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  1. wavewalker1945

    Top To Bottom

    trying that an thanks
  2. wavewalker1945

    Top To Bottom

    if you make a lure swims on top great .but wont swim under water .changed about every thing i could .trying a jiont now . any thoughts would help . an thanks
  3. wavewalker1945

    Men's Shed

    stay a way from sheds .they mean to make you work .that were i keep my tools at ok whts that certain age .i keep hearing that an when your out in the work force it being passed on.knowing it or not.an here to.
  4. wavewalker1945

    Making Flashabou Musky Bucktails

    try them at night 4 bass small ones do work tigers like them hi jack been a while an thanks
  5. wavewalker1945

    Hard Bodied Frog?

    you are right . back in the day we dint have plastic frog or nouse they were wood even minow typ were wood but they did the job.i still use wooden rat an frog that i made .little to big 4 some but that way i fish .that frog is nice .
  6. wavewalker1945

    Globe Lure Hardware

    sorry moores lures
  7. wavewalker1945

    Globe Lure Hardware

    morres lures should have it
  8. wavewalker1945

    Shad Style Lure Profile Tapering

    ok i got to ask wht is pvc you use it 4 muskie baits ok i am all ears. can you turn, does float or sink an so on . thanks
  9. wavewalker1945

    Glide Baits For Bass?

    musly baits are lot easy to make than the smaller one say 4in. but they work .used them at night .an they catch fish
  10. wavewalker1945

    Musky Lure Painting (and Other Hard Lure Applications)

    suicks are light to start with .so you add weight to them get them dwon depper . but these guys are right 2 pennys
  11. wavewalker1945

    Spray Gun

    didnt know the diff . ill have to remerber that . thanks
  12. wavewalker1945

    Spray Gun

    looking 4 a good one fine an wide spray at a cheap price
  13. wavewalker1945


    kool. thanks all . who said you cant learn something knew .
  14. wavewalker1945


    yep your right about that . there only be one thanks