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  1. well we were loading the bags up with worm oil to where the baits were just about swimming. Over time the oil will be absorbed into the baits and if they absorb way too much then the oil will affect them. The softener will basically do what softener does and you will get these enlarged baits. Companies like Culprit have their baits swimming but they use a different oil all together so they don't have issues. I have heard of guys using 100% canola oil with great results incase anyone runs low again.
  2. hey guys. I had an interesting thing happen to a few baits that had been bagged for a while. I took a few bags out to fill an order and noticed that a few baits had "swollen" in the feet and legs. After talking with the guys at Lureworks we determined that adding large quantities of worm oil (softener) to bagged baits can cause the baits to absorb so much worm oil that they actually will soften and expand in some areas, mainly flatter areas with large surface areas like the claws on a craw bait. So from now on I wont be making my baits swim in worm oil. Anyone else have anything like this
  3. what method are you going to try?
  4. is this the zep product? http://www.homedepot.com/p/ZEP-128-oz-Commercial-High-Traffic-Carpet-Cleaner-ZUCC24128/100039769#.UkD2Wj8qKSo
  5. so you cant get moisture out of plastic?
  6. well the thing that frustrates me is, Ive been using the same stuff in the exact same way for 8 months without this problem. I even used 15 gallons of the drum before it started bubbling like crazy. So i think something happened moreso than just bad plastic or cheap plastic, it is cheaper plastic but I didnt have these problems like this when heating slowly in a pot. thanks Ive actually been quite pleased with the plastic last 8 months
  7. Could it be stirring the drum too fast and introducing air that way?
  8. so i can hang it over the plastic in the drum and try and seal it off with the lid to conentrate it? Ill give that a try
  9. what is dry damp rid? and i could try the salt trick
  10. Been having some bad bubble issues with my plastic and I spoke with Frank on the phone last night and he suggested I most likely have moisture in the drum I am using being that florida is very humid. has anyone had experience with this? Is there a way to draw the moisture out and keep it out? Thanks guys, also thanks Frank for your time and help again
  11. Chuck at lakeside baits is great to work with, he does great custom work too. I havent seen that bait in person yet but I like how it looks
  12. Keep in mind that softener is way easier to work with than hardener. You can measure precise amounts of softener as where hardener runs like elmers glue. So if you cannot find the perfect plastic for your desired feel I would use a slightly firmer plastic and add softener before I did the other way around, and adding softner actually increases your volume of plastic since you are adding raw plasticizer back into the plastic to soften it..plus a little goes a longer ways than does hardener. good luck
  13. I am looking for the same thing..
  14. How would you get the salt to only settle on one end of the bait when injecting? seems nearly impossible to me. I am no expert with salt yet but frequent stirring hasnt let me down yet with even distribution.
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