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  1. i am thinking a old component stereo cabinet would work great, with the glass door that is held by a magnet,, just pull the shelves out of it.
  2. use this link for 15% off your next kbs purchase
  3. take a look at the lure turner in this video . very nice
  4. autoair has colr shift paints as does some of the taxidermy paint suppliers. do some searches for flair paint, color shifting and chameleon airbrush paints
  5. closed loop and split rings using split ring pliers
  6. here is something i found for you Problem: I have a suction type airbrush and am not getting paint out of the nozzle…I use the bottles that came with the brush…I am getting air, just no paint. Solution: Check to make sure the vent hole in the lid is open, also make sure the pickup tube is not clogged or sitting flat on the bottom of the jar. Remove the lid and attach it back to the airbrush, stick the suction tube in a container of water and see if it sprays water. If it does then either the vent hole is plugged or the tube is sitting on the bottom of the jar. If it wont spray water, check the tube for a blockage, or the inlet for the tube into the bottom of the airbrush. Once these are clean you should be able to spray with ease. Also make sure your needle is sliding back and forth and not slipping in the needle lock nut. Problem: No paint is coming out of my airbrush, I have gravity and bottom feed airbrush gun and I also notice bubbles in my bottle and cup. Solution: Check Fluid nozzle, needle or nozzle cap. When any of these are clog you will get back feed back into cup or bottle. found these here
  7. find your reel on here and download the schematic if you are going to tear it down.
  8. here ya go Mark.
  9. Awesome . very clean bait.
  10. "SICK"
  11. Lingcod killer for sure Andy. I can hardly wait to try one out when the season opens next month.
  12. if it is the 20 minute finish cure that you are using, i believe it is more of a resin used with fiberglass sheeting or used as a primer coat. the 30 minute bsi epoxy is probably what you want. this is from the BSI site..... FINISH-CURE™ 20 min. epoxy is an excellent, low odor substitute for polyester resins. It can be used for applying fiberglass cloth to wood or by itself to give wood a surface ready for primer and paint. FINISH-CURE™ can be sanded the easiest of all our epoxies and is excellent for the sheeting of foam core wings. Allow 8 hours for full curing. For best results, FINISH-CURE™ should be heated to a temperature above 85 degrees F or applying light weight fiberglass, lay cloth on balsa first, then brush on FINISH-CURE™. When fully saturated, go over the surface with a heat gun, and then squeegee off excess epoxy with a playing card from an old deck. Heat and remove excess several times for a light weight finish. If room temperature is below 70 degrees F use a heat gun on the surface several times for the next 2 hours. When dry, lightly sand, then fill surface with a low weight spakeling compound, scrapping off excess with a playing card. Sand to a smooth finish ready for primer. For heavy weight fiberglass, apply the epoxy before and after laying down the cloth. FINISH-CURE™ is best mixed in a disposable cup.
  13. devcon 2 ton (aka.. D2T) 30 min epoxy or Bob Smith (BSI) 30 min epoxy . BSI the problem with the 5 minute is it develops a brownish tint when exposed to UV rays. And the other problem is 5 minutes to brush it on is way to fast. you would be lucky to get 2 lures done before it sets up. do a search for 5 minute epoxy on here there is tons of threads about it and other top coats.
  14. yes great info from all thank you very much guys
  15. What type of lighting do you guys feel is best for taking pictures of your lures?