from Do-it and FREE SHIPPIING · $75·Kimberling City, Missouri Thanks, Michael
  2. Looking for a source of plastic lure rattles that are offered in the United States at a reasonable price. Used China suppliers but won't use them any more. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Michael Table Rock Tackle
  3. Just started using these in one line of my jigs and went to order from my original source and got the dreaded "sold out" response. Anyone know of more sources for this item. Thanks Michael, Table Rock Tackle
  4. Maybe interested if available and you are willing to ship. Please send pictures to: tablerocktackle@live.com Thanks, Michael
  5. Good Morning: Have been using the silicone (clear) skirt bands for my jigs and a few have been breaking even before the jig is used. Not in great numbers but enough to consider a change to a different type of brand. Any of you guys have a band you would recommend to eliminate this problem. I do wire tie some lines of my jigs but others I don't.. I know this would eliminate the problem but just trying to get away from tying them all . Thanks for the help...... Michael
  6. Size primarily but I have not had good experiences with Eagle Claw. Thanks, Michael
  7. Looking for a specific hook.. as follows: jig hook, 28 or 30 degree, flat eye, size 5/0.. have looked at an eagle claw but ruled it out and can't find reference to others. Know of any? Thanks, Michael
  8. Sure..... my PayPal is tablerocktackle@live.com Thanks, Michael
  9. Hey Kris: I can part with 100 black in medium.... they are the standard guards, not the boss with the welded end... what did you have in mind. Thanks, Michael www.jigs4bass.com
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