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  1. actually you can use about any type petroleum product as a release agent. i have used wd-40, triflow, vaseline. they all work just make sure you get everything coated with whatever you use. i have made probably 15 different 2 piece bondo molds for saltwater jigs. i like the bondo glass (green colored) better than the standard pink (after mixed). Never had any of the molds warp on me and they save me a ton of cash on 3oz to 8oz lead jigs. the ocean is not forgiving on lures. I also use a couple of these type clamps on the mold when pouring lead Good luck.....
  2. I just watched a couple videos of this . Awesome piece of engineering. Thanks Dave.
  3. thats the canyon state hollow frog i believe
  4. always finish your cleaning with water, so that you get out any residue left over from thinners and cleaners
  5. have you tried backflushing it yet?
  6. also check the air hole on the top where the jar screws on at. make sure its not clogged or it will create a vacuum in the paint jar and wont pull paint out. but yes try backflushing it first and see if you get bubbling into you jar.
  7. i bet if you fill the cup with water or cleaner and hold your finger over the nozzle then pull the trigger. it will backflush whatever is blocking the paint and probably work fine
  8. when you put your finger over the nozzle to backflush it, does it bubble in the paint cup?
  9. i am not familiar with the badger 200 series, is it a siphon feed or a gravity feed gun? and you say its just blowing air... is it bubbling back into the paint reservoir?
  10. i think you are on the right track Mark. outside of it being a custom mold, the biffle bug is real similar with just a little skinnier back legs.
  11. as fshng2 suggested, try with a scrap piece first. a piece of pvc pipe works awesome because it does not have to be sealed and is already white. as far as freehanding lines. i make a stencil. i do not have the artistic gift or the steady hands. but you may have both of those. what it all comes down to is practice , practice , practice. and patience. a good airbrush and quality airbrush paints as well. also watch tutorials on youtube , lots of good tips to make your life of painting easier. it will come but probably going to take some time. good luck.
  12. what type of mistake are you talking about specifically? is it overspray, a run etc...? if you are using a stencil for stripes can it be covered with the stripes?
  13. use the search feature, member submitted tutorials on here, youtube etc... plenty of tutorials on cutting lip slots. good luck
  14. have you searched this site for lure drying wheels? i personally use a $10 disco ball motor from ebay here is a link to a recent discussion on this.
  15. looks good, but yes maybe a little less blue. something maybe like this$Prod_Thumbnail$ but either way its just about ones own opinion and if it catches fish well then thats all that matters