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  1. Sweet paint job! I make my own lures and airbrush them so I was wondering what you are using for the paint? And also for the clear coat? Automotive finishes? I shoot lacquer on my lures but use an epoxy clear coat, so don't think that would work on the reels. I have been wanting to paint all of my baitcasters but have been scared to try. Any tips?
  2. This would work on bass here in California!
  3. Here is a remake of a vintage lure from the 1920's with a little modification from me. The lure is made from cedar, airbrushed, and then clear coated with epoxy. That part was the easy part. The hard part was making the wire frame to hold the lure. I used .051 wire and then bent and formed the wire to follow the contour of the lure with some loops to hold the hooks and connect the two ends of the lure. It rotates as water is pushed against the thin aluminum "fin" I made from a soda can. This aluminum seemed to be the best fit for what I was doing here. It was really difficult to get the fin turned just right on the side of the lure. This by far is the most difficult lure I have attempted, but the most enjoyable and satisfying when I finished. I hope you enjoy! This lure was accidently entered in the best paint job category when I dropped my keyboard and mouse on the floor! I apologize for that.
  4. Really nice looking bait! That would definitely catch some here in the California lakes.
  5. These dragon fly lures are made of walnut after making a prototype that was too fragile. I have used through wire construction on these with a hook hanger on the bottom. I think I will be adding a Jitterbug bill on these.
  6. TrinityLureCompany

    Big Swimbait

    Just finished this prototype of a large swimbait. It is made of red cedar with weights and rattles. I used thick plastic for the tail and fins. Hope you enjoy! Mike
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