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  1. Worm oil is a plasticizer (a lot are DINP, some could be DOA, DINCH etc) and are already present in the plastic (It is how PVC resin is softened to make the final product squishy and not hard as a rock like your standard PVC pipe) Either way you will have zero issue remelting it. Too much of it and it will act as a plasticizer.
  2. You have the shooting star from Bear, where he added the manifold and injector from Ultra Molds to a set of presto pots and stirring setup. I have one of the first ones he sold here (hasn't been used in several years) and I'm not a big fan personally, never did like the presto pots. Get ahold of Rupert at Ultra Molds and he can get you the teflon o-ring
  3. Post a pic, as I have never see or known of Bear using teflon or brass in his injectors
  4. Good luck, I doubt you're going to find the components in small enough quantities cheap enough to make it worth doing. My understanding is it is quite a process and definitely not something I would have the room to undertake. If you're looking to cut costs look at buying larger quantities.
  5. You can mix the powders with worm oil but you will run into the issue of the powder settling out pretty damn hard. Several suppliers do this now. The best colourants available like those from Spike It/Lureworks, the pigments are milled, basically smashed into a paste between 2 rollers before they are mixed into a useable liquid colourant, so you won't generally see much settling in them.
  6. Funny, I'll bring in 8-12 drums at a time several times a year and have never had an issue getting plastic across the border. Might want to find out what the actual problem is.
  7. Not likely, as their designs will all be different. you will need to buy the tip mold made for your bait.
  8. Southern Plastics doesn't manufacture RoboWorm's baits, they use those machines to pour baits for Zoom and Strike King currently. RoboWorm has been using a different machine that they designed themselves (Greg Stump's dad built it) decades ago.
  9. Exactly!!! Way I have always seen it, Why waste the time taking it out and stirring when you need to shoot several gallons a day. Only time I ever stir is when I add flake and salt before dumping in the pots. Same as you I have 2 identical nukers and I know one of them I have to set 15 seconds less than the other.
  10. I doubt you're going to get anyone to give you the design for a heat exchanger as 99.9% of the time the design and layout is proprietary. Only thing I can tell you is your design there is way off from what I have seen in several heat exchangers. As the ones I have seen are not my design or layout I don't see it right to post it unfortunately. Will that work??? I don't know and you won't know unless you try.
  11. The Gate on a mold is the opening between the cavity and the runner.
  12. They are using a machine to pour their baits and stumbled on that pattern when the machine broke, they managed to duplicate it. other than that I couldn't tell you.
  13. There never was a brain tumour, He was on his way out before the hurricanes. When you buy a $1500 piece of equipment from someone (before all that happened) after spending thousands on molds and supplies over the course of a few years, and have nothing but problems with the equipment and get a week of help and ideas on how to fix the problems only to have the person that built the system stop replying to texts, phone calls, messages and emails (yes he was getting them) you kind of get a different perspective on the situation. What happened to him with suffering from Alzheimers and the floods is sad, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, The situation is what it is.
  14. Karma, as I recall he did the exact same thing to Del way back in the day When Leonard started Bear was riding a downward slope on his way out.
  15. If you look at the site too it does state "Business Days" in which case would make today the 12th business day.
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