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  1. Buy it right and buy it once is what I always say. Sure, the upfront cost of the BassTackle injectors is higher but they will literally last you forever and they're the best quality available. Do you really want the headaches involved with some of the cheaper options? I have several injectors- 2 from Bear's Baits (no longer in business) and a couple of BassTackle ones. The BT are the best option on the market BY FAR and their customer service literal cannot be beaten.
  2. Bassinfool

    Molds fs

    Do you have any pictures of the finished bait of the 4.5 Hollow body swimbait?
  3. I only use 1.5-2 tabs at most. Much more than that and the skirt gets a bit too full.
  4. It's not a problem I have very often. In the event that it does occur, a drop of super glue on the shank of the hook does the job.
  5. These are the hooks I have been using. https://www.barlowstackle.com/Mustad-91768NP-BN-Jig-Hook--P403.aspx https://www.barlowstackle.com/VMC-7346-45deg-Swimbait-Jig-Hook-P3787.aspx
  6. What blank is that and where did you get it? Digging those eyes.
  7. I just use an EWG and split rings. I would be worried that the bait keeper/coil would interfere with the split ring in the hook eye and cause the bait not to run correctly.
  8. I know you said non braided but if you want really hi vis line that will last a long time then I can't recommend braided line enough. I have two hi vis braids that I use for wacky rig, shaky head and drop shot. The more expensive option is the Sunline SX1 braid which I have in 12lb test that I put an 8lb fluorocarbon leader on for drop shot/Ned rig. The other option that I have started using recently is the Daiwa J-Braid X4 which I have in 15lb test to an 8-10 pound leader for my wacky rig and drop shot. I really can't tell you how much of a difference the braid makes when you are catching
  9. Top inject can be tricky. You may need a sprue extender.
  10. Can we stop with the dick measuring competition that's going on and either get back on topic or close this thread down? We're all adults here, supposedly, so let's stop acting childish and represent ourselves and the bait making community in a way that we would be proud of.
  11. Man, I really really like that mold. Nice work.
  12. For mine I use watermelon red for my top color and my bottom color is 2 drops of Carolina pumpkin, 1 drop of white in 1/2c plastic with .035 black flake, .015 copper and .015 gold flake. There are several different variations of this color so make it up the way you like it.
  13. http://www.basstackle.com/6_Treat_Worm_p/165-kj-4.htm The zoom bait is 5" long, this worm from BT is 6" but is the closest I have seen. They also make one that is 4.35" that is a great bait but isn't quite as big bodied as the magnum but still bigger than most other worms that size.
  14. Some colorants flow better than others. If they're thick, you may need to thin them out some. You can do this by adding some worm oil/scent or raw plastisol to the colors.
  15. JB's fish sauce has some really great stuff and in several different variations. He's also a great guy to work with so give him a look.
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