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  1. I wanted to check something with you experts here....I was told recently that there is a patent held on the delta blades used on buzzbaits. I'm referencing the blades where the wire passes through the middle of the blade itself going from the tab on the front of the blade to the one on the back. This sounded wildly inaccurate to me, but I wanted to check it with you guys first. Anybody heard this or know anything about it?
  2. That's a great looking chatterbait, Long Lake!!!
  3. Just an interesting bit of info from observation in the big cement pond test tank the other evening....I used the Trokar Arky mold to make a chatterbait with a direct connection between the hook eye and the blade. Used a straight blade and it would "hunt" on the rarest of occasions but it seemed that the blade wouldn't start vibrating as soon as it would on a model with a bent blade. How many tabs will you guys use in the skirt for a chatterbait? I usually only put 1.75 or 2 tabs in a chatterbait skirt as opposed to a full 2.5 tabs like with most jigs.
  4. Guys I know that bending the shakee blades backward a bit will help the chatterbait stay down better....I've read that on a lot of forums and I do it to all of mine now. But the first couple of chatterbaits I made, I made using the split ring connection and a straight blade as opposed to punching the hook eyes open now and connecting a slightly bent blade directly to the lure. Those first couple of chatterbaits would suddenly cut out to the side randomly periodically during the retrieve and it looked really good. I haven't seen that since with the direct connection or the bent blade. Any of you all have any insight into which factor (the split ring or the straight blade) was contributing to that random kick out during the retrieve? Is it possible to keep that even with a trailer on the lure, or does the trailer act as too much of a "keel," for lack of a better term, and keep the bait from kicking out or hunting?
  5. I have this thing about using oversized hooks. I'll use what the mold manufacturer calls for if it's a finesse application, but if it's not finesse, I almost always upgrade the hook at least one size and if I can go two and get away with it without seeing a fall off in lure performance (as tested in the swimming pool), I'll upgrade. Generally, larger hooks have bigger gaps between the shank and the point and I like that. Personal experience, I hook more fish and hook them in places where they are less likely to throw the hook. For instance, I use that 5/0 on that 1/4 oz swim jig head and put it on buzzbaits that I make (think similar to a Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz) and from what I've found so far, about 60-70% of fish I've hooked on it, from 1 pounders to 5 pounders are hooked in that bony cheek plate in the side of their face. Probably another 20% are hooked in the hard part of the roof of the mouth, and the remaining are hooked around the edge of the mouth somewhere. I fish chatterbaits and buzzbaits both on 30 lb braid on a 7'6" Seeker BS756 S-glass blank that I built. I fish the swim jigs on a faster graphite rod on 30 lb test braid. The most significant bending I've seen was probably 30 degrees worth of bend and oddly enough it came on a fish that I caught on the buzzbait. And I didn't really set the hook hard. Just reeled into the fish and then swept the rod to the side like I would a crankbait.
  6. I have the Do-It Trokar Pro Swim Jig mold and have been substituting the Mustad 32796 in 5/0 into the 1/4 oz and 3/8 oz cavities for swim jigs and chatterbaits. I've noticed a couple of times recently that the hooks are bending on good fish. They haven't straightened out to the point that a fish got off. However, I'm in the process of getting my jigs to the point where I'm satisfied with them to sell them and I really don't want to see any bend in them. Normally I really like the premium Mustad jig hooks (the NP-BN series) and have had good luck with them and so I use them in a lot of applications. Has anyone else had this problem with the 32796? I know sometimes a lot of hooks won't get tempered quite right and will experience either bending or breakage.
  7. I just got my Twistech Magnum wire former and have been trying to perfect the R-bend part of a buzzbait wire using .051 wire and I'm not pleased with the tightness of the line tie bend so far. Also, it seems that the wire form won't lay flat on a table like a retail form will once I get it the bend somewhat satisfactory. It is twisting the wire form when I get a bend that looks even somewhat decent. Any videos on making the R-bend with the Twistech? Suggestions?
  8. Yes, and I think bending the blade give a little better vibration, too.
  9. I tend to agree. I've really gotten addicted to fishing crankbaits over the last year and I think the most important thing is to make the fish make a snap decision on whether or not to eat. I think they decide to eat much more often that not when it looks like a potential meal may be about to get away.
  10. Anyone else ever notice that nearly all crawfish patterns on crankbaits are painted where the claws would be toward the bill of the lure? It seems odd to me, given that crawfish don't move very quickly going forward. Crawfish move much nearer the speed of a crankbait when they are going backwards, trying to evade a predator. Excepting Rebel and the Wee-R craw, I think maybe Live Target and Rapala are the only two companies that I've seen which offer crawfish patterns which are painted in what I think is the more natural orientation. I know fish can't reason, and I'm sure they aren't inspecting the lures and thinking to themselves "that crawfish is swimming the wrong way." All that to say, it's interesting to me the orientation of most craw patterns on cranks.
  11. This seems like a really elementary question, but when you guys say, for instance, "I have 50 strands in my jig skirts," are you saying that you're putting five tabs of 10 strands in there, or are you putting 2.5 tabs of 10 strands in there and there end up being 50 strands once the skirt is doubled over on the jig, if that makes sense?
  12. Interesting. How many skirt tabs are you using on your head? Maybe I'm making too big of a skirt.
  13. Following up on the "hunting" thing. I got that same kick out with some chatterbaits I made using one split ring to attach the blade to the jig head on a couple of the "shakee" heads provided by Barlow's Tackle. However, it seems like when I put a trailer on them, (Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper, Lil Dipper, or Zoom Z-Craw Jr.) that I lose the kick out. Have you guys experienced the same thing when you add a trailer?
  14. Most welcome! got it licked now??
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