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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I was using DoIT Hyper Hi-Lites Blue Pearl. I bought some M-F Hi Lite Violet and it works great, when mixed with plastic only, the plastic stays transparent and you are left with just a nice violet hi-lite. So if you are looking to create the Hi-Lite effect in a transparent base, I don't recommend DoIt hyper hi-lites (insert color) pearl, they will give you the hi-lite effect, but will also turn your plastic a chalky white color.
  2. Could you elaborate on this? I've tried searching for the answer, it seems to me the pearls add a white chalky color along with the hilite color to your plastic. Ideally I'd like to add a blue hilite to 6oz of plastic, the result would be a transparent bait with a blue shimmer/hilite. Is there such a product?
  3. Really awesome work! 

  4. Hey guys, Maybe I am out of my mind but I tried searching what to do after shooting/injecting/pouring soft plastics but I can not find any relevant post. I could of swore, that one time I came across a post, that said after shooting soft plastics, you should place them in cold water over night. I've always done this. Sometimes I've added garlic scent to the water or even salt, I don't know why the salt, maybe I thought some would transfer to the bait through osmosis!!! Recently I have started to shoot some baits that are very heavy in salt and I feel as if the "water cure" is sucking out the salt, is that possible? Does anyone have any special process they follow after pouring/shooting soft plastics? For my next test, I was going to shake them in salt and laminate bag them, or put a little garlic oil in a laminate bag and call it a day. Thanks in advance. Charles
  5. I just got this mold(Saturday)and it's amazing. One of the best molds I own shooting wise. I've already pumped out around 100 baits.
  6. Great info. Thanks Bob. This might be a dumb question, but if you choose to use the solarez and nail dryer, do you then use the Devon two ton epoxy? "Undercoat/Topcoat"? Or could you just use one or the other? Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot for sharing all that info Mark.
  8. What size Crankbait style baits can you hang in that nail light, Mark?
  9. Bill, Thanks a ton. I guess I never thought about a different strength plastic. I've just always poured soft. Lurecraft 536 and Lurecraft 500 came with the kit I purchased and I remember having a tough time with the 500. I did get a pretty nice pour when I would mix half and half though. When it came time to buying a gallon I simply went with Calhoun Super Soft, which works great for my drop shot worms. I will experiment with medium plastic, do you have a recommend? I really like the Calhoun compared to the Lurecraft. I've always added salt, just going by what I see in other creature baits, I like throwing them on a 1/8oz Texas rig, so the salt give me a little more weight for a little longer cast. Thanks again for your help Bill, sometimes I get going so quick I stop to think of the little things.
  10. Hi All, First off, thanks for all the great tips on this forum. I bought my first kit in 2007 and put it aways to collect dust until this summer. Nothing was more gratifying then catching my first fish on the baits I made. Recently I've been having a ton of luck pitching grass here in Western New York. This question might come off as a If its not broke why fix it but I have to ask. Here is the recipe for the Bears Baits 4.25" Kodiak Craw 1 cup Calhoun Ultra soft 2000 plastic 1/4 cup pickling salt color and glitter vary 1 teaspoon softener 5 drops garlic oil I melt the plastic in a pyrex cup for 1 min, stir and then 1 more min Add other ingredients Melt for 35 seconds I use Bears small injector Suck up plastic and inject into hot mold that I cook in the oven before first pour at 200 degrees for about 5 mins. Remove from mold and place in stainless bowl with ice water and garlic salt. Put in refrigerator over night. I then sometimes package them in Salt or Garlic salt. Making them a little more dry but not as dense. Get addicted and repeat! I think they feel like creepy crawlers, or something. I'll cut to the chase they don't feel like Reaction Innovation Sweet Beavers or Strike King Rodents. Rodents and Beavers seem to be heavier, more dense and dry feeling. I cut them up and salt oozes out of them. I melted them down and they seem to come out with the same texture and feel as my mix. Is there something to put on the mold while shooting the plastic that gives this texture/feel to the bait? Thanks in advance and thanks for a great place to come to learn. Charles PS thanks to this forum I was able to pour my first 2 color baits this am! Thank You!
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