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  1. DaveMc1

    Degassed plastisol

    Caney creek wasn't. Bear wasn't degassing anything, his BBCP was LureWorks Pourasol and was degassed at their plant before they ship. Calhoun hast changed, LureWorks hasn't changed much as long as I've used it.
  2. DaveMc1

    Who sells Calhoun's plastic

    You're only buying a single drum at a time? don't make a lot of sense logistically when it doesn't cost much more to freight a full skid, especially when you're breaking it down and trying to sell it.
  3. DaveMc1

    Who sells Calhoun's plastic

    He sold Calhoun to start and then switched to Poly One
  4. DaveMc1

    Who sells Calhoun's plastic

    Either that or if you're dead set that you need a pre-degassed plastic then order LureWorks Pourasol
  5. DaveMc1

    Who sells Calhoun's plastic

    No, Leonard used to degas Calhoun plastic himself and there is no one else selling the same plastic already degassed. You would be far ahead of to just buy a simple setup and do it yourself prior to cooking it.
  6. DaveMc1

    Bait PLastics Medium Baitjunkys Blend Plastisol

    That's because Leonard sold Calhoun plastic, Polysol tried to "reverse engineer" the plastic because Calhoun wouldn't sell to them (obviously) Sounds like it didn't work. Fringe Tackle is selling Calhoun whenever they get it in.
  7. DaveMc1

    Acrylic Stone

    500 in an 8 hr day? I'd definitely not be able to make a living at that. Like I said, with similar cavity counts there are some of us that can shoot 5-10 times that in a day. Hell I have a couple baits that I can produce 1000 - 1600 per hour, AND i can shoot a real laminate and get even glitter/salt distribution.
  8. DaveMc1

    reducing bait memory

    Make sure your bags are the right size and also make sure they have had an appropriate amount of time to cure properly. neither will prevent them from deforming but they will minimize it
  9. DaveMc1

    Angling AI Injection Tube Mold

    The joy of this hobby is there are no rules when making what you want.
  10. DaveMc1

    Acrylic Stone

    I often shake my head when I see centrifugal molding for soft baits and the numbers of people that think its the next big thing. The large volume producers don't use it for a reason. 1- you don't get an even distribution of flake (as evidenced in the above video at the end with all the flake bunched up at the tail). 2- for the same reasons as 1 you can't run salt or any other weight additive as it will get pushed to the out side edge of the mold. 3- There is no way to consistently produce laminates. 4- Time, in the same amount of time it took to load the mold in the centrifuge, pour the baits and then cool and open the mold, I and several others I know could have shot 3 times as many baits by hand, all while being able to produce laminates, use higher loads of glitter and added salt or other additives if needed. No, in artificial stone you don't get the same finish, unless you lubricate the molds the baits tend to stick in the molds and they don't handle the heat anywhere near as good as aluminum.
  11. DaveMc1

    #11 pork frog look alike?

    The explanation I saw was that the quality of the pork they used had gotten so bad they couldn't make their products with it. With the pork industry shoving growth hormones in the animals they were coming to market in half the time it took in years past. The pigs simply didn't have the time to grow the needed fat layer. The cost of pigs raised without hormones etc has gotten too high for them to sustain their business.
  12. DaveMc1

    anyone know how to do this

    doubt it, i bet hes dipping tubes in a standard way. Dip the base, apply the pattern and dip the top layer, or the laminate dip etc.
  13. DaveMc1

    Pearl powder?

    Don't think too hard about it. If you're trying to match those colours take the advice given here, also get a physical sample of the colour you're trying to match, that in itself will answer a lot of questions.
  14. DaveMc1

    Heat Exchanger

    As Leonard (Baitjunkys) posted, the problem is the plastic can't sit in the cooker to long or you will burn it up. You will need to be able to pump out about half the volume of the cooker every few minutes.
  15. DaveMc1

    Bears melting pot part

    With all that said, this hobby/business is all about budgets, if a presto pot fits your budget then by all means pick one up and run with it.