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    I use Chrome exclusively and have no problems. Try dumping your cache and cookies.
  2. I want to jump in here and let you know that I do plan to add a stirring system. It will be modular so that it can be added later without having to purchase a whole new setup. The basic premise behind this setup is that users can add components to suit their individual needs. Not everyone needs a stirring system, or a heated system, that's why its offered in different configurations. Thanks, Kyle
  3. When using laminate plates, after injecting the first half, open the mold and cut off the sprue. I recommend cutting back just slightly from the opening (on the bait side) to give the plastic on the second shot a full port to inject in to. Be sure after cutting that the bait is sitting firmly in the mold again otherwise the second shot can shoot under it. You can now remelt that sprue. Then put on the top cavity, inject with second color. Sounds like everything you're doing is correct except for removing the sprue from the first shot. Happy laminating! Kyle
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    High Rock Molds

    Premium quality hand injection aluminum molds. We do custom molds!
  5. I am starting a small business and wanted to advertise on here (like tomorrow), but after reading these posts I'm wondering whether it will be money well spent. And it is very slow for me as well.
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