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  1. Wow man that is absolutely amazing! Nice work. Simple question (BRAND NEW TO THIS) is that just regualr PVC pipe that you would get at like a Home Depot or Lowe's?
  2. OK. Thanks Ben and Gino, and once again everybody who chimed in before. You guys have helped me out immensely!!!
  3. OK thank you. I've been doing some research and i'm sure that i'll pick up a lot. I appreciate it a bunch!
  4. awesome thanks guys for the info and the warm welcome Karl. Karl, done and done! I will buy the helping hands and the nylon bristle set shortly, as much as i've spent already, what's a few more bucks? Ron that certainly gives me something to follow, I'm gonna try it with this solution that I bought from HD that the guy said should work for this (wagner cleaner lube), then probably go buy nail polish next time i'm out anyway... G, I will do that next time with the back flush in the tub. Does that just mean the tip of the air brush is underwater and so is a little bit of the paint cup so it
  5. Hi everybody let me introduce myself. My name is Kyle and I've fished my whole life but never made a single lure. Then about 3 weeks ago i found Bear's and started pouring some soft plastics. Needless to say I was hooked which is what led me here. I think this stuff is awesome and even though I am BRAND new at it, I already love it. And the way that everybody is so willing to help others figure it out is just amazing to me. I really wish I would have known about this stuff (lure making and the forums) years ago, but anyway, here i am. So today i made my first crankbait. from scratch outta woo
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