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  1. Powder Paint Guns, Fluid bed, ns powder paint

    Maybe interested if available and you are willing to ship. Please send pictures to: Thanks, Michael
  2. New Skirt Bands

    Good Morning: Have been using the silicone (clear) skirt bands for my jigs and a few have been breaking even before the jig is used. Not in great numbers but enough to consider a change to a different type of brand. Any of you guys have a band you would recommend to eliminate this problem. I do wire tie some lines of my jigs but others I don't.. I know this would eliminate the problem but just trying to get away from tying them all . Thanks for the help...... Michael
  3. jig hook, 28 or 30 degree, flat eye, size 5/0

    Thank you!
  4. jig hook, 28 or 30 degree, flat eye, size 5/0

    Thanks again!
  5. jig hook, 28 or 30 degree, flat eye, size 5/0

    Size primarily but I have not had good experiences with Eagle Claw. Thanks, Michael
  6. Looking for a specific hook.. as follows: jig hook, 28 or 30 degree, flat eye, size 5/0.. have looked at an eagle claw but ruled it out and can't find reference to others. Know of any? Thanks, Michael
  7. Boss Weed Guards (welded hub) 5/32"

  8. Boss Weed Guards (welded hub) 5/32"

    Sure..... my PayPal is Thanks, Michael
  9. Boss weedguards

    Hey Kris: I can part with 100 black in medium.... they are the standard guards, not the boss with the welded end... what did you have in mind. Thanks, Michael
  10. Boss Weed Guards (welded hub) 5/32"

  11. Boss Weed Guards (welded hub) 5/32"

    These are medium weight. Thanks again, Michael
  12. Boss Weed Guards (welded hub) 5/32"

    Boss weed guards(welded base) in 5/32 size, 500 count in black and 480 count in brown. I recently ordered these and ordered the wrong size.. my loss your gain! Will sell all 980 for $50.00 and FREE SHIPPING. PayPal please, Thanks, Michael
  13. Tinsel Skirts on bass baits

    Tried using flashabou mixed in with regular silicone skirts but on the finished jig the tinsel stuck out in a wild and random pattern... is this way it is supposed to look or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Michael
  14. Underspin Swivels

    I use Worth #2. Michael
  15. Sell and ship US to Canada

    Thanks guys... really appreciate it. Michael