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  1. stretcher66

    Cutting v/ splitting wood bodies?

    use poplar
  2. stretcher66

    Bojon Cd/Dvd Tube Dipping
  3. stretcher66

    New swarm swim bait rig.

    its not real new, its been around for awhile. but just not highly publicized i think. its called a donkey rig
  4. stretcher66

    Slow Pitch Jigging Lures
  5. stretcher66

    blue lead

    it somehow oxidized, either by over heating or some type of zinc was introduced to it.
  6. stretcher66

    Air brushing on powder , I think I have a plan just use all powder paint with this and your airbrush
  7. stretcher66

    Roman Made Clone (6.75", 2.4oz)

    looks good, how does it glide? how much ballast weight?
  8. stretcher66

    Cardiff 200A Mod

    thats a great mod, i own a cardiff that i use for swimbaits and also for shallow water saltwater fishing. i may try this. it would be better reeling in a nice lingcod with the longer handle.
  9. stretcher66

    Shimano Sahara spinning problems

    here is a great article on fixing that reel
  10. stretcher66


    i always had an idea of the winners of the "best homemade hard baits" should have to supply a video of the bait actually working. so that nobody is using taxidermy molds and just painting them. The lure should have to actually work as it is intended for it to be the "best homemade bait" not just the best painted bait. and if its a flop then no prize collected........ Because there is more to the bait than just the paint job on it.
  11. stretcher66

    Iwata HP-C+ parts

    on my hp-c+ i had a problem with the nozzle not sealing and causing no paint to flow through the gun. so i cut a thin strip of teflon tape and wrapped the tiny threads with it . could you possibly make a temp oring from some teflon tape rolled up and wrapped around the threads until you can locate the one that fits?
  12. stretcher66

    Iwata HP-C+ parts

    wouldn't it be #28 Mark?
  13. stretcher66

    Tiny Bubbles when airbrushing
  14. stretcher66

    Tiny Bubbles when airbrushing

    a number of things can cause bubbles, to much air pressure, do you run a water trap in the line from your compressor? moisture under the paint, humidity. these are just the basic ones to start with. are you using a reducer with your paint?
  15. stretcher66

    Need swimbait help.....again

    in the gallery under softbaits, is big panchos baits. he pours all my saltwater swimbaits and we use them with 10\0 beast hooks for calico bass. you can burn these baits and no roll. you can pm him and ask him some questions if need be. he is a real great guy and i am sure he would help answer any questions you have.