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  1. riveratackle

    AI 4” Stinger molds

    Selling 2- 4”stinger molds from Angling AI. Retail is 150.00 each. Selling 240.00 shipped.
  2. Was on their site and did not see the open pour swimbait mold in 5”,6” or 7”. Anyone know what happened? Thanks!
  3. Waiting on ok still but 4oz plastisol 10 drops strawberry mf 4 drops black mf 3 drops brown MF again not quite but close enough to fool with getting closer
  4. I figured it out late last night. At least I think I did. The customer has the final say. We’ll see. Thanks!
  5. Anyone got a formula for cola color similar to jackall flick worm? I’ve tried but have not been able to get it right. Thanks!
  6. SOLd. Please delete.
  7. riveratackle

    10" worm mold injected

    Looking for injection 10" curl tail worm mold similar to zoom ol monster and culprit. Let me know what you got. Thanks
  8. riveratackle

    Baby brush hog mold

    Looking for baby brush hog molds...BTS flipping hog or angling ai brush hog mold. If other brand available let me know. 2 cav or 4 cav Thanks
  9. Lol! Almost...it's a foil used in the t-shirt biz. Comes in sheets and can withstand the harsh environments
  10. It's an overlay process. That is correct. Thanks!
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