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  1. any idea how hard emanmel spray paint is compared to automotive. Id assume its not as good a bond / not as hard. yes, with having to use a final topcoat I used to think I could get away with using the acrylics but the bond is so weak that once the topcoat gets punctured then the topcoat starts flaking off. we're using super sharp hooks and our trout and reds do tear up the lures paint jobs pretty well. Mirrolure uses some type of baked on two part paint. It may be an epoxy type two part paint.. I'd love to figure out how they are doing that.. their lures stand up to the punishment the best. I've painted with high end two part epoxy boat paint and it's hard as ***** but I'd only shoot that through an extermal mix airbrush.. it's nasty nasty stuff but super tough. and it's expensive too so I think that would be overkill... but I've found automotive paint in small quantities .. touch up paint.. not sure if that's the same quality as the good stuff the body shops are painting with though. I guess we'll see. I'll try to do some test ... enamel vs automotive vs others... but it will take a while.
  2. Thank you all for the input... I'm strictly doing this for fun.. it takes my mind of the fishing bisness...LOL. based on the feedback I went with an Iwata HP B.. .2needle. I can use the old Badger for broader strokes and use the Iwata for finer strokes. I'll look into the Wicked and Illustration paints next. Thank you all.
  3. Don't overlook reading this thread as well
  4. thanks bob, spot on to what I was thinking for what my needs would be.. I'll look at the .2 tips Anyone use a Grex ?
  5. Ok, thanks Cliff. I appreciate the amount of detail you put into the answer. time to buy something now. LOL
  6. I'm only making soft plastics.. actually the painting of lures is just a hobby of mine. There's several guys already in the customer lure painting market and that's way to labor intensive for me. As far as my epoxy top coat holding up.. it was devcon 2t. Over time it yellowed and we fish with a lot of white and bone so that's not too great. As for hardness it's very hard but like I said, my subcoats failed so with trout teeth and sharp as trebbles they will eventually chip and crack and havn't lasted too long. Some of the custom paint guys are using Automotive clear and I can tell it's hard enough. But I havn't liked their work so far ... so I figure I'll do my own or for a friend or two, and some muskie baits for the fall as well.
  7. Thanks Cliffs, any other recommendations on better quality air brush? I know everyone hates to give away their secret weapon and all but would love to see some other ideas.
  8. Is anyone painting with automotive paint? How hard is some of the other paints like Etex compared to automotive paint? Seems I've always used paints that weren't very hard and only relied on the exterior coating for protecting the paint job.. why not paint with harder paints? Our saltwater fish do a lot of damage and also I've found the extra sharp hooks chip and flake the exterior and next thing your know it starts to break and flake off because theres no strength (bond) of the paint that I used and after the exterior chips or flakes it starts to come off... So i'm looking for harder and better bonding paint, what do ya'll think are the best bonding and hardest paints?
  9. What type of fish are you trying to catch may be a better way to look at this.. or are you trying to gear up for casting a pounder and having something go wrong. Even some of the largest freshwater and inshore saltwater fish put less than 10lbs of force on a drag system.. until you start getting into 40lb striped bass or Red Drum and some pelagic species like King mackeral and tuna. Even the extremely sought after spotted sea trout a true 9-10 lb monster only exerts about 12-15 lbs of drag, and the drag is set of less so the line doesn't break.
  10. What are ya'll using for air brushes. I've been using a Badger 150 and would like to get something better to do finer work.
  11. Looks great!!! how do they fish?
  12. Yeah it' s pretty thick stuff to begin with, thins a little after part b is added. But I can imagine getting a bad batch. I used to buy it direct and had great results with it. I used a vibrating toothbrush head to vibrate bubbles out of it. I'd do half the mold, then spray release over that, then do the other half with the second pour while the part was still in it.
  13. 3m organic vapor cartridges with HEPA pre filters. I use that for pouring and painting, even if outside. Note on putting it in plastic bag.. don't do that immediately. When we breathe through them there is a good bit of moisture buildup. Before storing it in a sealed bag, leave somewhere the moisture can dry out of the mask and the cartridges. If not, there is a mold that can grow on it/ in it that's nearly as bad to breath as the chemicals we're using. You don't want it in your lungs. So yes, store them sealed but give them a couple hours where they can dry out before storing.
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    Looks great!!! ... looks as good as the $180 brands.
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