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  1. Calhoun will only sell it direct by the drum. You will have to go through a reseller to get smaller quantities.
  2. All of those rigged worms are rigged after they were poured. They thread the line and hooks.
  3. Realistically the molds need to be machined out for the traditional 5/8 injector port instead of the tapered port they make now.
  4. Before Ultramold sold direct they sold through Bear's Baits and released the bench top injection machine you see here (first with pressure pots, later later with the mixers you see here when they had problems with salt) It will only work with their molds (hinged with the injector port at one end) from what I remember. if you get him to send the rest good luck with it
  5. They appear to be a pair of Diaphragm pumps and a pair of heat exchangers (just a small piece of the puzzle on an injection machine) Would need to see more detailed pictures of everything to get a better idea.
  6. Contact BaitJunkys, I believe he will sell you them by the pound.
  7. keep going..............$6500 - $12,000 for production molds
  8. There you go, if anyone would know it would be him.
  9. Looks like the banjo minnow. No longer made.
  10. It's dyed after the fact guys. According to one of their manufacturers Creme would get the worms injected in a bone colour and create the colour after they received them. If they were injected the final colour the head wouldn't be a solid colour, you would see the tail colour through the centre of it.
  11. Gulp is waterbased and not a plastisol at all therefore it will not process the same
  12. No, I am saying it isn't even worth it for them. I have yet to see or hear of a large manufacturer using spincasting for soft plastics. They all either use vertical or horizontal injection machines.
  13. The Ukrainian guys are selling the centrifuge and molds to bolt onto it. Makes 100% zero sense to do this in the grand scheme of things, simple hand injection can out produce it while maintaining the ability to shoot 2-3 colour laminates, any flake you want and salt.
  14. Why not just use something like this? https://www.alumilite.com/store/pg/46-Casting-Resins.aspx
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