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  1. Very cool and the lines line up. Thanks for this.
  2. They keep it in the mill works dept. at the lowes where I live. It's on the molding aisle.
  3. Guys sorry im late to the party i was fishing the past couple days. Backing up in this thread, I use a rotozip with a 1/2" ball rasp to carve the mouth on my top water popper. It makes short work of a round concave indention in a piece of wood.
  4. I use a scroll saw and a sander. But I carve Cypress it is a little bit harder than Balsa.
  5. I order from Janns regularly. They usually restock faster than what they estimate.
  6. The sander I bought had a trigger lock button on the side of the handle.
  7. I bought a hand held belt sander from a garage sale several years ago. I flip it upside down and clamp it in my bench vice. It makes a very efficient sanding station. And it packs away when not in use.
  8. I'm a park ranger and keep the extras in my work truck. I give my extras to kids and or regulars of the park I work at. It gives me an excuse to talk fishing at work a lot.
  9. I made my first Crankbait from a scrap of treated 2x4 I found on a construction site. I used regular screw in eyes from a hardware store for hook hangers and thumb tacks for eyes. It was ugly and didn't work. That was 20 yrs ago. I've gotten a little better since then.
  10. We have a lot of flea markets around my house in south louisiana. They can't keep fishing stuff in stock.
  11. I get mine from True Value. The manager started stocking it for me.
  12. I made my turner from a rotisserie too. I got my from academy though. Recently I found two microwaves in people's trash. I got the motor for the turn table out of them. Now I have spares.
  13. I get mine from Janns Netcraft
  14. Matt M


    Just playing around
  15. The ones I get are off white greenish color. BobP, I buy premade lips because making lips that are symmetrical is a skill I have not mastered yet.
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